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‘The Ark’ Episode 3: ‘Get Out And Push’ Recap And Ending

If you have been following “The Ark,” you know that this science-fiction drama is taking new twists as the spaceship moves closer to Proxima B. In the third installment, we see the “Ark 1” crew facing another new challenge, and the mysteries on the ship are intensifying. At this point in the series, you will doubt each character, and it will be difficult for you to identify their motives. We have also witnessed the frustration and uproar that have been caused due to the shortage of water and the sleep deprivation of the crew due to overwork. Now that the ship is about to collide with an asteroid, the team needs to solve this crisis along with supplying enough cooling agents for the engine to put it back to work. Without further delay, here is everything you need to know about the third episode of “The Ark,” named “Get Out and Push.”

Spoilers Ahead

The Water Crisis And An Open Investigation

The episode opens with Lt. Sharon informing the crew about the water shortage on the ship. She announces that only four days of water are left. So, the water rations will be restricted more than enough. This announcement brings about another fight between Lt. Lane and Lt. Garnet, for Lane disagrees that bombing the crew with constant crisis information will cause harmful mass panic. Lt. Brice intervenes in the bickering to prevent it from getting ugly (which currently feels like it is his part-time job on the ship). But as soon as the council settles down to find a solution for the water crisis, another crisis warning is received: the ship is about to collide with an asteroid.

In the meantime, Felix (the investigating officer) confronts Lane because he knows about the murder weapon even though it is mostly classified information. However, Garnet defends Lane by asking the group to focus on the asteroid crisis and the water crisis because the engines of the ship have stopped due to a water shortage. Thus, the group began looking for an alternative solution to prevent the impending collision. Furthermore, Dr. Kabir finds out that someone was stealing vital medicines from the med bay. She informs Felix about this, who agrees to help her. 

Impending Asteroid Collisions And Other Difficult Situations

In almost all the crises so far, we know Angus and Alicia, the two young minds, have been of gigantic help. Thus, Angus was brought back to the scene to find a way to prevent the collision. Angus suggests that Lt. Brice use a shuttle to push “Ark 1” off its course, thus causing it to move away from the asteroid’s path. This brilliant plan had its own problems; as for the production of the crops on the ship, Angus and Eva had reused several parts of the shuttle, which needed to be repaired first. Brice decided that they should externally change the direction of the ship using the shuttle, but, unfortunately, the shuttle fails to start. Meanwhile, Lane suggests that they could strategically blow a hole in the ship, which would allow the air pressure to change the ship’s course.

Angus comes to the rescue once again; he delivers an exclusive that is made up of fertilizer and corpses. While on the one hand, the bomb plant was a success because it averted the crisis; on the other hand, Brice could make the shuttle work. Fortunately, Felix found the culprits responsible for stealing vital medications, and Garnet’s display of her iron fist as a commander is witnessed. But too much work pressure seems to have gotten to Dr. Kabir, for she began to rely secretly on the drugs herself.

The ‘Ice Trail’ Of Hope

As the asteroid comes near and the crew watches, Alicia comprehends that the asteroid is actually a comet as she sees the trail of ice. A brilliant plan strikes—she goes up to the seniors and convinces them that by following her plan, they will be able to resolve the water crisis. Brice, who is a reputed pilot, should fly the shuttle over to the comet’s icy tale, to extract water. Of course, Brice never runs away from a chance for adventure (as we have seen earlier), so he connects the hose to the comet’s tail to extract water. The cable connecting Brice’s shuttle to the “Ark” which he refuses to let go till the water storage is cent percent full. Brice returns as a hero.

The Ending: Another Mystery

As the water crisis is averted, it seems that Garnet and Lane have finally learned to work together as a team. Unfortunately, happiness on “Ark” is a momentary guest. A message flushed on Lane’s watch that asked him to have a look at “Bulkhead J-22.” Lane goes through the bunk and finds a secret place on the wall where a few items are stashed. Among them, there is one that Lane plays. It shocks him, as it shows Jasper Dades, the fake “Malcolm Perry,” talking about a biker girl who can take down any man. He turns the camera that shows a girl fighting a large man, and, in a fraction of a second, slits his throat. As the girl turns back, she looks exactly like Lt. Garnet. This is enough evidence to convince anyone that Garnet is responsible for the death of fake Malcolm.

“The Ark” is getting more intense with each episode. The third episode will fill you with questions that will haunt you. Will these be answered in the next episode? Let’s wait!


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