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‘You’ Season 4 Part 1: Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

How do you like someone to be obsessed with you? A little obsession with a lover isn’t that bad, right? Our very own Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is our dangerously obsessive lover turned serial killer. Netflix’s “You” for the last three seasons showed us how dangerous Love is. An average-looking, seemingly harmless man becomes the epitome of toxicity and delusion. He watches every move of any woman he feels attracted to. Don’t underestimate his obsession, though. He feels attracted to different women at different times and in different places. The pattern of obsession is undeniably terrorizing. Why? Because he would literally take the lives of anyone who seems to meddle between him and his potential interest. Not only that, he would be happy to take away the life of his love interest too. Such is our beloved protagonist Joe Goldberg from “You.” Well, so far in the series, we have been witnessing a few gruesome murders by diabolical lovers who very skillfully satirize the idea of Rome in modern times.

The Season Four, Part One trailer was released a few hours ago, and we, as the audience, are excited beyond words. For the first time, Joe will have someone stalking him. How exciting is it to have a stalker stalking a diabolical stalker? Well, answers to that question will only be found once the first part is released. But here are a few things you must know before you dig into “You.”

Spoilers Ahead

Joe’s Childhood

Unfortunately, Joe had a disturbed childhood. He was a bookworm as a child who had an abusive father and a serially adulterous mother. The father was brutal enough to put out cigarettes for Lil Joe. On the other hand, the mother would abandon him to meet her lovers. The deep abandonment issue and lack of protection deeply affected the psychology of Joe Goldberg. Finally, at just the tender age of nine, Joe shot his father dead. His mother consoled him by saying that he is not a bad person, for he did it to protect her, so deep down, he has a good heart. However, what happens next to the mother-son duo isn’t clear, but it seems Joe’s mother ran out on him, leaving Joe to grow up in group foster care, where he always ran out of luck.

‘You’ Season 1

Joe’s first obsession in the series was a woman named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lali). Joe’s first victim was Beck’s ex-lover, Benji Ashby (Lou Taylor Pucci), who was a hindrance between Joe and Beck. After the ex-boyfriend, the second hurdle is always the best friend, so Joe gets rid of Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchel). Do you think by any chance,  Joe was not vindictive? Well, he casually pushed off Elijah Thornton (Esteban Benito), the guy with whom Joe’s ex, Candace, cheated on him. But vindictive, obsessive Joe also could not tolerate the pain he saw in his neighbor Paco’s eyes. Paco lived in fear of his stepdad Ron. Joe kills him too. Finally, Beck, who unfortunately thought she had outsmarted Joe and escaped his soundproof cage (oh well, of course, Joe would have a soundproof cage; he is a serial killer), finds that the library is locked gives Joe enough time to murder her.

‘You’ Season 2

Just when you thought Joe would change, Joe was desperate to create a new identity. For him, it came easy. He became Will, a man who owed money to Jasper. Definitely, Jasper had to die for Joe to live happily as Will. So, boom, he kills Jasper. Wait, the brutality is not in killing; he minced the body at a grocery store. The grocery store belonged to Love, the soon-to-be love interest of Joe, aka Will. Love, who seemed to be all innocent, was actually a perfect match for Joe. Why? She had a twin, Forty, who was sexually abused by their nanny. Initially, we all thought Forty killed the nanny, but no, Love did it simply by slitting the nanny’s throat. This is also where, in a flashback, we see young Joe killing his mother’s lover. What a match indeed—Joe and Love! Not only because they committed murders as children, but later, when they got together, Love killed Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado), their neighbor, who Joe thought was already dead. To protect the secret of her boyfriend, Love executed the murder. In between, Joe again looks out for another young neighbor, Ellie (Jenna Ortega), and kills Henderson (Chris D’Elia) for her. Finally, the ultimate proof of Love’s Love for Joe is when she kills Candace Stone (remember, the girlfriend of Joe who cheated on him). Unfortunately, Joe isn’t successful in killing her, and she comes back seeking revenge. Candace successfully trapped Joe in his own vault, but she couldn’t escape the wrath of Love—how ironic!

‘You’ Season 3

What did you expect here? Two murderers tied in holy matrimony living under the same roof happily. Never, like there can not be peaceful co-existence between two Kings in a Jungle, similarly, two murderers under the same roof put too much at stake. Love’s first kill this season was Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus), the neighbor, who was the latest obsession of her husband. Next was Gil; however, due to unfortunate turns of events, Gil hangs himself, and the court frames his suicide and makes him responsible for Natalie’s death. It takes a few blinks for Joe to find another obsession. He was obsessed with librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), who was tormented by her ex-husband for custody of their daughter. So, Joe stabs Ryan (the ex-husband). Another blast from the past about Love is when Love’s mother hinted that James Kennedy (Love’s first husband, who apparently died due to cancer) was actually murdered by Love. Well, it wasn’t getting any easier for Joe to live with someone who had similar traits and was an impulsive killer. So, again, Joe frames his own death to finally put an end to Love.

Expectations From ‘You’ Season 4

The trailer shows that Joe is now living in London as Professor Jonathan Moore. The psycho-killer now finds himself tangled in the tale of another serial killer who is targeting the elites in London. It is interesting to see someone trying to frame Joe. Will Joe get a taste of his own medicine as someone is now closely watching him all the time? However, Joe wasn’t in London only for a new identity and a change of location; he was also following Marienne (the librarian, remember?). The trailer also gives us a hint that Joe might have chosen a path of redemption to win Marianne back. However, we cannot expect “you” not to take a dark turn when we already know there is someone now watching the watcher himself.


Penn Badgley returns again with a new and intense look this season, along with Tati Gabrielle as Marianne. New faces that we can see this season are Ed Speleers, Tilly Keeper, Niccy Lin, Stephen Hagan, Eve Austin, Charlotte Ritchie, Amy Leigh Hickman, Brad Alexander, and many more.

‘You’ Season 4: Release Date

Netflix announced that Part 1 of Season 4 would be released on February 9, 2023, and the following Part 2, a month later on March 9. “You” is a popular series on Netflix. Will season 4 satisfy the audience and feed the anticipation? Prepare to witness a few gruesome murders once again.

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