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5 Best Upcoming Smartwatches Of 2023 That You Should Know Of

Smartwatches have become more than just some fancy accessories; they are an integral part of our daily lives. From telling the time to tracking health, they offer a plethora of features that make our everyday lives more leisurely. Now we are just at the beginning of 2023, and a handful of smartwatch releases are on the calendar. In this article, we have tried to cover the best smartwatch brands that have promised to release their next-generation watches in 2023.

Apple Watch 9 Series

It will be breaking a trend if Apple does not release a new watch in 2023, as it has released a new watch every year since the release of its original version. When it comes to release dates, they mostly do so in the early fall or late summer. If you see the pattern of the launch from its previous generation, September is the expected month for the release. Also, it will probably get an official announcement with the iPhone 15 series. Expect a similar price tag to its predecessor, where the 41 mm (GPS) costs $399, the 45 mm (GPS) costs $429, the 41 mm (GPS + Cellular) costs $499, and the 45 mm (GPS + Cellular) costs $529. There is very little possibility that the Apple Watch 9 Series will see a change in design. For example, the Apple Watch 4 Series, 5 Series, and 6 Series never saw any design changes, but the Apple 7 Series came with thinner bezels and a larger display. Another dial size option and an array of different colors may be seen with the 9 Series. No leaked information about battery life has come to the forefront, but Apple should think about this. Yes, it is true that with the low-power mode, the Apple Watch 8 can last 36 hours, but considering the price, there are several other companies that provide at least a week of battery life. Though it must be noted that the Apple Watch charges pretty quickly. An upgrade in health tracking features can be expected in the Apple Watch 9 Series. Crash detection was a super cool feature that was implemented in the Apple Watch 8 Series and should also follow in its successor, but if Apple can introduce the SOS feature of the iPhone 14 in the watch, that would be an extraordinary feat. The skin temperature sensor, which could track the menstrual cycle of women, maybe tweaked to help deliver more functionality.

Google Pixel Watch 2

A great many people lauded Google’s first attempt at making a wearable in the form of its Google Pixel Watch. Rumors are already rife about a Google Pixel Watch 2, which is expected to come with hopefully several upgrades. Like Apple and Samsung, the company could follow an annual release schedule for their launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2 along with their premium smartphone, the Pixel 8, in October 2023. The dome-shaped minimalistic design was one of the highlighting features of the Google Pixel Watch, and the company will probably not change this. But they could surely make the bezels a little bit thin on the Google Pixel Watch 2. The integration of Fitbit’s toolkit and companion app was a great success, and they hope to continue this in their next generation by probably adding more health-tracking features. The battery of the Google Pixel Watch hardly lasted for 24 hours and required charging every day; this should change in the Google Pixel Watch 2. The 30 Hz refresh rate and the Exynos 9110 of the Google Pixel Watch were really a disappointment, but leaks suggest that the company may change both of those in their upcoming smartwatch. The availability of different dial sizes must be on the cards, as a single-size dial in the earlier generation was a problem. An increase in the form factor for durability and support of Qi wireless charging should also be brought by the company if it wants to stay in the competition. Google tactfully kept the price between the Apple Watch 8 Series and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at $349.99 for the Bluetooth/WiFi model and $399.99 for the LTE model. The company will keep the price around this amount only to stay in business.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

From the perspective of an Android-based OS, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is still one of the best out there on the market. But that does not hold back the company from releasing the next-generation watch, especially when the competition in the wearable market is extensive. The company is expected to follow the two-model approach with a Classic and a Pro model, and if we follow the pattern of release for the last few years for Samsung wearables, then we can safely bet that August 2023 will be the month of release. There are rumors that Samsung may be thinking of using microLED displays, just like the Apple Ultra Watch 2. But if we consider August as the date of launch, then it is less likely we will see the microLED in this generation. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series is expected to come with an IP68 certification and 5ATM in terms of dust and water resistance, and for durability, Sapphire crystal glass will be used in the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro and Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy Watch 6. The battery life is expected to increase, as leaks suggest that the 40 mm will be equipped with a 300 mAh battery, while the 44 mm will be equipped with a 425 mAh battery. All the health-tracking features are expected to work like a charm like its predecessor, but the availability of certain features exclusively for Samsung smartphones is probably going to stay. The temperature sensor, which did not have any functionality, is hopefully going to be tweaked with some purpose in the Galaxy Watch 6 Series. The pricing for the Galaxy Watch 6 Series is a bit tricky to predict, as when the Galaxy Watch 5 Series was launched, it came with a bit of a price hike. If Samsung introduces feasible upgrades and new features, then only a price hike would make sense, otherwise, it would have a tough time in this competitive market.

Garmin Venu 3

To stay in competition with premium brands like Apple and Samsung, the launch of the third generation of the Venu series is imminent from Garmin. The company follows a 24-month release cycle for the Venu series, with a “Plus” edition in between, just like Venu 2 Plus came out in 2022. The launch date for the Garmin Venu 3 is a bit tough to predict, but several rumors suggest that H1 of 2023 seems to be the right time. The signature circular design and bright display, which are its selling points, will probably not change, but a Sapphire glass in place of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, will be a welcome change. Rumors suggest that there is a possibility the Garmin Venu 3 will come equipped with true LTE functionality, which was absent in its predecessors. All the health tracking features are probably in for upgrades, and we may also see the addition of ECG functionality in the Garmin Venu 3. Multiple dial sizes are important, which were available for the Garmin Venu 2 but not for the Garmin Venu 3 Plus. If we see the price pattern of its predecessor, the Garmin Venu 3 is expected to get a price tag of $499.99, which is quite on par with Samsung and Apple. But a drop of $50 or $100 can help them do far better than their competitors.

TicWatch Pro 5

From the listings of the FCC, we have encountered a watch with the model number WH12088, which is an unreleased product from Mobvoi. Expectations are high that the WH12088 model from Mobvoi is their next premium watch, the TicWatch Pro 5. No leaked information or rumors have been heard about the pricing or launch date of the product yet. The biggest update that we have got for the TicWatch Pro 5 is the inclusion of the latest Snapdragon W5+ processor, which will increase battery management by 50% more than old processors. The watch will also have a 611 mAh battery, which is approximately 12.7% larger than the battery in the Apple Watch Ultra and 3.5% larger than the battery in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. From the leaked images, it can be confirmed that the TicWatch Pro 5 will have a similar design to the TicWatch Pro 3, but it will only have a single physical button and a digital crown. It is expected that the device will be shipped with WearOS 3, and the latest chipset will be 30% smaller than the Snapdragon Wear 4100+.


There are several other smartwatch brands that will come up with their next-generation watch, but the handpicked ones on the list are probably the best of the lot. Keep one thing in mind, all the information that we have mentioned in the article was collected from leaked sources and is based on rumors. They may or may not change at the time of release. If you want to upgrade your smartwatch or have the intention of buying a new one, the mentioned watch releases are surely worth the wait.

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