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‘My Home Hero’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained

“My Home Hero,” the new anime series, just released on Crunchyroll and its first episode is now streaming. The premise of the series revolves around the life of a common man, Tetsuo Tosu, who, in an attempt to get her daughter away from her yakuza boyfriend, ends up endangering not just his daughter’s life but also his wife’s and his own.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 1: ‘From Today, Tetsuo Is A Killer’

Tetsuo’s day begins at a restaurant. He is busy reading a detective story when his daughter shows up with a face mask and sunglasses on. This makes him uncomfortable. He asks her to remove the sunglasses indoors. He is shocked when she does so. Bruises can be seen all over her face. Tetsuo asks what happened to her. His daughter, Reika, tells him she fell over, and that is how she got these injuries. Tetsuo, having figured out she is lying and trying to hide something from him.

Reika is in college, and Tetsuo knows she might have a boyfriend. He tries to ask her if her boyfriend has assaulted her. Reika listens to none of it and storms out of the restaurant, like any rebellious teenager would. Tetsuo is deeply hurt to see her daughter in this condition.

A concerned Tetsuo secretly visits Reika’s apartment while she is away, hoping to find some clue as to what happened to her and who her boyfriend might be. As he is about to enter, a thuggish-looking young man walks out the door, talking loudly to someone on the phone while smoking a cigarette. Tetsuo overhears his conversation, where he mentions a girl and her father and how the girl has said that her father might come to visit her. Tetsuo starts to connect the dots and starts to fear that he might be talking about Reika, which could only mean that this nasty man was her boyfriend. Not able to let the matter go, Tetsuo starts to follow the man. His suspicion is confirmed when the man not just utters Reika’s name but also brags to his gang about how he assaulted her by punching her five to six times in the face.

Before Tetsuo could process the fact that her daughter was dating a criminal and was in an abusive relationship, a man grabbed him, asking why he was following the gang. Having absolutely no reply to this question, Tetsuo trembles with fear, and the next moment he is abducted by the man who grabbed him. Tetsuo wakes up and finds himself naked, and he faintly sees the man take his photo alongside his identity card. He is then made to go free. Tetsuo, after gaining some composure post the harrowing incident, goes straight back to Reika’s apartment. Using a spare key, he enters and takes a good look around. The place shows no signs of human presence. Suddenly, he hears someone unlocking the door. Determined not to get caught sneaking in, Tetsuo hides himself in a closet.

Through the closet, he sees that it is none other than Reika’s boyfriend who has entered the apartment. He is talking to someone on his mobile. He goes on to lay out his intentions with Reika to the person on the other line, completely unaware of Tetsuo’s presence. He reveals he is with Reika only to inherit her grandparent’s money, after which he will get rid of her. Tetsuo, listening to all this, tries calling Reika but finds out that her phone is with her boyfriend. When he picks up the call, Tetsuo tells him to open the closet and discover the gift that Reika has left him.

When Reika’s boyfriend opens the closet, a livid Tetsuo punches him right in the gut, knocking him out. He then takes the rice-maker appliance, and before Reika’s boyfriend can make a move to hit him, he smashes the appliance on his head and lays several blows, stopping only when he is dead.

With a dead body lying around and a vulnerable Tetsuo beside it, the door of the apartment suddenly opens again. To Tetsuo’s relief, it was his understanding wife, Kasen. He tells everything to her, confessing to the murder. Tetsuo also states that his details are with the gang of the deceased. That way, he will always be under threat if the body is ever found. His wife comprehends the entire scenario, thinks about Reika’s well-being, and decides to become an accessory to the murder by helping him clean up the crime scene and hiding the body in a store room.

Reika enters her apartment and finds her parents acting overly strange. Meanwhile, the hidden criminal forces have already surrounded Tetsuo’s entire family. It is revealed to us that the deceased boyfriend’s father is the head of a yakuza gang and is just as worried for his son’s well-being as Tetsuo is for his daughter’s, so he always sends a spy to keep an eye on him. The episode ends when a spy breaks into the apartment and finds the dead body of the yakuza boss’s son.

‘My Home Hero’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – Will Tetsuo Survive?

The fact that Tetsuo did not know the extent of the criminal forces behind him means that the murder of Reika’s boyfriend is now directly tied to the Yakuza gang, the most dreaded criminal organization in all of Japan. A simple man like Tetsuo, who tried to protect his daughter from the monster of a boyfriend, will now have to use only his tactics to get away from the Yakuza’s fury. What will be the retaliation of the Yakuza after the news of the son’s death reaches him? We surely will see acts of retribution coming Tetsuo’s way in the upcoming episodes.

“My Home Hero” is a fresh anime plot that pits two fathers against one another, one from the common everyday background and one from the criminal underworld. More such exciting episodes are coming up, and you can catch them all on Crunchyroll.


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