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Top 5 Series Like Netflix’s ‘The Diplomat’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

If you loved “The Diplomat,” then you’re in for a treat with these five TV series that promises to deliver the same level of suspense, intrigue, and drama. These shows offer a captivating exploration of the underbelly of politics, power, and international relations, delving deep into the private and professional lives of politicians, journalists, and other influential figures. Prepare your forks and dig in.

House Of Cards (2013)

Welcome to the cutthroat world of Washington, D.C., politics, where Frank Underwood is the mastermind behind the scenes. Passed over for a promotion, Frank sets out on a mission to climb the ladder of power by any means necessary. His equally cunning and ruthless wife, Claire, is always by his side, ready to help him navigate the treacherous waters of politics. As the story unfolds, we witness the Underwoods’ complex web of manipulations, lies, and underhanded deals as they negotiate with other political players and juggle their own personal demons. From facing off against formidable opponents to overcoming their own moral dilemmas, the Underwoods stop at nothing to get what they want.

Critics and audiences alike have been captivated by the stunning script, impeccable cast, and masterful camerawork of this groundbreaking series. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s portrayal of the cold and calculating Underwoods has been nothing short of breathtaking, earning them high praise and critical acclaim.

Designated Survivor (2016)

Picture this: It’s the State of the Union address, and everyone’s watching with bated breath. Suddenly, a bomb goes off in the Capitol, wiping out the entire chain of command and leaving the nation in chaos. Amid the rubble and confusion, a man named Tom Kirkman was forced to take the mantle of president. As the designated survivor, he’s the only one left standing with the power to lead the country through its darkest hour. But with enemies, both foreign and domestic, closing in, can Kirkman rise to the challenge and become the leader America needs?

“Designated Survivor” has been the subject of mixed reviews, with some praising Kiefer Sutherland’s portrayal of a reluctant commander-in-chief, while others critiqued the show’s far-fetched plot twists and occasionally inconsistent writing. At its core, “Designated Survivor” is a gripping and provocative political thriller that flips the script on traditional presidential dramas, offering a refreshing take on leadership through the eyes of an unconventional hero.

Borgen (2010)

“Move over, Machiavelli, because Birgitte Nyborg is here to show us all how it’s done.” In this gripping political drama, we witness Denmark’s first female Prime Minister as she rises to power amidst a sea of opponents, both in her professional and personal life. But as Nyborg struggles to maintain her political stature, we see the dark side of power and the tough ethical choices that come with it. With corruption and compromise lurking around every corner, will Nyborg be able to keep her integrity intact, or will the temptations of power prove too much to resist?”

Critics were absolutely enamored with the show’s stellar script, top-notch performances, and masterful direction. The series’ insightful exploration of complex social and political issues, coupled with its authentic portrayal of the political arena, garnered widespread praise. The characters are crafted with a nuanced touch, each possessing authentic flaws and intricate aspirations. In addition to its true-to-life representation of the political process, the series is celebrated for its scrupulous attention to the minutiae.

The Crown (2016)

Step into a world of glamour and prestige with “The Crown,” an enthralling series that immerses you in the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Experience the highs and lows of her remarkable journey, from being a young princess to ruling as Britain’s longest-reigning queen. With a keen focus on the intricate workings of the royal household and their advisors, this show unveils both personal and political struggles faced by the queen. From navigating the Suez Crisis to the tense atmosphere of the Cold War and even the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy, “The Crown” masterfully captures the major events that impacted the world as a whole.

“The Crown” brilliantly captures the weight of responsibility and sacrifice that accompany leadership. Through the lens of Queen Elizabeth II and her loved ones, this show artfully explores the toll that serving one’s country can take on one’s personal life. Critics agree that it is a true masterpiece, with exceptional acting, directing, and screenplay that leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The West Wing (1999)

Get ready to be transported into the fascinating world of President Josiah Bartlet and his team of top aides in Aaron Sorkin’s political drama series. As you delve deeper into the world of President Bartlet and his team of top aides, you’ll witness firsthand the intensely personal and public struggles they face on a daily basis. From navigating contentious policy debates to balancing their personal lives, these characters must constantly make difficult choices that affect not only their own futures but the fate of the nation as a whole. You won’t be able to stop watching it because of how well it’s written, acted, and directed, not to mention how much it says about the state of politics today. Topics like devotion, ethics, and authority are also addressed throughout the series. Each character is shown to be multifaceted, having its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Characters’ challenges with things like alcoholism and mental illness are shown in all honesty.


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