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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 6: Release Date And Where Can You Stream In India?

In this day and age, it may appear as if society is divided into two distinct camps: the one housing people who’re actively seeking meaning and purpose by aiding many versus others who are hopelessly disoriented and insist that life is all about them when in reality it concern us all. And HBO’s latest offering, “The Last of Us,” explores one such scenario, where the world has been driven into chaos, dividing the society into small factions, many of whom entail people who believe that no cost is too great when it concerns one’s survival.

“The Last of Us” episode 5, “Endure & Survive,” is out and picks up directly after the events of the previous episode, dubbed “Please Hold My Hand.” In the last episode, we see Ellie, and Joel, fighting their way through Kathleen’s men after waking into the trap that was meant for Henry, who’s the most wanted guy in Kansas City, for betraying his own to FEDRA. Now the story continues.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date: When’s It Coming Out?

“The Last of Us,” season 1, episode 5, is dubbed. “Kin” is scheduled to grace our screens on February 19, 2023, at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 8 p.m. Central Time, and 9 p.m. As usual, viewers can stream the fresh episodes on HBO’s proprietary streaming service, HBO Max.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 6: Where To Watch In India?

The showrunners decide to drop episode 5 to avoid clashes with the Superbowl, but the latter episodes will air on determined dates. Thus, episode 6 will air on Disney Plus on Hotstar on February 20 at 9 a.m.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 5: A Brief Rundown Of The Plot

In a zombie-infested world, the swarm of hungry undead isn’t the only one to look out for. When chaos looms over the horizon, the men and women who were once civilized become the first ones to betray their honor and principles. Piercing a knife through someone’s heart or shooting someone while looking directly into their eyes for mere supplies and control becomes commonplace. Kathleen is one such example: a ruthless woman who often orders her second-in-command, Perry, to shoot people just so that she can strike fear into the hearts of people under her, all the while justifying her decisions by saying that she’s doing it for their sake and traitors should never go unpunished. Henry and his little brother Sam have somehow managed to slip away from Kathleen’s grasp and are trying to make it out while Kathleen’s men are hunting him.

Kathleen is after Henry and Sam after he blew the whistle on Kathleen’s brother, who was apprehended by FEDRA for procuring some drugs for Sam’s illness. As fate would have it, Henry and Sam end up in the same place at the same time as Ellie and Joel, who have taken shelter in an abandoned apartment to evade Kathleen’s goons. Henry knows that Joel is far more experienced and skilled than he is, yet he chooses to put his faith in Henry nonetheless and promises to show him the way to slip out of Kansas City. Like Joel, Henry also wishes to leave Kansas City but knows that he and Sam won’t make it, so he strikes a deal with Joel in return for the way out. Unlike Joel, Henry lacks the necessary skills to survive on his own, and holding the gun against Joel’s face was the closest he’d ever been to becoming violent.

The group decides to slip out of the city using maintenance tunnels that will take them to the Westside North, and then it would be just a matter of crossing a couple of bridges over the river. However, the only catch is that the maintenance tunnel is “probably” housing a couple of infected. The duo manages to slip out of the tunnel without any hiccups and is only a couple of miles away from crossing the river to safety. Unfortunately, the night wasn’t over as a shooter hiding within the building began opening fire, forcing Joe to leave everyone behind and go after the mysterious shooter.

To our shock, the shooter turned out to be an old man. Joel begs him to lower his arms but has to shoot him. Unfortunately, the old man had already called for backup, and within minutes the place was swarmed with Kathleen’s men. Suddenly the ground shakes, and everyone is attacked by hundreds of undead, along with a huge “Bloater” zombie. The group manages to survive, but Sam is infected in the process and turns into a zombie, attacking Ellie as the sun shines over the horizon. Henry, realizing his brother is gone and knowing that there is no other way to save Ellie, shoots Sam. Henry, drowning in guilt and unable to accept the loss of his little brother, puts the pistol to his head and fires the trigger. The episode concludes with Joel and Ellie giving the brothers a proper burial before continuing their journey toward Fireflies headquarters.


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