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‘Saindhav’ Plot, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

As the Indian audiences grooved to the tunes of “Jhume Jo Paathan” and eagerly waited for Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film “Paathan,” Venkatesh Daggubati took his time to reveal his character in the film “Saindhav,” creating a buzz. Venkatesh’s next project’s first glimpse is breathtakingly amazing. The actor, who had ruled the television industry for decades now, proved once again that age is just a number. His look in his 75th film feels no less like that of a young, muscular hero appearing in his first-ever film. The film “Saindhav” is directed by none other than Sailesh Konalu, the director famous for his film “HIT 2.”

The first look of the film has striking similarities with Kamal Hassan’s “Vikram.” Venkatesh appears with a salt-and-pepper beard and stains of blood. The touch of dark lightning and guns sets the apt tone of a Telugu blockbuster. The first appearance clears the air about the film. We are certain that the film will be a high-testosterone-driven action thriller. Without further ado, here is what you must know about “Saindhav.”

‘Saindhav’ – Things We Know So Far

The film is written and directed by “Hit” franchise director Sailesh Kolanu and will be produced by Venkat Boyanapalli of Niharika Entertainment. The film is set in a fictional port city named Chandra Prastha, somewhere in South India. Venkatesh steadily walks up to a bike where a box is kept. He opens the box and takes out the medical vile. Lightening and thunder strike at a distance as he walks. He lits a torch and appeares to leave it inside to set the place on fire. But with an intense look on his face, it felt like he was in search of someone or something. He comes out holding a gun in one hand and the vile in the other. He stops by the bike and says a dialogue, which in translation means that Venkatesh is here and will not be going anywhere, so they must call “him.” This unidentified “him” is probably someone that Venkatesh is in search of.

The music score of the film will be taken care of by Santosh Narayan. S. Manikandan is the cinematographer. The crew comprises production designer Avinash Kolla and editor Garry BH. The shooting of the film is to commence soon.

A Look Through Venkatesh Daggubati’s Golden Career

If you are a fan of pan-Indian cinema, actor Venkatesh Daggubati is a name that you must cherish. The actor first appeared as a child actor when he was just eleven years old in the 1971 movie “Prem Nagar.” Since then, a star has been born in the Telugu film industry. Daggubati has been a part of various films in the industry for decades. He is a much-celebrated actor who has won the hearts of both critics and audiences. For his performance in “Kaliyuga Pandavulu” (1986), he won the Nandi Award for Best Male Debut. The film also went on to become immensely successful at the box office. Soon after, he delivered back-to-back blockbusters and also wooed the critics. He won his second Nandi Award in 1989 for his performance in the film “Prema” (1898). He also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his performance in “Bobbili Raja” (1990). He teamed up with Divya Bharti for the film.

After delivering back-to-back blockbusters, Daggubati appeared in Ram Gopal Verma’s most acclaimed neo-noir film, “Kshana Kshanam” (1991), along with the gorgeous Sridevi. He appeared in several critically acclaimed movies in this period, including “Shatuvu” (1990) and “Surya IPS” (1991). As Daggubati gained popularity in the South Indian film industry, he found his calling in Bollywood. He was cast opposite Karishma Kapoor for his Bollywood debut. The film “Anari” (1993) was a box office hit. In 1995, he appeared in another commercially successful Bollywood film titled “Taqdeerwala.”

Director Suresh Krishna’s “Dharma Chakram” in 1996 won him another Nandi Award. The movie was both commercially and critically acclaimed. Daggubati was unstoppable at this moment. He was working very hard and had presented the audience with consecutive blockbuster films, “Preminchukundam Raa” (1997) and “Suryavansam” (1998). Both of these romantic dramas are still popular among the masses. In 1998, he was the lead in the critically acclaimed thriller “Ganesh.” For the film, he won both the Filmfare and Nandi Awards together for the second time.

In 2000, Daggubati appeared in two films, “Kalisundam Raa” and “Jayam Manade Raa.” The former won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film, and for the latter, he bagged the Filmfare Award for Best Actor. He appeared in several blockbusters after that, including “Prematha Rao” (2001), “Nuvvu Naaku Nachav” (2001), “Malliswari” (2004), “Sankranthi” (2005), and “Chintakayala” (2008). He was critically acclaimed for “Drushyam” (2015), a remake of the Malayalam film “Drishyam” (2013). Among his recent ventures, he rose to prominence with “F2” (2019) and “F3” (2022). His audience is now eagerly waiting for the Telugu cinema king to sit on his throne again with the recent film “Saindhav.”

Expectations From ‘Saindhav’

The veteran actor’s 75th film is bound to have high anticipation associated with it. The big names that are associated with the film and the first look have left the audience in awe. Venkatesh, who is going to debut on the web soon, showed the audience his grip and hold in the film industry once again with his limited performance in the teaser for “Saindhav.”

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