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How And Where Can You Watch ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Season 2?

Anime watchers loved the most iconic battle of “Tokyo Revengers,” which  featured in Season one of the series: “Tokyo Manji vs. Walhalla.” They say, Every dream has a process and a price tag, and this is what exactly happened in the series season. Baji, one of the fan-favorite characters, gets killed in the series, But in return, our protagonist, “Takemichi,” manages to save his love of life, “Hinata Tachibana,” and the happy ending, right? Well, well, if things are supposed to be like this only, then the creator might have ended the series on Moebius Arc. But guess what? Yesterday, the second season of the most-awaited anime series aired: “Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown.” As the first episode of the series has already been aired, fans are now full of beans to know the details like how and where to watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the details you are waiting for.

How And Where Can You Watch Season 2 Of ‘Tokyo Revengers’?

So, now here we are with the most asked query about the season- “where to watch s2 of Tokyo revengers?”. So, according to our sources or the details we got, there are many legal sources where you can watch season 2 of Tokyo Reapers. Here is the list:

  • Hulu
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Crunchyroll

However, there are many illegal sources as well, like Zoroto and 9anime. Nonetheless, we support only legal platforms to watch anime series. Apart from that, we recommend you watch anime only on legal platforms because that helps and motivates creators to publish their work. You can take a subscription worth ₹899 for a year on Disney+ Hotstar and stream it legally.

What Happened In Season 1 Of ‘Tokyo Revengers’?

It is the story of the lousy guy known as Takemichi, who is living a below-normal life. One day, he received news that his high school girlfriend had been killed in an accident. Further, he came to know that she got killed by the “Tokyo Manji Gang.” Soon after that, while traveling, he got pushed in front of a running train, and viola, he was teleported exactly 12 years into the past to 2005. This was when he realized that Hinata’s brother Naoto was the reason for his time traveling. He is now, again, a high schooler with a sorry past. But this time, he is here to change everything in his favor. And guess what? His girlfriend, Hinata, is still alive in this time zone. 

There, he meets the gang leader of Tokyo, Manji, Mikey, and Vice Captain Draken. He decides to join the Tokyo Manji Gang and that will save his girlfriend from the misfortune she faced in her future. Because of his never-give-up attitude, Mikey and Draken started to become fond of him, no matter how lousy he was in fights. Season 1 of the series showed Mikey with the other five major characters (Draken, Pah Chin, Baji, Mitsuya, and Kazutora), who decided to form the strongest gang in their childhood only. But Kazutoro killed a guy who turned out to be Mikey’s older brother. This is where Kazutoro blamed Mikey: “This is all Mikey’s fault,” which led to one of the biggest gang wars in the future: “Tokyo Manji vs. Walhalla.” Baji also joined the Walhalla due to Kazutoru, but he fought for Tokyo Manji in the end. The war ended with the death of Baji, but this led to the possibility that Takemichi managed to save Hinata. The episode ended with the revealing of the main antagonist of the series, “Kisaki Tetta,” who claimed “Takemichi” to be “his hero.” 

‘Tokyo Revengers’ Season 2 Updates 

As per the details we got, “Tokyo Revengers” Season 2 is going to feature 13 episodes. Season 1 of the series covered three arcs:- Toman Arc, Moebius Arc, and Walhalla Arc. But season 2 is going to feature only the Christmas Showdown arc. Aside from this, the first episode of the series has already been aired. It features the return of “Kazutora,” who saved Takemichi’s life. But Chifuyu is dead. The series is pacing up the introduction of the strongest gang: Black Dragon. Furthermore, it also revealed that Tokyo Manji’s dark phase started due to Mikey’s changing mindset. As the episode revealed, Black Dragon could do anything for money, and this is exactly what happened in the episode. Now, Kazutora and Takemichi will take the story forward. 

Furthermore, season 2 of the series will feature Taiju Shiba, and we are pretty sure that he is going to be the next topic the whole fandom will talk about. Apart from that, we will see Hanma making his appearance again in the series. Is it going to be Tokyo Manji vs. Black Dragon?


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