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‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is the latest period-action movie directed by Edward Bazalgette and stars Mark Rowley as Finan, Pekka Strang as Analaf, Agnes Born as Astrid, Elaine Cassidy as Queen Eadigifu, Zak Sutcliffe as Edmund, and Alexander Dreyom as Uhtred. The film chronicles the life of Uhtred of Northumbria, who used his wit and courage to bring a wayward king back to the light and unify England under a single, peaceful rule.

Spoilers Ahead

In The Wake Of King Edward’s Death

The film transports the audience to a time of tumult and strife, where the clash of swords and the scent of blood hung heavy in the air. It was an era of savage conflict as the Saxons and Dane invaders fought fiercely for dominion over the lands they both coveted. King Edward’s delicate peace is hanging by a thread, and when he passes, chaos erupts like a tempest unleashed. While most of the realms pledged loyalty to the Saxons, one region remained defiant: Northumbria. Like a beacon for bloodthirsty opportunists, it drew the attention of Anlaf and his ruthless horde. In the darkness of the night, horror reigned supreme. Innocent children were ruthlessly slaughtered, men met their fate at the end of a hangman’s noose, and women were subjected to unspeakable acts of violation.

Analaf was a cold-blooded warrior and a cunning opportunist who wanted to unify England under one rule. With factions falling apart and loyalty shifting, Queen Eadgifu, the third wife of King Edward, had no choice but to travel to Banbureh and seek refuge from Uhtred. Now, Aethelsatan is first in line to become King Uhtred, and his warrior leaves their fort to protect him from his scheming brother. Ingrith’s prophecy, whispered in hushed tones and steeped in mystery, cast a foreboding shadow over the land. “Seven Kings Must Die,” the prophecy proclaimed, a chilling decree that would determine the fate of England. With King Edward’s demise, the count had begun, and six more monarchs were destined to meet their fate, according to the ancient prophecy. Uhtred and his soldiers infiltrated Aelfweard’s army and learned that the king had tricked Aethelsatan into fighting. The strategy is to trap him between the fort’s entrance and several troops hiding on the nearby hill. Fortunately, Uhtred persuaded Aelfweard to surrender, but Aethelsatan and his soldiers nevertheless killed him. After being crowned King of Wessex, Ingilmundr, Aethelsatan’s chieftain, convinces him to wage war against other regions and unite them under Christian rule.

Pleas Falling On Deaf Ears

Uhtred’s impassioned pleas fell on deaf ears as he tried to sway Aethelsatan from his reckless course of action. Desperation tinged his voice as he urged the stubborn ruler to reconsider, to see beyond his own ambitions and the destruction he sought to wreak on others. But Aethelsatan’s eyes gleamed with a dangerous determination, his mind set on a singular goal—to establish his own kingdom at any cost. His hunger for power blinded him to the wisdom of Uhtred’s counsel, and he remained resolute in his plan to break the palaces of other kings to build his own. Ingilmundr and Aethelsatan declared Uhtred an enemy of the gods to incite his followers to kill him, forcing the latter to flee. However, Uhtred manages to trap Ingilmundr in Banbureh and, in return, demands a truce with Northumbria and a promise that he won’t ever dare to cross into his lands and force Christianity on anyone. Unfortunately, Uhtred was betrayed by one of his own and was forced to open his fortress gates and was eventually banished from the lands. He had been lured by one of Analaf’s spies, who had offered an alliance to bring down Aethelsatan’s plans. But Uhtred soon discovered the bitter truth: Analaf was not to be trusted. In reality, he was in league with Ingilmundr with a sinister plan to usurp the throne and claim it for himself. In addition, Analaf takes advantage of the situation to eliminate Uhtred’s friends and allies, including Ingrith.

Was The ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ Prophecy Fulfilled?

In a moment of clarity, Aethelsatan’s eyes were opened to the harsh reality of the web of deceit that had ensnared him. He saw through the facade of Ingilmundr’s treachery and recognized Uhtred’s unwavering loyalty and commitment to Wessex. Aethelsatan’s heart swelled with regret for his past tyranny and misguided actions, and he knew that it was time to make amends. Now facing an army of seven kings, Aethelsatan knew that the odds were stacked against them. But with Uhtred’s strategic mind and unmatched skills in battle and Aethelsatan’s newfound wisdom and determination to right his wrongs, they were ready to face any challenge. The battlefield at Brunanburh was alive with the symphony of war as the clash of swords and the thunderous sound of hooves reverberated through the air. The steel flashed in the sunlight, smearing the scene with a deadly sparkle as the opposing armies closed in on each other with unwavering resolve.

In the midst of the chaos, Uhtred and Aethelsatan stood side by side, leading their troops with unwavering courage and strategic brilliance. Their swords danced with deadly precision, cutting through the enemy ranks, and their voices rang out with commands that were followed without question. They fought with the strength of their convictions, fueled by their shared desire to bring peace and unity to their land. The prophecy was slowly beginning to manifest as the kings began to fall one by one, forcing many soldiers to retreat and save their heads. Unfortunately, Uhtred was gravely wounded in the battle. The aftermath of the battle at Brunei was fraught with emotion and tension. Ingilmundr, the treacherous ally of Analaf, was captured and brought before King Aethelsatan for judgment. The weight of his betrayal hung heavy in the air as Aethelsatan pronounced the sentence of death, holding true to his duty as king to uphold justice.

The King of Wessex also drops to his knees, begging forgiveness for his mistakes, and Uhtred vows to swear Northumbria to him if he makes an oath never to marry so that Edmund can take the throne. Uhtred swears his allegiance to King Aethelsatan, making him the first King of United England. Unfortunately, Uhtred becomes the final king to complete the prophecy, and a brief glimpse of the grand feast of Valhalla, the mythical hall of fallen warriors, hints at the same. In the annals of history, Uhtred’s name is etched as the first and greatest king of medieval England, even more than King Athelstan.


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