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Innovations From Tech Giants At CES 2023

CES has always been an interesting event as it shows glimpses of the future of technology. Though the event for the last two years was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year it bloomed like a cherry blossom. From flying cars to robotic food delivery, CES 2023 unveiled some innovative tech wonders that one can only dream of. But it is always interesting to see what the mammoths of the technology world have to offer, and in this article, we will do so.

LG Electronics

LG never fails to impress when it attends CES, and this year was no exception. The first on this list will definitely be the Signature OLED M TV, which not only offers 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate but is also wireless. It comes with an AV box that can be put anywhere, and the devices required for gaming or streaming can be directly connected to the AV box, keeping the TV space free of wires and devices. Next on the LG list is the MoodUP refrigerator, which comes with LED door panels and changes colors with commands from the ThinQ app. It is Wi-Fi enabled and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The fundamentals of the refrigerator have also not been ignored, and the MoodUP refrigerator has technologies like Craft Ice, Instaview Door-in-Door, and many other features. The company has also introduced the LG Gram Ultra Slim and LG Gram Style, where the first laptop weighs below 1 kg and the latter is considered by the reviewers to be one of the finest laptops built by the company. The WashTower by LG is something new to the world of washing machines, with the washer and dryer on a vertical stand and controls in the center of the device.

Samsung Electronics

As expected, Samsung has brought a portfolio of gadgets and technology to CES 2023. The most innovative among them was the Flex Hybrid technology, in which the smartphone will be able to fold as well as slide. It will have the advantage of seamlessly changing from a 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:10 within seconds. Three smart monitors have been introduced by Samsung, which include the Odyssey NEO G9, ViewFinity S9, and Odyssey OLED G9. The ViewFinity S9 provides 5K resolution and is a great choice for content creators, while the Odyssey NEO G9 is the world’s first dual-UHD monitor, which will provide an immersive gaming experience. Samsung made some great upgrades in their Bespoke Home technology, which they introduced globally in 2021, and their projector “Freestyle” got refreshed with Gen 2. The event also saw the introduction of three TV models: Samsung OLED, NEO QLED, and Micro LED. All of these are high-end television sets, with NEO QLED available in 8K and 4K resolutions. Instead of LCD pixels, the MICRO LED CX model employs Micro LEDs and does not require professional installation. The Samsung Gaming Hub, which was unveiled at CES 2022, will now allow users to play games in 4K resolution. 


Amazon unveiled a lot of things at their CES 2023 launch, and to begin with, it rolled out the next phase of the Amazon Matter. The company introduced the Ring Car Cam and Ring Peephole Cam, where the first one records everything in the interior and exterior of the car, and the latter can be installed over a door peephole and comes with features like night vision, two-way talk, knock, and motion detection, among many others. Hey Disney! A voice assistant made its way into CES 2023, with which users will be able to interact with several Disney, Star Wars, and Pixel characters with their Eco devices either at home or in selected hotels. Amazon promised that EV drivers in the USA will be able to find charging stations with the help of Alexa, and to show the potentiality of multi-assistant integration, it is combining forces with Amazon Astro made its appearance, a robot capable of performing different tasks. To put it simply, Astro is a fine combination of computer vision, artificial intelligence, voice and edge computing, and sensor technology.

Sony Corporation

The most interesting announcement from Sony was “Project Leonardo.” Keeping people with disabilities in mind, this controller kit will break the barriers and allow them to enjoy gaming on the PS5. Jim Rayan confirmed that the PS5 shortage is over, and users can now avail themselves of the product globally from retailers. The company unveiled several prototypes of a spatial reality display that has the ability to reproduce 3D spatial images of the real world. Sony introduced the VR2 for PS5, which will be coming to the market within a few months and will have features like 3D audio, haptic feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and many more. The company has also partnered with Honda and exhibited a prototype of its new vehicle for the future.


The company known for its audio products around the globe disclosed two new turntables at the event: the Spinner BT and TT350 Classic. The Spinner BT comes in a striking all-black color with a tinge of orange and is an aptX HD Bluetooth-enabled record player and turntable, while the TT350 Classic has a 1960s design and is a direct drive model. The company also launched a tray-loading CD player by the name of CD350 Classic, which supports a variety of audio files using USB input. JBL’s new soundbar, the JBL Bar 1300, not only boasts Dolby Atmos but also comes with 15 audio channels to provide an immersive sound experience. Other features of the soundbar include a multibeam algorithm, PureVoice technology, and a wireless subwoofer, among many others. In the department of earbuds, JBL launched the JBLTune series, where the TuneBeam with a 6mm driver will directly rival AirPods Pro. The other two include Tune Buds and Tune Flex, and all of them come with ANC. The company also disclosed its eco-friendly portable speakers, the JBL Go 3 Eco and JBL Clip 4 Eco, which have Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility and provide decent playback times.


Canon has been a leading company making hardware equipment for 85 years. At CES 2023, Canon announced some advancements in the software world, which is pretty interesting. It introduced the world’s first 3D calling software package, Kokomo. With this software, using a smartphone and VR headset, users will be able to communicate with each other and see expressions and live appearances in real-time. With a desire to spread the system in the sports world, the Free Viewpoint video system also got some upgrades, which have already been implemented in two NBA arenas. Canon also showed some glimpses of the MREAL technology they are working on, which helps provide a realistic experience from any angle by integrating the real and virtual worlds seamlessly.


Panasonic introduced a variety of products this year at CES. For high flexibility in shooting and refined image quality, the company introduced the LUMIX S5 II, LUMIX S5 II X, and a new lens (14–28 mm) provisioned with Phase Hybrid Auto Focus. The Panasonic MZ2000 OLED TV is a dream model for gamers and movie lovers. The TV comes with mind-blowing features like an OLED Meta LG display, brightness up to 1500 nits, AMD Freesync, NVidia G-Sync, 160 watts of Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision IQ, among many others. Panasonic introduced a wearable gaming speaker, the SoundSlayer SC-GN01, which consists of a 3-way speaker system with a built-in subwoofer and a 2.1 channel for an immersive sound experience while gaming. Panasonic’s sub-brands also saw many introductions of products like the Technics SL 100C-direct turntable and the HaritoraX 1.1, a compatible VR device that can monitor, follow, and capture leg and hip movement. 


It is natural that TCL will introduce a new TV when it comes to CES events, and this year it surprised its attendants with the 98-inch Class XL Collection, which has technological support from Google and features like 4K HDR picture quality, variable refresh rate, and natural motion 480 among many others. Along with the Class XL Collection, the new Q-series Mini LED TVs were also introduced. The company launched a pair of AR glasses by the name of RayNeo X2, which can function both as a prescription glass and a smart glass. The RayNeo X2 boasts features like auto-translation, call and message notification, GPS navigation, and many more. Though the NXTPAPER tablet is not a new device, TCL promises the NXTPAPER 12 PRO is a refined product with a 2K display, Android 12, a MediaTek chipset, and an 8000 mAh battery. TCL in the smartphone section launched the TCL 40 series, which seems to be a rebranding of the TCL 40R.


Hisense has been providing value-for-money TV sets with magnificent features for quite a long period of time now. This year, the company raised the bar for its ULED X model, which was launched in 2022. This model will be equipped with a proprietary 8K chipset, a Mini LED backlight, HDR, and brightness up to 2500 nits for the finest quality audio and visual experience. Hisense launched a limited edition 8K laser TV that has some out-of-the-box features like triple color laser light, IMAX enhanced certifications, DTX Virtual: X audio technology, and Dolby Atmos, among many others. Hisense’s app, ConnectLife, has got various upgrades that will help users manage smart appliances more tactfully in their homes. 


Apple’s iPhone 14 came out with the SOS feature, which allows users to send emergency signals via satellite. Qualcomm promises to take this feature to the next phase by establishing two-way communication via SOS. This is indeed exciting news for Android users, as the new premium-end smartphones that will be launched in 2023 will be equipped with this feature. The Ride Vision system, which was announced by the company at CES 2022, has gotten some upgrades, and the new chipset can power a range of things, starting from the digital cockpit to ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems).

Wrapping Up

Other than the companies mentioned on this list, the automobile industry and the computer industry also saw some significant innovations that are going to make our future fast-paced and secure. Though there were some notable absentees from the tech world and many tech giants only brought upgrades to their existing products, the event was still a success.

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