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‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Am I Being Unreasonable?” is a comic thriller series that revolves around two friends along with their misadventures and friendly bond, which takes a daunting turn when mysteries begin to unravel. To know more, read the article, which will peel off section by section to take you to the core of the truth.

Spoilers Ahead

A Bloody Affair

The series opens at a train station on a winter night, where we see Nic (Daisy May Cooper) is being wooed by Alex (David Fynn), and something mysterious happens. At present, Nic and her son Ollie (Lenny Rush) are enjoying watching television, and he reminds her mother they are late for school. The school gate is already closed, and for the first time, Nic meets Jen (Selin Hizli) and helps her with the school gate. Sitting on a bench in a cemetery, we see Nic seeing flashes from the train station and she scares a bystander. We are next introduced to Nic’s husband Dan (Dustin Demri Burns), with whom we can see it is not a clearly happy marriage as it lacks sexual gratification on Nic’s part. We again see Nic and Jen at the hedgehog hunt, where they instantly hit it off as buddies. While putting up missing posters for Mr. Meowgi, Nic’s cat, she again meets with Jen and calls her over for dinner. There is a bit of awkwardness when Dan meets Jen, but Nic and Jen had a great time drinking and gossiping about life. Soon we find Jen’s intention is not right as she starts recording Nic’s story about Alex secretly when Nic opens up to her. But before telling her the whole incident, Nic gets up and goes outside, where we see a flashback of how Alex was killed by a train.

The next morning we see it is Ollie’s birthday, and Nic still has a hangover and criticizes the gifts his son has received. She also learns that Jen has already left at night. Later, everyone is seen enjoying Ollie’s birthday party except Nic, and there is a humorous scene in the toilet. We see again that Jen comes to Nic’s rescue and saves the day. We then see Suzie (Amanda Wilkin), who is the last to come to this party, and she presents Ollie with an amazing present. Interestingly, we learn here that she is Alex’s wife and says to Nic that she was uncomfortable when Nic used to hang out with Alex. Next, we see Dan becoming sad after seeing a clip of a party after midnight where all of them are present and Nic becoming uncomfortable with it. Jen and Nic, along with their kids, are seen watching television when Nic gets a call that Mr. Meowgi has been found and leaves, while Jen gets scared seeing Viv, who is the cleaner, and hides herself. Further, it is revealed in front of Jen that Alex is Dan’s brother and their affair started on Nic’s wedding day.

Mysterious Jen

Nic again sees flashes from the past with Alex and suddenly wakes up with the thought of losing her coat and frantically looks for it in the house, but instead, finds a dead Mr. Meowgi in Ollie’s wardrobe while the other cat she has brought meows at her. While taking Ollie to school, Nic finds someone wearing her coat and chases her, only to find out it is Jen. Nic hysterically starts to curse Jen and heads back to her home. Nic almost catches fire to herself while burning Mr. Meowgi’s dead body in their garden, and at that moment Lucy (Karla Crome) comes to check on Nic and warns her about Jen. Nic again sees flashes of the train accident while taking a shower and gets startled by Viv’s sudden appearance. We also come to know that Viv has brought the desired coat of Nic from the dry cleaners, and after seeing that, Nic breaks down. She is late for picking up Ollie from school and looks for Jen; later, she confronts Ollie about the cat’s death. To cheer up Ollie, Nic and Dan help him shoot a ghost video in the cemetery. Later in the evening, when Nic goes to Jen’s house to apologize, she finds out Jen does not stay there, and even Jen is not her real name. In Nic’s house, we see Jen and Dan having a conversation when Nic arrives on the scene. Though Nic confronts Jen about who she is, Jen receives a call and forces herself out of the house.

Next, we see Jen as a supermarket employee and also learn that she has some kind of issue with another employee by the name of Becca, who does not want to work the same shift as her. The scene then shifts back to Jen’s escape on a train and her first meeting with Nic at school. We learn Jen works for Viv as a trial cleaner and has also met Dan via a dating app before. The story starts to unfold here, and we see Jen’s growing desire for Nic. We see Jen’s insane behavior towards her husband’s car and her accidental meeting with Nic while coming out of Mrs. Baggot’s house after cleaning. She even threatens Dan to reveal the dating app incident to Nic, as she has got a video of it. We see clearly how whatever Jen has told everyone is a lie, and she even gets fired by Viv from the cleaning company. She deletes all the videos of Nic, and Dan and comes back to be friends with Nic after the school incident. At last, we see Jen trying to help Becca, but she closes the door.

Mystery Unravelling

The next morning Nic’s family along with Jen’s son are wandering in the woods and Nic has called Jen several times about her whereabouts. We see Dan comforting Nic about the whole mishap incident that has occurred. When Nic is telling a bit about Jen to Lucy in the Hedgehog Hunt, suddenly Jen turns up and Nic demands to know about everything. Sitting in her scrappy house, Jen says she went to save Becca from her abusive husband when received a call from their son and also tells Nic about the abusive past of her own and why she records everything. Nic understands and asks Jen to get a shower in Nic’s home as the one in Jen’s home does not work. We see then Nic and Jen going to the place for preparing everything for Alex’s funeral where Nic and Dan have a skirmish over Jen’s presence and Dan leaves for the moment. Later we see Jen comforting Nic in her home and Nic ignores Dan’s call. Their children come back and Jen helps them get to their bed while Nic tries to find their cat. To her surprise, Nic learns from the cam recorder that it was her son who killed the cat.

Flashes from the past are seen when Nic, Dan, Suzie, and Alex are having a get-together in Nic’s home. We see Alex continuously sexually teasing Nic, but soon everyone learns that Alex and Suzie are trying for a baby, and Nic becomes somewhat thwarted. In the meantime, Nic is seeing the train accident images and an imaginary young couple. Dan’s flirtatious nature is exposed here when he shows Alex, someone he has met via a dating app, which Nic secretly learns about. Later, Alex and Nic have a sexual confrontation in Nic’s home only, which was unfortunately seen by her son. Back to the present, we see Nic questioning Ollie about whether she has been a good mother or not. We see Dan opening the mourning ceremony and insulting Nic right at the start. When Nic is asked to come up and say some words, she starts to have some flashbacks. From the flashbacks, we learn it was not an accident, but rather a murder! 

What Can We Expect In Season 2?

It is truly wondrous how the series has been turned into a thriller from what merely started as a story revolving around a bored housewife. The twists and turns, along with the comic element, are perfectly woven, and the acting and character development are somewhat of a masterstroke. A backstory about Jen, Dan’s future, and how Nic copes with the murder, among many others, can be the plotline of season 2.

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