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‘The Ark’ Episode 4: ‘We Weren’t Supposed To Be Awake’ Recap And Ending

Syfy’s science fiction drama series, “The Ark” is getting more intense as they are slowly moving towards colonizing “Proxima B.” So far, we have had back-to-back exceptional twists and turns that have shaken the crew of the ship. The crew was forced to wake up from their cryo-sleep, and ever since then, every day has been a challenge for them. The series of unprecedented challenges began with the “incident” that took away the cryobay of their leaders and woke them up, to finding fraud people on the ship, to having water and food crises, multiple instances of oxygen shortages, and unknown elements that almost burned Lt. Brice’s hand, melting his gloves, and whatnot. The fourth episode, “We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake,” however, gets a notch more serious as the crew begins hallucinating. Also, the chip that was left behind by the “fake Malcolm” revealed darker truths that we weren’t ready for. Without further delay, here is everything you need to know about the fourth installment of “The Ark.”

Spoilers Ahead

Inspection And Interrogation

As the episode unfolds, we see Angus talking to his crops while watering them as Lt. Brice walks up to him. He shows him the footage of the “diamond-like substance” he touched that melted his gloves. Brice asks Angus to look into the substance and find out what it is. Although initially, Angus resisted the idea, he was convinced to take the job because he was one of the “smartest scientists” on the ship.

In the meantime, we see Lt. Lane, accompanied by Felix, come to interrogate Lt. Sharon for the footage. Sharon tried to convince the duo that it was not her in the video, but Lane says that the footage is proof that Sharon had the motive to murder fake Malcolm and she had killed people before. Felix says that Sharon will be under house arrest until she is proven guilty before throwing her off the ship. However, Lane seemed to be against the idea and wanted instant action to be taken against Sharon.

However, Felix decides to maintain the protocol and not doom Sharon right away. This took an interesting turn. Garnet tells Felix that she is in a different location, which is London. Felix finds out that Sharon is telling the truth. While interrogating her further, Felix finds out the most classified information: Sharon had a clone developed alongside her named Denise (Fake Malcolm, too, tried blackmailing Garnet with this name in an earlier episode). They both have a distinct genome. So, while Sharon was training to be on Ark, her clone was on the other side of the globe, using violence to make her way. This makes Felix conclude that Garnet is not the woman in the video, and thus, he frees her from all the charges.

New Challenge: Hallucination

The instances of hallucinations began with Felix when he heard his daughter’s cries and saw his partner carrying their daughter away. He immediately went to Cat to report the incident. It is when Cat learns about his sexual preference and says that if someone spends a lot of time in a confined area, the chances of them hallucinating increase. Soon, we see Lt. Lane hallucinating. In his hallucination, we see him talking to Lt. Brice and planning to kill Lt. Garnet and take control of the ship. Dr. Kabir, Alicia, and Angus—everyone was hallucinating. We also witnessed another crew member shouting and throwing a fit due to his hallucination, and he was brought to Dr. Kabir for treatment. 

Another aspect that changed the way we look at the characters happened when Baylor (the guy who is trying to romantically connect with Alicia, as soon as he was moved to waste management after Alicia’s promotion) saw Commander Susan Ingram. It appeared that Susan and Baylor had a sensual relationship and had their own secret mission. So, right now, we need to worry about one more mysterious person on the ship. Eva hallucinates Harris, as she was expecting. But the strangest of all these hallucinations was Cat’s. She hallucinated being in session with Eva, where she confessed that she had killed the fake Malcolm, as he was the reason for Harris’s death. Furthermore, when Cat was about to leave the session to inform others, Eva took her own life by slitting her throat.

The Ending: Cure And Care

Most of the crew fell sick due to this hallucination. Garnet and Kabir wanted to find a cure. Kabir learned of Garnet’s special situation, and they began working together. They found a cure, but before Dr. Kabir could do anything about it, she fell unconscious. Reading her notes, Alicia comes to the rescue again. She mixed the solution that Dr. Kabir had curated with the water on the ship, saving the lives of the crew. 

In the final moments, Angus found the substance that Brice had asked him to investigate. It was a completely new substance to humans, increasing the possibility that the people on the Ark were not the only living beings out in the space.

What awaits the crew in the future is unknown. But so far, looking at their journey, we are sure there is something very risky and dangerous out there. We can just sit around waiting and praying that the crew will be able to take action against whatever that is out there. whatever is out there, the crew will be able to combat it.


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