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‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” is a Spanish adventure drama series where a bunch of kids take a trip to the center of the earth in order to restore balance between the two dimensions of the earth. The series kicks off with Jules Verne passing on his legacy on how to restore the earth’s balance, to his grandchildren and the generations yet to come. The series is based on the adventures of the main child protagonist, Diego, and his friends to the center of the earth in order to balance out the earth’s proportions and get everything right to save the planet.

The series starts with Diego and his friends playing adventure video games based on the themes of Jules Verne while his grandmother gets to know about the unstable earth’s two dimensions. It is shown that Diego’s parents lived in the camps at the South Pole, and they, along with Diego’s grandmother, were discussing a mission to restore the earth’s balance and save lives. Diego, his older brother, and his younger sister were supposed to live at the summer camp with his friends and other kids organized by the self-proclaimed, great adventurer Pompillio Calderon. Diego is a very curious and creative kid who likes to invent cool stuff and acts as the leader of the group.

Diego’s brother was one of the counselors at the summer camp, and the younger sister was just there to accompany Diego to the summer camp. Diego’s grandmother had arranged their stay at the summer camp so that she could have gone on the mission. But she was followed by Diego and his friends from the summer camp and Pompillio to ‘The Verne Dimension.” They all journeyed into ‘The Jules Dimension’ together. There was a portal close to the summer camp, which Pompilio wanted to use to steal some tungsten. The kids wanted to rescue Diego’s grandmother, who had left her medallion and a piece of cloth outside the portal as she had to hurry to get in. The kids could open the portal to another dimension with the help of her medallion. Pompillio entered the portal along with the kids in the disguise of their guide as an adventurer.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Diego And His Friends Cross All The Hurdles To Restore The Earth’s Balance?

After entering the dimension, the kids seemed to be lost but were found by the guardian of the dimension, Hans, and Diego’s grandmother, Pola. Pola wanted the grandkids to be safe and hence did not want Diego or his sister to accompany her on the mission, but Diego was adamant about joining his grandma. While Diego went on a mission with Pola, the other kids tricked Hans and also set foot outside the camp, which would lead them to Diego and Pola. All of them had a thirst for adventures, and each kid had a specialty of their own. Pola is hell-bent on her journey towards the mission of restoring the earth’s magnetic field, as the core of the earth has been disrupted by the greed of mankind for all sorts of expensive and exclusive minerals. Inside Verne’s dimension, the group goes through a series of life-threatening adventures.

At one point, they get separated, and the kids fall into a swamp that is filled with dangerous quicksand. In one episode of the series, the kids encounter a dinosaur while separated from Pola, but they manage to escape the situation unharmed. In one of the penultimate moments of restoring the dimensions of the earth, the kids had to cross a river of hot lava, which was again dangerous, but they were successful. After all the hurdles, they could finally stop the lava fission by putting tungsten rocks in the mouth of the cave and completing their mission just in time before their time in the portal ran out.

Was Diego’s Brother Martin Successful At The North Pole With His Friends?

While Diego and his friends, along with Pola, were busy restoring the magnetic field of the earth, Diego’s brother, Martin, and his friends, who were in charge of the camp, were losing their minds when the kids and the instructor went missing. Martin was unaware of Pola’s mission to the other dimension, but he learned from his parents that his siblings were safe, but there had been a bigger threat. The Calderon family had sponsored the summer camp as a distraction from their original motives, which were to alter the magnetic fields of the North Pole and extract tungsten from the earth’s core.

The Calderon family changed their family name from Nadar, and Nadar was a rival to Jules Verne as he had stolen all the important information about the presence of another dimension, the types of minerals in the earth’s core, among others. Under his parents’ instruction, Martin snuck into Calderon’s family’s jet and traveled to the North Pole in order to restore the magnetic field and stop them from extracting tungsten from the earth’s core. If a huge amount of minerals were to be extracted, then the planet would perish. Martin had been successful in stopping the extraction of tungsten with the help of his friends, and thus the earth’s magnetic field could have been restored.

‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth’ Season 1: Ending

In the end, Pola erased Pompilio’s memory and packed up the tungsten rocks that he had collected to bring them to the other side of the dimension. In Jules Verne’s hot air balloon, Pola, the kids, and Pompilio could all travel back to the portal through which they could reach the other dimension. Pola wanted to erase Diego’s friends’ memories as well because the secret of the existence of two dimensions should only remain between the descendants of Jules Verne.

Martin, and their little sister were all descendants of Jules Verne. But the kids saved Diego’s life and were spared from having their memories of the adventures erased. At the end of the series, we get to see that the kids are roaming around in Pola’s office and getting impressed by the kind of adventurer Pola is. The series ended on a positive note, with the kids getting educated about Pola’s adventures and learning more about Jules Verne.


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