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‘The Last Of Us’ Release Date And Where Can You Stream In India?

After breaking every known record and dominating the podium of video game awards, “The Last of Us” is back, but this time as an HBO offering starring “Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal portraying the role of Joel and “Game of Thrones” star Bella Ramsey. “The Last of Us” is the story of Joel and a little girl named Ellie, who struggle to survive and, at the same time, make sense of a frantic world.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming HBO series, “The Last of Us.”

Release Date

The upcoming HBO series is just around the corner and is scheduled to grace our screens on January 15, 2023, just two days from today. In January 2021, Jason Nolan, the show’s coordinating site manager, started heading a crew of 115 people to find and alter over 180 sites for the miniseries. The crew was scheduled to film in Canada, but the members of the crew had to go on a mandatory two-week quarantine, delaying the production.

Cast Information

You can’t find a greater actor than Pedro Pascal to portray the role of “Joel.” His short appearance on George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones” was a triumph because of his charismatic performance. Pascal’s mastery of the narrative’s layered feelings and emotions makes the moment in which he visits Tyrion in prison and announces himself to be his fighter riveting to see. Without a doubt, his performance will be worthy of the part. The actor is joined by Bella Ramsey, who’ll be walking in the shoes of Ellie, the only surviving member of her family after her mother died during childbirth. Both Pedro and Bella have never worked together, even though they both starred in Game of Thrones, making their collaboration a visual treat. Also joining the miniseries is Gabrial Luna as Tommy Miller, Sarah’s uncle and Joel’s brother. Tommy is a kind and sympathetic guy in the games who chooses his own path and later joins the ranks of fireflies.

The cast also features the likes of Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Jeffrey Pierce as Perry, Anna Torv as Theresa, Murray Barlett as Frank, Nick Offerman as Bill, Ashley Jhonson as Anna Williams, and Nico Parker as Sarah Miller.

The miniseries’ intro theme was created by Santaolalla, and the music was written by him along with David Fleming.

Where Can You Stream ‘The Last of Us’ In India?

Indian fans looking to stream the adventures of Joel and Ellie, we’ve got good news. Many were disappointed after learning that the series will only be streamed on HBO Max, as the platform is yet to enter the Indian streaming market, putting Indian fans at a major disadvantage.

Fortunately, Disney Plus Came to the rescue and is a duo to stream “The Last of Us” starting January 15, 2023. The first season will span ten episodes, and the series will stay loyal to the original game’s narrative, but the showrunner has hinted that the series’s narrative can also break from the source materials. The premier timing for Disney Plus is still under wraps, but the episodes will likely hit the streaming service around 7:30 am IST.  

‘The Last Of Us’ Plot Details: What’s The Series About?

The failure of one person to move on from a disaster he did not prevent spells the end of humanity. Tragedies happen no matter what precautions are taken or how much preparation is taken for them. And naturally, it gives birth to its own kind; in this instance, it gives rise to humanity’s demise since one of its own couldn’t overcome his misguided shame. While everyone is turning into flesh-hungry, shrieking zombies, Ellie finds herself immune to the deadly virus and may be the only hope to save humanity. Joel is a gangster struggling to make ends meet and desperately clinging to the last vestige of his humanity. Joel and his partner are tasked with smuggling Ellie out of the quarantine zone for a big reward. Joel is the only family Ellie has ever known, but he considers her a cargo, and the sooner she leaves his side, the better. 

But during their journey, Ellie made him realize that there’s still hope in this dying world. Over time, Joel comes to see Ellie as a daughter. He shows her the ropes of staying alive and protects her from harm. Before the end of the world, Joel was a devoted parent who did all he could to provide for his daughter, Sarah. Joel’s demeanor changed for the worse following Sarah’s death, making him morose, broken, uncaring, and merciless. His evil qualities earned him labels like “cruel gangster” and “torturer,” among other pejoratives. He had a reputation for killing his foes with unprecedented savagery. At first, Joel had turned into a killer, robbing and murdering defenseless individuals to survive when the plague swept the nation. Afterward, he turned to the black market trades and sneaking persons and goods past decontamination zones and other checkpoints, and that’s how he met Ellie, who changed his life, and views on the world.

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