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‘Pathaan’ Movie Release Date, Cast Information, Plot, And The Ensuing Controversy, Explained 

After the massive success of its 2019 blockbuster, “War,” writer and director Siddartha Anand is due to make a comeback with his upcoming flick, “Pathaan,” starring Bollywood heartthrob Sharukh Khan, Garam Masala alum John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone. Built with a massive budget, Pathan is sure to shatter some serious box office benchmarks. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie:

‘Pathaan’ Release Date

If the words of film pundits are anything to go by, this 250-crore budget movie is scheduled to grace theatres on January 25, 2023, just a day before Indian Republic Day. The movie is also expected to be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu to serve Indian cinephiles. “Pathaan” has been shot at multiple locations, something that is expected of the director Siddartha Ananda, given his repulsion towards foreign locations. The movie’s filming officially kicked off on November 17, 2020, in Mumbai.

Production relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the beginning of 2021. Important combat scenes, along with a lengthy pursuit scene, were filmed at the same time. Several members of the movie’s team tested positive for COVID-19 on April 12, 2021, forcing producers to delay the film’s production timetable.

‘Pathaan’ Cast

As the trailer had already suggested, Siddartha Anand’s “Pathaan” packs a star-studded ensemble featuring Deepika Padukone, the actress who earlier had represented India in Hollywood after being cast in “XXX: Return of the Xander Cage.” Following his brief but magnificent cameo in Ayan Mukherji’s Brahmastra, Shahrukh Khan, with his portrayal of a veteran spy, codenamed- “Pathaan,” will soon make his way back to the big screen and is joined by John Abraham, who’s expected to play the main antagonist and a proprietor of a private terrorist group, hell-vent on annihilating India. The movie also includes Dimple Kapadia, hailed throughout Bollywood for her performances in movies like “Tenet,” “Dil Chahta Hai,” and “Masoom” alongside actor/writer Ashutosh Rana, a brilliant performer active in both the Telugu and Hindi film industries. For some reason, YRF has kept Salman Khan out of the trailer; however, the rumors of the “Dabangg” star making a brief cameo in “Pathaan” have been making the rounds for quite a while.

What’s The Movie About?

“Pathaan,” a veteran and skilled spy played by Shahrukh Khan, is dispatched on a secret mission; unfortunately, things go south, resulting in “Pathaan'”s capture by enemy forces. After the capture, the spy was reported missing and was presumed dead. Nevertheless, “Pathaan” is again faced with a chance to relieve his golden days and breaks out of a highly secure facility after his motherland, India, is threatened by “Outfit X,” a private terrorist organization, a group completely deprived of principles and ideologies and only driven by the jiggling of coins clashing against each other. The organization is responsible for carrying out multiple terrorist attacks all over the world and has put India in its crosshairs after being hired by a mysterious client or benefactor. The bureaucrats held up a meeting and agreed it was about time “Pathaan” broke out of his exile. After breaking out, “Pathaan” is joined by a female soldier, played by Deepika Padukone, and together they embark on a quest to thwart “Outfit X’s” plans and save India from being annihilated.

“Pathaan” is the epitome of a patriot, a soldier who would lay down his life to protect his nation from its enemies. “Pathaan” is in excellent shape, and his physical abilities are unparalleled when compared to other men of his age, height, and weight. When it involves sneaking into and escaping from even the most well-guarded establishments, “Pathaan” is second to none.

“Pathaan'”s skills and experience make him the only person to stop Outfit X. “Pathaan” is an unmatched force with unparalleled training and drive that cannot be contained by any defensive methods. Nothing is safe from his prying eyes—no trust he can’t earn and no identity he can’t assume. He is not only very brilliant but also exceedingly courageous in his tasks, to the point of recklessness. When it comes to comprehending and countering his adversaries’ strengths and weaknesses, he is exceptionally intelligent, shrewd, and crafty. His idealist nature leads him to set logical pitfalls in dispute. 

The Controversy Surrounding ‘Pathaan’

The highly streamed song “Besharam Rang,” composed by Shilpa Rao and Vishal Shekhar, landed in hot water owing to a controversy. In the music video, the actress Deepika Padukone arrives wearing a saffron bikini, which has angered conservative Hindu organizations, which claim the item encourages vulgarity and demeans the sacred and equally respected saffron color. It has been deemed offensive by Madhya Pradesh’s home minister, Narottam Mishra, who has threatened to prohibit the movie if the garments in the video are not changed. Banners and figurines of actors and actresses were burned in many places throughout Madhya Pradesh as a demonstration of opposition against the movie.

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