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Best Movies Premiered At Sundance Film Festival That You Must Watch Once

The Sundance Film Festival is widely regarded as one of the most important festivals worldwide. It is well known for being the first place where innovative, avant-garde movies are shown to audiences, and many of these pictures go on to become acclaimed and financial successes. If you’re someone who loves diving into the masterpieces present at the film festival, then you’re in the right place. Among the many great films that have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival are:

The Fishbowl

This movie really hit me hard. The film depicts a lady dying from an aggressive form of leukemia. After much consideration, Noelia has decided to go back to her native Vieques. By doing so, the protagonist asserts her right to decide her own destiny. The movie is a stunning motion picture, and the stunning visuals showcase the natural splendor of the little peninsula off Puerto Rico’s coastline. An inspiring account of a patient’s fight against an incurable illness and her determination to make the most of her time on earth. Isel Rodriguez delivers an outstandingly moving rendition. To say that this film represents progress in Puerto Rican filmmaking would be an understatement. It’s gritty and authentic, much like life on Vieques. I thought Glorimar Marrero made a great start with this masterpiece. The ending has been on my mind non-stop.


The debut of “Joyland,” a movie from Pakistan, was met with rapturous applause, a rarity for any movie shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The picture likewise took home the top honors in the event’s LGBTQ, gay, or feminist cinema category, the Queer Palm. In this film, we accompany a conservative Pakistani household as they do all they can to produce a son and ensure the survival of their lineage. In a Bollywood-inspired cabaret act, the second child lands a job as a supporting performer. The independent trans lady in charge rapidly becomes his object of affection. “Joyland” is an aesthetically pleasing picture with a powerful portrayal from the cast. I spent many days watching this film. For a select few, unfulfilled expectations may seem like a crushing weight.

The Sound Of Metal

Our third pick is a masterpiece that deviates from the norm in many ways, including a soundtrack that is both deep and nuanced. Films featuring people with exceptional abilities tend to follow a formula in which the human psyche ultimately triumphs against the human body. However, the director has deviated from this formula with an innovative and engaging script. Though it deals with some heavy subject matter, the movie’s script by Abraham Marder is empathetic and sympathetic. Thus, there is also some enlightenment and optimism to be found within its confines. My one and only complaint is that it seems to end prematurely, leaving the audience to wonder what transpires next. While it doesn’t bother me personally, I can see how it would irritate people who were otherwise engaged in the story up until that moment. In this compelling performance, Riz Ahmed enthralls as a hard rock drummer who suddenly and entirely loses his hearing ability. The movie is an unfiltered glimpse of a person’s life as it changes entirely. Trust me: the movie is more relatable than it looks in the first few minutes.


For his musical education, Andrew Neiman has enrolled in America’s one of the most prestigious Shaffer Conservatory. He looks up to musicians like Richie Hayward and Mat Cameron and dreams of being as famous as them. Consequently, he is overjoyed when the legendary Terence Fletcher gives him a spot as the band’s alternate drummer. His initial elation quickly transforms into palpable fear upon learning that his teacher is a schizophrenic, aggressive, and combustible educator. In the nick of time, he manages to escape being hit in the head with furniture that his teacher has tossed towards him in a moment of wrath over a small infraction. “Whiplash” is the kind of movie that stays with you long after it ends, and I can say with certainty that you’ll keep coming back for another dose.

Sex, Lies & Videotapes

Ann and John are the picture-perfect, rock-solid pair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Nevertheless, the latter is secretly enjoying an intimate connection with Anne’s sister Cynthia. John’s old buddy Graham meets the perfect duo, and the pair’s carefully constructed veneer of deception begins to crack as their true personalities begin to emerge. It doesn’t take long for his preferences to become clear, revealing a propensity for eliciting a lady’s most private wishes and sensations, filming them, and then going through them when nobody is looking. “Sex, Lies & Videotape” still pack a punch even after three decades. It nevertheless provides a refreshingly witty and insightful look at the nitty-gritty of passion and romance. Easily one of Soderbergh’s finest, it marks a refreshing departure for the writer-director and ranks among Criterion’s finest productions.


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