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‘Jury Duty’ Season 1: Recap: Episode 5 And 6

We have already covered the first 4 episodes of “Jury Duty,” and in the last episode, we saw how all the jurors were having a great time in the restaurant. A unique series created by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky that revolves around a dummy trial, let us see what episodes 5 and 6 have in store for us.

Spoilers Ahead

Noah Finds Love

The scene opens in the deliberation room of the court with Noah, who looks absolutely wasted from a hangover, along with Ronald and Jeannie. Marsden makes a cheerful entry into the room, and Ronald asks him to sign the DVD of the movie “Sex Drive.” Marsden is flattered and also asks Ronald to help him out on a recording thing regarding his new project, which Ronald is happy to assist in. Noah then converses with Ronald about the drunk call he made, and Ronald suggests that he must call his girlfriend. The lifelong friend of the defendant, Justin Griggs, is called to the witness stand, and he tells how supportive the defendant has been. The plaintiff’s counsel charges Griggs with an accusation of an immoral act in a movie theater, which he accepts, and the jurors are stunned and his credibility is destroyed. Belinda Morris, the mother of the defendant, is called to the witness stand, and rather than helping him, she says in many words that her son is a “bum,” according to Vanessa. The scene shifts to Noah, who is trying to make up with his girlfriend and takes the help of Ronald, who was just passing through. Ronald tells him about the accidental drunken incident, and Noah’s girlfriend just hangs up. Jeannie tells everyone that he is probably better off without his girlfriend and later talks about her sexual desire for Noah.

Trevor Morris, the defendant, is called to the witness stand by the defense counsel, and he takes a different approach, which is not favored by Trevor. Then we see the judge telling the members present in the courtroom that Trevor will represent himself for the rest of the trial, with his counsel assisting him as co-counsel. The scene shifts to the hotel where Ronald, along with the other jury members, is staying. We see Jeannie sunbathing, Noah peeking through his door, and Ronald assisting Marsden in making a recording of a scene from his upcoming movie. When Marsden is practicing with Ronald, Noah knocks on the door and tells him about the Jeannie situation. Marsden tells Ronald that he should help Noah and that his practice can be done later. Ronald and Noah go to Jeannie’s room, and the attire of Jeannie with which she opens the door scares shy Noah. Ronald, after talking with Jeannie, we see Noah getting into her room. Marsden and Ronald move to the game room to continue the practice due to the stink coming from the bathroom. Noah barges into the game room and says Jennie wants to get comfortable. Both Ronald and Marsden motivate Noah to take the next step. They are again practicing, and Noah comes up with a weird idea to have premarital sex with Jeannie, on which Marsden agrees to help him, and Ronald is seeing bursting out in laughter. The episode ends with a funny scene of the sexual interaction between Noah and Jennie, with the help of Marsden.

Haughty Marsden And Closing Statement

Episode 6 opens with everybody giving their opinion on how they are feeling. We then see Todd in funky clothes that the jurors helped him pick out from the mall, and everybody lauds his attire. The scene shifts to the courtroom, where Trevor makes a funny act of being both the counsel and the witness. The judge just told him to tell his story. Trevor wanted to show some photographs, which the plaintiff’s counsel objected to as they had not provided any such information, and the judge did not allow Trevor to proceed. The scene shifts to the deliberation room, where everybody is seen relaxing, and Ronald and Ross tell an interviewer how good it is to work with these people. Ronald also tells how he has gotten close to Ken, who really loves gambling, and we see Ken even teaching a board game to Ronald. On the day of the closing statement, Trevor tells the court that he and his co-counsel are not ready for a statement, and the court gets adjourned. We again see all the jurors being interviewed, and Marsden learned he was not getting the part in Lone Pine. Everyone feels sorry for him, and Marsden vents out his anger by throwing the phone of a sheriff. We learn that Ross’s birthday is coming up from the bailiff.

The next morning, we see some of the jurors gathering in Hazeltine Park and setting up a surprise party for Ross. Marsden comes in and destroys the cake, thinking it was a condolence party for him as he lost the role. The situation turns hilarious, and everyone is stunned by Marsden’s action. Marsden leaves the scene, and we see Ross along with the other jurors arriving. They surprise him with the bit of cake that is left, and Ross becomes emotional and says some heartwarming words. The bailiff tells Ross that she has left a text message for his wife to come over, upon hearing which Ross becomes startled but acts cool. Everyone else is enjoying sports activities in the park when Ross’s wife visits. We see a bit of verbal skirmish between Ross and her, and everyone takes this as a shock as they have pictured his wife as being totally different. Ross later tells everybody that he has been separated from his wife and apologizes to everybody for lying, and we see everybody hugging him. The scene shifts again to the courtroom, where we see Trevor reading his closing statement, and everybody feels for him. Then we see the plaintiff sharing a feeling of sympathy for the defendant in her argument, but the jurors believe it to be a load of trash. The judge tells the jury that deliberations will be held the next day, and the foreperson will speak for all the jurors after discussing whether the defendant is liable or not. The episode ends with a discussion among the jurors about how long it is going to take to make a decision.

What Can We Expect In The Next Episode?

Expect confusing and funny events while the jurors make their decision on whether Trevor is liable or not. Also, expect to see how Ronald will lead them to a final decision.

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