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Top 7 Series Like ‘The Consultant’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

In 2023, when fans of “The Consultant” anxiously trade episodes, it will be interesting to see if other series tackle parallel ideas or themes. Without further ado, therefore, here are a few series that are, in many ways, akin to “The Consultant.” So, let’s dive in.

Mad Men (2007)

Before the holidays, I began binge-watching the Emmy-winning drama “Mad Men” and have already jumped to the finale season. The series has quickly grown to become one of my favourite pastimes thanks to its intriguing mysteries, its inventive narrative twists, its fantastic outfits and decorations, as well as the magnetic Jonathan Hamm. The show is focused on the fictitious Sterling Cooper advertising firm. For every new episode, I get to witness Don Draper, as well as his crew of sales professionals, content creators, graphic artists, and copy editors, they produce campaigns for well-known American businesses, the overwhelming bulk of which are based on actual businesses.

The Billion Dollar Code (2021)

The series follows two German software visionaries as they battle in front of the judge and jury to be acknowledged as the creators of the Google Earth algorithm. There’s a lot of drama and unexpected turns of events in this case, making it a compelling watch. This is a brilliantly executed and exciting show from beginning to end, despite the fact that it exploits certain creative risks by including a handful of unnecessary and implausible character changes toward the end. Following in the footsteps of The Social Network, this miniseries will leverage the allure of a court hearing to trace the origins of the litigation and reveal how a tech giant mercilessly exploited two naive businesspeople.

The Dropout (2022)

The series chronicles the inspiring tale of Elizabeth Holmes, who dropped out of Stanford University to devise a new blood test technology for diagnosing numerous illnesses and afterwards started cutting corners until she becomes the bad guy. The series accurately predicts that Holmes’s unwillingness to surrender eventually causes her to become detached from the truth when disaster strikes, but the slow, drawn-out nature of her downfall becomes tedious after a few episodes.

Suits (2011)

The TV series Suits is a courtroom drama that focuses on the internal dynamics of a legal company and the personal lives of a small group of its employees. It’s similar to other series about attorneys and solicitors on television. However, Suits adds a twist to the glamorous world of attorneys as shown on television. The protagonist, Mike Ross, is a prodigy with a keen intellect and an uncanny memory. However, his lackluster background has prevented him from pursuing a career as an attorney. He’s so desperate for money that he’s willing to do a few gigs whose legitimacy is in doubt just to pay his bills. One of these deals goes south, and as Mike is attempting to throw the cops off his trail, he meets Harvey Specter just by chance.

Workin’ Moms (2017)

Kate Foster, a newlywed marketing professional, is the miniseries’ protagonist. After giving birth not so long ago, she quickly returned to her job. Kate’s friendships with other women are likewise a major focus. The moms are all members of a parenting club. As the story progresses, we witness Kate and her peers juggling the demands of parenting with the rest of their hectic lives. Like other female-centric sitcoms, such as Sex and the City, this one celebrates the diversity of women’s lives and perspectives. It’s worth noting that the wives shown in the show are all financially secure rather than portraying the challenges that many moms confront in today’s economy. That may seem ridiculous to some people, but it will resonate with many.

Better Call Saul (2008)

The show centres on a disreputable attorney who often flouts judicial regulations to get what he needs. But to be honest, it’s not fair to the series to describe it like that; rather, it is a compilation of different tales that all work together. From one angle, it’s a compelling tale of a man’s struggle against his own baser nature. Saul Goodman, the character we encounter in Breaking Bad, has a sense of right and wrong that may be easily bent. Jimmy McGill, the man he used to be before he gets involved in criminal underworld, is the persona introduced to us by BCS. Yet, Jimmy McGill’s tale is quite unique since he lives on the fringe of decency and legality for the whole of his adventure.

Girlboss (2017)

The best-selling book by Sophia Amoruso and chronicles the meteoric ascent of her couture enterprise, Nasty Gal, which has grossed over $100 million. Sophia, played by Britt Robertson, is a free-spirited but cash-strapped feminist who finds success in the internet designer apparel business. Sophia learns to become an impromptu entrepreneur as she grows to appreciate (and struggle with) the benefits and perils of being her own employer as her fashion business expands.

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