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‘Kin’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending: What Happened To Kem? Was He Finally Killed By Eric?

The second season of “Kin” has released its fourth episode on RTE, and so far, the audience is more pleased with it than with its first season. In the previous episode, we saw how Bren found out about Kem being a rat from Jimmy, and now he wanted Eric to kill him. Amanda was yet to learn about this mess, as she was still trying to figure out how to pay the installment to Nuray. So, let’s see how she managed the payment of the month in this episode.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Kin’ Season 2 Episode 4: Story

At the beginning of the fourth episode, Jimmy is having an affair with an unknown woman whom he most likely met in a bar or some other public place. In the later hours of that day, he admitted it to Michael as well. Almost immediately after that, we watch Rory, Amanda’s driver, provide the drugs to the new buyer at a lower price. This allowed Amanda to make the payment that was overdue to Nuray, and it also gave her some time to consider how she should handle the upcoming installments. Amanda learned from one of the guys about a new type of substance called fenethylline while they were in the process of transferring the money. He explained to her that it was a form of amphetamine that was manufactured in Syrian factories. It was a type of medicine that was taken during times of war to provide the feeling of invincibility to the soldiers. But the financial potential of this new drug was the primary reason why many were interested in it. Amanda is aware that if she needs to pay off Nuray’s debt, this drug could be an opportunity; however, before making such a significant move, she needs to discuss it with the family first. In the meantime, the police department has been given a new type of information that points the finger at Amanda, and they are piling up their reports with substantial proof of the criminal actions that she has taken. Amanda was so preoccupied with the situation with Nuray that when she got this information, she immediately began attempting to recall whether or not she had left a clue for the police in the last month.

At the same time, Bren learned about the drugs that Rory had acquired on Amanda’s instruction, and he was incensed by this information. He confronted Rory and struck him with a lever when he got there. Bren went as far as biting Rory’s ear, after which he warned him that he would be killed if he ever did anything without informing Bren first. Amanda was contacted by Rory’s wife, who invited her to visit her husband at the hospital. Rory explained to her that he would be unable to assist her in any manner until Amanda was able to care for Bren on her own. Amanda harbored a great deal of resentment toward Bren, and she was raring to have it out with him. Michael had also learned that Bren had given Anna money, and as a result, he went to Birdy’s to talk to him about it. Instead of telling Michael that he should have notified the family about Kem, Birdy pointed out that Bren was not at home at the time. Michael is unable to assist Kem in any way against Bren at this point because Bren is already aware of Kem. Eric was already ready to carry out his plan to murder Kem. It was Bren’s request that Eric bring Anthony along with them. There was a moment of hesitation on Eric’s part, but he was unable to challenge Bren.

Amanda was aware of the scenario involving Kem, thanks to Michael’s communication. Amanda was concerned that Kem might not be aware of Eric’s plan. But Michael had advised her not to do such a thing since it was a decision that was made in front of the family, and if she tried to stop it from happening, they might stop trusting her. In the meantime, Jimmy has recently learned that Anthony was involved in the entire scenario. After being enraged by Bren, he stormed out of the pub. Kem arrived with his daughter, but Eric instructed Kem to leave her with a neighbor; Kem was unaware of the risk because he was under the impression that they were going to follow a man named Wright. However, Eric warned him that he would shoot Wright on the spot if he spotted him there, so it was unwise to bring Kem’s daughter along with them. Kem didn’t have a clue that it would most likely be the last time he saw her. When Eric and Kem got into the car, Anthony was there to accompany them. That brings us to the end of the episode. Will Eric shoot Kem, or will Anthony get the first kill with Kem? Or is it possible that Jimmy will arrive just in time and save everyone involved? In the fifth episode, we shall get more information about these.


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