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The Scroll & Solar Eclipse Mission In ‘House Of Ninjas,’ Explained

House of Ninjas, a Netflix Japanese thriller, is all about the Tawara family, who were secretly the last of the Shinobis. After a tragic incident that claimed their elder son, Gaku’s life, the family left behind their original profession as Shinobis and chose to lead ordinary lives.  Meanwhile, the Fumas, the archenemies of the Tawaras, rose to power again and plotted to take over the entire country. The Tawaras couldn’t just let this happen, so they decided to assume their roles as Shinobis once again to start a fight against the Fumas. But shockingly, the conflict turned into a civil war when Haru Tawara found himself at war with his own brother Gaku, who had been rescued and brainwashed by the Fumas.

The Fumas were after a scroll that was in the Tawaras’ possession. The scroll held a special significance in the story and, revolving around this scroll, a lot of crucial incidents took place in House of Ninjas. Let’s discuss the importance of the scroll and the reason the Fumas were after it.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was In The Scroll?

The eldest member of the Tawara family, Grandma Nan, had hidden a precious scroll in their house, knowing that their rival clan, the Fumas, was after it. This scroll was called the Vision of Calamity, which held significance in the story. One of the members of the Fumas, Ayame, began to stalk Nagi, pretending to be Gaku and asked her to steal the scroll for her, but Nagi was unable to deliver her the scroll she demanded. By the end of the series, when the Shinobis and the Fumas got into a fight once again and Yosuke was killed in the process, Ayame finally managed to grab the scroll from the Tawaras. Finally, it was revealed why the scroll was so important for the Fumas. The Vision of Calamity scroll had a family tree of the Hojo clan, whose descendants were the Sataki family. The Hojo clan used to be the original employers of the Fumas and had a strong connection with the Fuma warriors. Therefore, with the help of the Fumas, the Hojo clan wanted to rise in power once again so that they could take the lead and rule Japan in their own way. 

Who Was Mukai Toko?

Mukai Toko, the gubernatorial candidate, was the initial target of the Fumas, who had kidnapped her six years ago. When the Fumas kidnapped her, the Japanese government assigned the Shinobis to rescue Mukai. Therefore, the Shinobis got into a massive fight against the Fumas in order to save Mukai from their grasp, but the Shinobis had no way of knowing that the kidnapping was a mere ruse. When the scroll revealed the family tree of the Hojo clan, it also revealed that it was Mukai Toko who was the descendant of the Hojo clan. Mukai Toko, aka Toko Sataki, was the eldest daughter of the Sataki family in the Aoba ward. She worked as a secretary for the former minister, Ojiro, and now she wanted to rise to power to rule the nation. When Mukai’s name was revealed in the Hojo family tree, it was also revealed that the previous kidnapping of Mukai, orchestrated by the Fumas, was just an elaborate scheme. Perhaps the Fumas kidnapped Mukai to propel her into national prominence overnight.  Her kidnapping helped her garner a lot of media attention and also helped her gain sympathy from the common public, who had no idea who Mukai Toko was. Therefore, Mukai’s kidnapping actually worked out pretty well, helping her get a massive vote share in the election. 

What Was The Solar Eclipse Plan?

Initially, Haru and Karen Ito thought that the Solar Eclipse plan was a terrorist plan hatched by the Fumas, who were about to kill a great number of Japanese citizens, but their plan was something else. 

Mukai Toko not only became a powerful politician and a gubernatorial candidate, but she also wanted to become the president of the National Democratic Party. But it wasn’t easy for her to win the election with all the other powerful politicians as presidential candidates. Therefore, Mukai orchestrated a catastrophic plan to take out all the other candidates for the election. As Yosuke was killed by Gaku, Ayame and Gaku became the ultimate leading members of the Fuma clan. Gaku was already brainwashed to believe that the Fumas intended to liberate Japan and that the Shinobis posed a threat to them, so he turned against his own people and pledged his loyalty to Ayame and the rest of the Fuma clan. Together, Ayame and Gaku carried out their mission, called the Solar Eclipse. They set the date on the day of the Lunar Eclipse when all the presidential candidates gathered for a political conference. During that conference, Ayame and Gaku sneaked into the area and laced all the drinks with poisonous powder extracted from the yellow flowers they had cultivated all along. Consequently, all the candidates were killed except for Mukai Toko, who remained the sole member of the Democratic Party and would rise to become the president of the group.

At the ending of House of Ninjas season 1, we saw Ayame rising as the leader of the Fuma clan, as Yosuke was already out of the picture. She was already one step ahead, as at the end of the series, we saw her contacting Hamashi, the chief of BNM, and asking him to follow her commands. This particular scene raised a lot of questions and opened the door to speculation that Hamashi might be associated with the Fumas as well. Perhaps in the upcoming season of House of Ninjas, the doubts will be resolved regarding Hamashi’s involvement with the Fumas. Perhaps it would be Ayame and Gaku who’d be the ultimate antagonists of the show, and Haru would have to struggle a lot to bring his brother back on the right path. Mukai Toko will probably be portrayed as a powerful, sinister figure in the upcoming season, where Haru and his family will fight against her as well. 


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