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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 5: From The Desk Of Stanley Jenkins

In the earlier episodes of “Hello tomorrow,” we saw that everyone is looking forward to a brighter tomorrow with a bag full of faith in hope, no matter if it is Herb, Shirley, Eddie, Joey, or the family who’s racing down the asphalt to make it to the launch site so they can board the shuttle that’ll take them to their dream. Eddie and Shirley are engaged in a romantic relationship and have saved up enough and put their deposit down to secure their lunar condo. Shirley still believes that the company is legit and will be sending the accounting receipts soon to get them out of trouble. However, she seemed a little sceptical after learning that even her boss has never been to the moon, even though his family owns a nice condo there. Meanwhile, Herb has also made things right with his wife, convincing her that the woman she saw in her room the other day was just a legitimate client he was dealing with. Jack Billings is also rehearsing his speech so he can break the big news to Joey, his son. Meanwhile, Joey is also tying his tie to make one more day memorable and lucrative, not realising that something else is waiting outside his hotel door.

Spoilers Ahead

Joey’s Interrogation

Joey opens his hotel room door, hoping to see his mentor Jack Billings coming to pick him up to follow some leads, but is shocked to see Lester Costopoulus. Lester has found Joey responsible for violating the seizure of all sales orders after Myrtle made a call informing him that he’s sold a condo to his potential father-in-law. Joey was brought in for questioning and was thrown into the middle of questions he couldn’t possibly answer. Joey was just a salesman and knew nothing about “taxpayer IDs” or “tabulated gross receipts,” which Lester has been bugging everyone about. Meanwhile, Herb decides to cash in on the opportunity, deciding to keep the news of Joey’s arrest to himself in order to beat Joey in the sales marathon. However, he decides to break the news to the boss after his wife convinces him to take the high road. Jack, learning about Joey’s arrest, paces into his hotel room, pulls out a pile of files, and manages to free Joey, shocking Myrtle. Jack somehow provided copies of relevant documentation, and his quick wit closed the case. Lester has grown to like Myrtle and genuinely wishes to help her, but he has his hands tied as Jack has provided legitimate documents. However, as a last piece of advice, he suggested that Myrtle take the refund.

Trouble Brewing 

Everyone on the sales team, including Herb and Shirley, attends the grand party thrown by Mr. Montez. Meanwhile, Herb and his wife have joined forces and are hard at work trying to get Joey to turn against Jack. Betty informed Joey about the halting of all kinds of sales. Betty manages to get inside Joey’s head, and the latter leaves the party after a brief, heated confrontation with Jack. These aren’t the only problems on the horizon, though, as Shirley receives a text from the headquarters asking for every piece of travel documentation. Shirley bugged Jack to let him make a call to the HQ but was dismissed after Jack handed her a piece of paper containing credentials for Jenkin’s (Jack’s boss) lunar link.

Unfortunately, Shirley makes a shocking discovery when she tries to make the call. She learns that the line has been disconnected since morning and does not even belong to a lunar exchange. Without wasting any time, Shirley races back to the party and informs everyone that Jenkins has been duping everyone all along and is not living on the moon. The number Jenkins provided Jack with was rerouted, and he has now run away and cut the lines. However, Shirley still believes that Jack is innocent and has no idea about any of this. According to her, Jenkins has gambled on Jack’s talent to make him a fortune, but in reality, there are no lunar condos with lush gardens and scenery, and that’s why the launches keep getting pushed back and delayed. Shirley believes that Jenkins tricked Jack, and since Jack didn’t know any better, he played Eddie, Shirley, and Herb, and together they played everyone they ever sold. Meanwhile, Myrtle breaks out in anger after a grocery store owner offers to refund her money after her food was damaged in the electric casserole. The episode concludes with Lester saving some pages from the Brightside documents he was putting into the paper shredder to help Myrtle in her battle with Brightside.

Myrtle’s anger was justified, as she had been told what to do her entire life, and she had complied with it until she couldn’t. She was a beautiful woman, a dedicated housewife, and a spouse, but her husband rewarded her by cheating on her with a typist. Herb also, in a way or two, duped Myrtle of her life savings and made false promises.  


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