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‘Kin’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending: Why Did The Police Arrest Nikki?

Previously in “Kin,” Season 2, we saw Kem being picked up by Eric and Anthony. Bren had asked Eric to kill Kem, and the whole Kinsella family knew about the situation. Amanda tried to warn Kem, but Michael intervened, as he thought that if she interfered in the situation, the rest of the family wouldn’t stand by her side. Jimmy did not know that Anthony was involved in this, so he was very annoyed with Bren for giving Eric the order to take Anthony along with him. So, let’s see what happens next.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Kin’ Season 2 Episode 5: Story

The episode starts with Eric driving the car into the woods with Kem and Anthony. Kem felt hungry, so they stopped by a food truck, and Eric went to buy some food. After a while, Eric stopped the car in front of another car, grabbed a gun from that car, and asked Kem to get out. He then took him deep into the woods. Kem pleaded for his life with all his might, but Eric shot Kem numerous times. After that, Eric came back and asked Anthony to change his clothes. They threw their old clothes into the car that was carrying Kem and burned them down along with the gun. Later, Eric dropped Anthony off at the gym and went to meet Bren. He told Eric to grab a drink at the bar so that everyone could see where he was during the time Kem was killed and also asked him to get out of town for a few days along with his girlfriend, Nikki.

Later that night, Amanda confronted Jimmy and asked him why he would tell Bren about Kem. Jimmy told her that he blabbered about Kem because he was a rat, and he believed that once a rat, always a rat. But Amanda had a different viewpoint on this whole scenario. She thought that Jimmy wanted to seek approval, or better yet, he wanted to impress Bren, and that was the reason why he had ratted Kem out to him. However, Jimmy disapproved of it, but Amanda told him to leave the house immediately as she could no longer stay with a man she could not trust. Jimmy was beginning to understand his mistake since he knew that Bren had sent Anthony with Eric, and he was completely wrecked after talking to Amanda. He went back to the pub and talked to Bren. He told him that Eric had dropped Anthony safely, so there was nothing to bother with.

In the midst of all the mayhem, we can see that Michael is beginning to shape his life with love and affection for those around him. He gives Molly a call, the woman who worked at the pharmacy where he purchased the medications he needs. He makes arrangements for them to meet, and later that day, Molly visits Michael at his house. Because Michael was so emotionally engrossed in her, he chose to ignore the doorbell when it rang. After her altercation with Jimmy, it was Amanda came to the door and knocked. She left after being unanswered. Molly, on the other hand, begins to see her future with Michael; nevertheless, the next morning, she discovers that Michael’s clothing is hung with a bulletproof jacket. She was aware of the potential dangers before becoming physically involved with Michael, but once she experienced those dangers, she began to avoid him. Their connection has a lot of potential that can be explored in the upcoming episodes.

Amanda came to pay a visit to Michael and showed him a bunch of pictures of Nuray Batuk’s men and their movements in town. Nuray’s men were found meeting with people close to Ged Delaney. Since two members of the Delaney family were brutally killed by the Kinsella family, Amanda feared that Batuk’s men were siding with them. There was a growing tension that after the debt of $90 million was paid off, Batuk would try to make sure that the Kinsella family was removed from the business forever. Michael went to confirm this threat and met with Eddie Lucas in a pet shop. He talked Eddie into disclosing Batuk’s motive and learned that Amanda was right all along. At the end of the episode, we find out that Nellie was siding with the Russians, as they promised her weapons, money, and a quarter share of the whole Kinsella business region. Nellie knows that the Kinsellas will try to find her son, and someday they will definitely kill him for killing Jamie. So, before they could do such a thing, Nellie had planned to remove the Kinsellas from the scenario once and for all.

In the immediate aftermath of Kem’s passing, both Anthony and Eric suffered severe mental breakdowns. But Eric didn’t waste any time and moved on. In the meantime, we witness Kem’s wife making a statement to the police about her accusations against Eric. However, the police were aware that Kinsellas maintained a level of caution during the entire incident. In response to this, they adopted a new strategy. Eric was aware that he would be taken into custody by the authorities and questioned about the incident. On the other hand, this time, the police detained Nikki on the grounds that she was involved in inciting another individual to commit murder against a third party. This was a trick that came out of the book for Eric, and it’s possible that Bren experienced it as well. Additionally, Bren disclosed to Amanda that Anthony was involved in the murder of Kem. Therefore, in the next episode, we might see Amanda completely lose her mind and come face to face with Bren, Eric, and anybody else who stands in the way of her being with the people she cares about.


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