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‘Caught In The Net’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending – Why Did Tony Kill Karen?

The third episode of “Caught in the Net” sheds light on the tragic case of Karen Nevara, a middle-aged woman residing in a suburban community in San Jose who was found brutally murdered in her home on September 13, 2018.

Karen’s co-worker Amber Ashfaq decides to visit her at home when she fails to show up at work, and what she witnesses sent shivers down her spine. When Amber entered Karen’s house, she found her sitting in the chair with bruises all over her face. Amber left the house in terror and contacted the authorities, seeking medical help, but it was too late, as Karen had been dead for days. Karen was a joyful and kind person to everyone around her. She was also the one who helped Amber find a job when she first arrived in the country.

Spoilers Ahead

The Ensuing Investigation And Statements

Detective Brian Meeker was called to the scene in the middle of a family dinner to lead the investigation while the forensics were sweeping the scene for evidence and clues. Brian, during his investigation, finds that the wounds on Karen’s face and head are violent and deep. Karen was also holding a knife, making the police consider that her death might be a suicide. The police also found multiple pizza slices and cigarettes, implying that Karen had a visitor. The murderer had taken extra precautions to make it seem as if the crime had occurred during a burglary, but Brian’s extensive background allowed him to quickly rule it out as a possibility. Detective Brian also noticed that Karen was wearing a Fitbit, a wearable that could offer a plethora of information that could catapult the investigation. The postmortem evidence suggested foul play because the injuries to Karen’s skull were too severe for her to have killed herself by slashing her own throat. Also, Karen’s handbag included receipts that helped law enforcement determine a probable time of death for the victim.

Detective Brian and Sergeant Montonye visited Karen’s parents, Adele and Tony Aiello, and were offered crucial information that would be valuable in the investigation. According to them, Karen had mentioned to Tony that she had been expecting company when he was at her house to drop off the pizza and cookies. Tony also mentioned that he had seen Karen riding a shotgun with someone heading toward Piedmont. The cops contacted the Fitbit company for any prerequisite data that would help the case. Meanwhile, the cops were canvassing Karen’s area for footage that would help them identify Karen’s mysterious visitors. The cops were looking for movement around Karen’s house, and the extracted footage revealed Tony’s grey car parked in Karen’s driveway around 15:12 PM. To gain a better idea of who Karen was with as she made her way into Piedmont, the police also checked the footage they had collected from security cameras placed in Tony’s neighbourhood. The cops were shocked to see that no car matching Karen’s car description had passed into Piedmont, making them suspect Tony’s statement and his intentions of leading the investigation astray. According to Fitbit data, Karen’s heart rate dropped significantly at about 3:23 PM while Tony was still in her home.

‘Caught In The Net’ Episode 3: Ending – Why Did Tony Aiello Kill Karen Nevara?

The police arrested Tony, Karen’s stepfather, for questioning, hoping to get a full conviction. Police were planning to show all the evidence to Tony so he could understand that he was not going home today. Detective Brian revealed that Karen’s heartbeat stopped during the time when his car was parked in her driveway. Tony was exceptionally fit for a 90-year-old, implying that he was more than adept at carrying out the brutal act. While Detective Brian was questioning Tony, Sergeant Montonye arrived at Tony’s house with a search warrant. Through an extensive search of Tony’s home, the cops were able to find a small axe, a meat cleaver, a bloody sink, a blood-tainted shirt, and a raincoat that Tony had hidden in his shed. As this was revealed, Tony frantically sought to discredit the findings by claiming that he had earlier cut himself while chopping wood; however, the blood spatter patterns were telling an entirely different story. The police examined Tony thoroughly for signs of recent wounds and found nothing disproving his story. As time passed, Tony started to mumble about the raincoat in the interrogation room. Although he has not yet provided the police with a full confession, he has acknowledged to himself that he murdered Karen.

The absence of Tony’s honest confession made it more critical for the police to find the motive behind the killing. The cops managed to get their hands on a couple of interesting notations, which revealed that Tony had been having money issues for years. Tony came to know that Karen, his stepdaughter, had taken out a weighty life insurance policy, which would grant Adele, her biological mother, a hefty sum. In addition, the crime lab confirmed that Tony’s raincoat and shirt had been stained with Karen’s blood. In reality, Tony had drugged the pizza, which incapacitated Karen. Afterwards, Tony killed Karen using the axe and cleverly staged the scene to look like a burglary. However, what Tony didn’t anticipate was Karen’s Fitbit, which would later turn out to be the most incriminating evidence against him. The cops charged Tony Aiello with being guilty of one count of homicide and one count of hindering the investigation, but before they could move forward with the trial, Tony expired on September 10, 2019, prior to the full adjudication of his case.


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