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Top 5 Anime Like ‘Monster’ You Can Watch On Netflix

Recently, Netflix updated its library and introduced some dope anime series. It includes anime series like Blue Lock, “My Hero Academia: New Season,” “Bleach,” “Vinland Saga: Season 2,” etc. In the midst of launching new anime, they also launched one classic anime known as “Monster.” Why I mentioned classic, well that’s because this anime series launched back in 2004. The concept of the series is quite interesting. The whole book revolves around a mystery, suspense, and drama. Besides this, the studio behind the series is Madhouse. The psychological theme of the series managed viewers to hook up with the storyline. So, for the huge fandom who have already watched the series, here is the list of the top 6 Anime Series Similar To “Monster” You Can Watch On Netflix.

Parasyte: The Maxim

One of the super famous short anime series with big success. This story revolves around a teenager, Shinichi Izumi. In this series, he got infected by a bacteria known as “Parasyte.” So, the “Parasyte” takes over the right hand of Izumi in his control. At first, Shinichi got scared, but soon he adapted to the parasite’s nature, as it helped him survive other parasites. Shinichi named him “Migi.” This Dark Fantasy, Psychological, and Horror anime series are pretty famous, and we suggest you watch it if you love watching Monster. This anime series is available on Netflix. 


Here comes another anime series you should watch if you love watching “Monster” anime series. If you don’t know, it is a manga series that is written by Kentaro Miura. It is a psychologically dark fantasy series revolving around a character known as Guts. He is the main protagonist of the series, who works as a sellsword. People fear his personality because, in self-defense, he killed his dad at a very young age. So, his lone-wolf mindset brings a lot of drama to this anime series. So, if you want to watch something related to “Monster” Anime, then “Berserk” is the kind of anime you watch, and you can stream it on Netflix.

Bungo Stray Days

This anime series is a package of Drama, Psychological thriller, and supernatural phenomena. “Bungo Stray Dogs” is a series about an orphan boy known as “Atsushi Nakajima.” He was about to end his life when he saw someone already drowning in a river. As soon as he saved him, he came to know that his name was “Osamu Dazai.” He revealed that he is a member of the “Detective Agency,” which hires people with supernatural powers only. This is when Atushi also realized that he possessed supernatural powers. He transforms into a “white tiger” in the moonlight. 

B: The Beginning

Original Netflix series which comes under Psychological Thriller and Horror genres. This anime series takes us to the nation known as Cremona. This story revolves around a brilliant detective known as Koku. He is a legendary and super-famous detective who works for a prestigious detective agency known as the Royal Investigation Service (RIS). He is investigating a very chaotic case involving a killer who is known as “Killer B.” Things took a turn when the series showed that Koku also possessed supernatural abilities that allowed him to shift parts of his body into wings and blades. You can watch this anime series on Netflix. 

Tokyo Ghoul

When it comes to Dark Fantasy anime, “Tokyo Ghoul” Tops the list. If you want to see drama, action, an interesting storyline, and a psychological thriller, “Tokyo Ghoul” is a perfect fit for you. This is the story of a human known as Ken Kaneki, who is a high schooler. Things take a dark turn when he falls for a girl, Rise, who turns out to be a “ghoul.” When they were on a date, Rise showed her true self and started to hurt him—an incident where they both got dusted on a pile of iron rods. Rise died from the incident, but Kaneki managed to save his life. But due to heavy damage, the doctor replaces the body parts of Kaneki with Rise. Now, he is a ghoul whose life is now in misery. If you want to see how he survives after that, you can watch this anime on Netflix and see how it resembles the “Monster” Anime series.

Bonus Mention

Psycho-Pass: This anime is a series known as one of the best psychological thrillers. “Psycho-Pass” takes us to a future time where the whole of Japan is following a system known as the “Sibyl System.” This is a technology that scans the human mind, and the result of the measurement is known as “Psycho-Pass.” Some criminal investigators work in the field to evaluate the scene. Things take a turn when the psychopath pass rating crosses the threshold of 100, and the investigators have to take immediate action that can cause “Death.” 


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