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‘The Invitation’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

Invitations are usually fun until you are in Evie’s position. Netflix is back with a Dracula-inspired film that might make you think twice before you accept any wedding invitations. “The Invitation” is a film where a daydream turns into a deadly nightmare, and a heartfelt emotional connection spins into a miserable curse! Every family is wrapped in untold secrets, and so is the long-lost English family of Evie. Not all family gatherings are about gala dinners with multi-cuisine dishes and classic Champagne trios; some are just a trap between romance and horror, about fresh, thick blood, violent hosts, and vampire clans.

‘The Invitation’ Plot

The horror-thriller, with a touch of modern gothic elements, “The Invitation” is the story of Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel), a free-spirited lady, who works as a staff at catered events while attempting to pursue her artistic career in making ceramics goodies. She decides to go see her family in the mansion after connecting with her cousin Oliver (Hugh Skinner). Oliver invites her to a wedding event that is not going to be like “The Invitation” you have ever had. She receives a DNA kit and discovers she has ancestors residing in England—one of her very first mistakes, surely. Evie daydreams of living a luxurious life with the handsome young man, flanked by loving relatives, as Walter (Thomas Doherty) appears to have fallen deeply in love with her at first glance. But Walter tricks Evie into agreeing to a marriage proposal, and it’s then that she learns the secrets about her real family. The spooky trailer shows Evie breaking her cuticle while having her nails done, and a woman washes away the blood by putting Evie’s finger in her mouth. From offering Chamomile tea to drinking cold human blood filled in a wine glass, the trailer is so on point. The wedding is finally revealed to be between Evie and Walter at a dinner party, which was not disclosed to her when she volunteered to travel with Oliver. Evie, who is trying to avoid tying the knot off, struggles to get rid of the horrible situation.

Nothing could be hidden for so long; with time, she will explore the dark intentions behind her family’s filthy philanthropy and twisted tragedies concealed in their past – probably something that has been happening generation after generation. If you have watched the trailer closely enough, there must be a whole set of questions in your mind that can only be solved after you analyze the movie. At the beginning of the trailer, Evie confesses that her mother had always longed to go to England to visit their relatives—is this a hint that she already knew things beforehand? Why does the family want Evie to be the life partner of Walter? Will she end up turning into a vampire like them?

The protagonist is brought out of her comfort bubble to a strange, isolated location devoid of mobile phone coverage and means of escape, quite a typical setting. There is something unique about this movie—something not so attractive yet unforgettable, something you know from the beginning yet worth diving into.

‘The Invitation’ Cast

The most recent Sony production, “The Invitation,” is arriving on Netflix, directed by Jessica M. Thompson, the LA-based popular director well known for “The Light of the Moon.” If the enticing plot synopsis wasn’t sufficient to persuade you, the cast is bound to. Blair Butler (Talking Dead) wrote the script for “The Invitation.” With Emile Gladstone serving as a producer, Thompson and Michael P. Flannigan are the executive producers. The stellar cast includes Nathalie Emmanuel (as Evie), the young lady who discovers the identity of her long-lost ancestors in the film. She got much recognition for her role (as Missandei) on HBO’s legendary show “Game of Thrones” and “Fast and Furious” (as Ramsey). Opposite Nathalie, we have a handsome Scottish man, Thomas Doherty (as Walter), who has worked for HBO’s “Gossip Girl.” Walter De Ville, an attractive and seductive gentleman serving as the estate’s lord, is invited by Evie’s cousin. Hugh Skinner (Fleabag) played the character of Oliver, Evie’s new cousin. Apart from them, the cast also includes Stephanie Corneliussen (as Viktoria), Courtney Taylor (as Grace), Alana Boden (as Lucy), Scott Alexander Young (Uncle Julius), Carol Ann Crawford (Mrs. Swift), Sean Pertwee (Mr. Fields), Jeremy Wheeler (as Jonathan Harker), and Virág Bárány (Emmaline). There are more than nine soundtracks composed by some fantastic singers, such as “Baby You’re Gone,” “O My Child” by Benjamin L. Newgard, and “Swallow Song” by Richard and Mimi Faria. Under the production of Screen Gems and Mid-Atlantic Films, “The Invitation” has been recorded on film.

Release Date

The horror movie “The Invitation” has already been released on August 26, 2022, in the theaters. “The Invitation” heads to Netflix globally on January 28, 2023. To pick the right aesthetic and architectural design, Thompson had an actual tour of all the stunning castles in Hungary and rural England during the six months that the team spent filming there. The Dracula-inspired dark romance, with a run time of 105 minutes, will not misspend a single second to give chills running down your spine.

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