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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 9: Certain Force Once Unleashed

Previously on “Hello Tomorrow,” we learn that  Jack has managed to salvage a huge score from his rich client Elle, who also happens to have eyes for his charm and wit; Jack manages to conjure up a spacecraft so his clients can finally get what they’ve been promised. Through the specialized advertisement, Jack also manages to attract other clients, all the while restoring the faith of his old ones in his plans. Jack has also established a launch facility in Vistaville, asking interested parties to drop in for a look.

Jack is adamant about not letting his client lose faith in the Brightside Corporation, even after cutting ties with one of his most trusted advisors and friends, Shirley, who decided not to join Jack in his plans to dupe hardworking people out of their hard-earned money. Shirley learned that the entire Brightside Corporation and the condo on the moor overlooking a nice garden are just Jack’s brainchild. Following the split, Shirley and her love interest Eddie have been oscillating their time between living in their car and coming loan sharks out of their money by running a double game. Unfortunately, their double game is cut short when Eddie is attacked by Fred, the mobster he owes money to.

Spoilers Ahead

Launch Due In A Week

After regaining everyone’s confidence in him, Jack once again delays the launch on the grounds of technical reasons; however, he is shocked to learn that Elle, his potential love interest, has announced the launch to take place this week. In her defense, she informed Jack that the investors were getting anxious and had been looking down on them, and now she plans to make them beg for their seat in the lauch. Jack, on the other hand, is quite hesitant to follow the plan because, even though he has managed to get his mitts on a spaceship, he knows that there are no condos and apartment complexes on the surface of the moon, something he has been promising his clients and Elle for months. Elle believes that after the launch, the investors will be thumbing at the launch terminals for months before they get a flight back. But the launch isn’t the only thing bothering Jack.

In reality, Jack liked him and his son Joey being a team and selling condos together. Jack has, on multiple occasions, desperately tried to convince Joey to join him, as he finally has a plan in place to make everything right. Jack saw his own reflection in Joey and genuinely believed that his son could achieve all these great things with a little guidance. Joey, on the other hand, blames Jack for talking him into becoming a con man like him and duping people close to him, like his old grocery store employer, out of their 401(k). He also holds Jack responsible for leaving his mother and him decades ago for his career and also for keeping the truth to himself after reentering their lives at a later point in time. Joey is frustrated by all that has happened and is attempting to sell his home so that he may leave town as soon as his mother regains consciousness.

Concern And Manipulation

Myrtle meets Lester, informing him that she has finally made it to the launch list. However, Lester is hesitant to let her go and warns her that he can still pull some strings and delay the lunch. In reality, Lester doesn’t want Myrtle to leave the orbit on an unregistered launch because he has developed feelings for her. In the past, Lester has lost someone very close to his heart by violating rules, and he doesn’t want Myrtle to end up the same. To this day, Lester still blames himself for her death and for letting her break the rules.

Meanwhile, Betty, Herb’s wife, is adamant about doing anything to see her husband climb the corporate ladder and even convinces him to put his name on the launch list so he can inform the bigwigs about his performance. Betty is manipulative and has managed to turn Herb against everyone, including Eddie, and she is also the one who tries to convince Joey that he has been arrested because of Jack’s negligence. And now she plans to remove Jack from his chair, so her inept husband may take over.

Did Joey Manage To Get Jack To Admit His Con On Tape?

Joey takes a car ride to Lester’s workplace and reveals everything. Joey informs Lester that everything is fake—the company, the promises of the lunar condo, everything. In reality, Jack has been conning innocent people out of their retirement funds so he can cash in on their naivety. Joey continued to say that Herb, Eddie, and Shirley were completely unaware of Jack’s plan. Joey wants to take down Jack and is even willing to testify against him in court. Jack is in serious trouble, and if he intends to put innocent customers in harm’s way, he could face life in prison. However, Joey’s statements aren’t enough to bring Jack down, and he is advised to gather incriminating evidence. Lester wraps Joey into a recording device so he can get Jack to admit everything on tape.

Jack is about to get cornered from all sides, as his former employees Shirley and Eddie are planning to blackmail him and cash in on his lunar lies. The duo intends to hold a blackmail barrel to Jack’s face and become rich. Joey meets Jack at the baseball game, but the latter manages to see through Joey’s lies. Regardless, Jack reveals that there’s nothing up there; however, he has plans to rectify his mistakes. The secluded setting finally offers Joey the chance to grill his father on his mistakes. Joey questions Jack about what made him and his mother meet years ago. Jack revealed that he ran away because he was scared of being a disappointment to his wife and son. Jack goes on to say to Joey that he’ll really understand what he has done when he becomes a parent himself. After giving everything, Joey comes for Jack and requests that he join him on the pitch, but the episode ends with Jack taking the stairs leading to the pitch alone, leaving Joey to wonder what his next move will be. Will he take the tape back to Lester to have his father arrested, or will he once again rest his faith in his father’s plan?


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