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‘Renfield’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

We adore vampires, don’t we? From movies to series, Vampires have been popular content. Curiosity and interest in vampires rank higher on the curiosity meter than any other supernatural character. The initial love probably began with Mr. Count Dracula. Much later, with the ‘Twilight’ series and, of course, the ‘Vampire Diaries’ and its spin-off series, the excitement about vampires spread like wildfire. Often there are certain characters we miss out on having a conversation with, like Tyler Lockwood in “The Vampire Diaries” or Lucien Castle in “The Originals.”

Do you remember Count Dracula’s forever loyal henchman? The one who wanted to escape the vampire master? Well, Chris McKay is bringing back the classic horror character with a modern edge. In the original novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker (1897), we see the titular character serving Dracula’s plan to turn others into vampires. The first screen appearances of the character happened in 1922 and in 1931. Later in 1992, it reappeared in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula and the Penny Dreadful series. Now, “Renfield” is returning as a main character this summer.

Expectations from the movie are high for Tomorrow War, which stars Chris McKay as the director and Ryan Ridley as the writer. Another special fact is the plot is based on a story by the popular The Walking Dead and Ultimate X-Men comic author Robert Kirkman. Needless to say, the audience is eagerly waiting to see the classic villain sidekick’s modern reboot. Also, it is getting really difficult to keep calm while watching Nicholas Cage as Dracula.


For ages, “Renfield” has just been the sidekick of Dracula. Originally, in the novel, R. M. Renfield was a patient in a mental asylum who thrived on insects and rats. A sucker for immortality, “Renfield” believed that absorbing the life forces of rats and insects would immortalize him. Then there comes Dracula, who promises him immortality for his loyalty and to do all the nasty bidding of Dracula. Since then, the agreement has begun, and “Renfield” becomes the committed henchman.

The trailer explores how, over the centuries, the agreement has turned into a toxic understanding of an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. Based on New Orleans (like most supernatural stories, especially vampire stories we love), the film captures a tired and irritated “Renfield” (Nicholas Hoult), who is fed up fulfilling the demands of his perennially evil boss Dracula. To gain mental peace and stability and mostly to cope with his weirdly toxic situation, he attends a group therapy session. And not just that, for the first time in so many centuries, “Renfield” falls in love when he meets the feisty traffic police officer Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina). The love boosts his urge to live a normal life even more. However, hell and horror in modern life are no less. “Renfield” couldn’t fathom the terrors that the modern world has. To add to the perils of his life, his narcissistic boss, Dracula, walks into his group meeting without wasting a second after he is invited in. Will “Renfield” be free of his master? Will he be able to save his love and stop his boss from gaining full power? Or will the all-powerful Dracula be successful in putting his henchmen back in order by using Rebecca as leverage?


Undoubtedly, the movie is anticipated to be one of the most hilarious movies this year. The loyal pupil of the most notorious and evil supernatural villain gets tired and decides to leave the master. An age-old, super-serious supernatural plan of Dracula to attain his full power is about to be messed up by “Renfield” in today’s society.

This plotline needed a cast that would justify every bit of darkness and humor that it contained. The moment we see Nicholas Cage as Dracula, we know it is not going to be any average vampire movie. Cage has the talent of adding extra oomph to ecstatic characters. We are sure that the little Dracula that we see in the trailer was born to do it. An ancient diabolic character walks into a modern group meeting, proudly calling himself the Lord of Death, and then flies high, saying he should eat. No one can do it better than Cage. Nicholas Cage had played a vampire before in “Vampire Kiss” (1988). The film failed at the box office, but it gained cult status for the performance that Cage delivered. Recently, Cage has been doing films where it is difficult to take your eyes off him—”The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” “Color Out of Space,” and “Pig” are among a few.

The lead, “Renfield,” is played by Nicholas Hoult, who is famous for his roles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “X-Men: First Class,” and recently, he appeared in “The Menu.” He is a brilliant actor, as we all know. However, it is going to be interesting to watch Cage and Hoult play the master-henchman duo in the film. The trailer convinced us that the duo complimented each other, so expectations are moderately higher. ‘My Vag’ rapper Awkwafina, who is a bright comedian, actress, and rapper, is playing as the probable love interest “Renfield” in the movie. The cast seems to be perfectly suited, and together, they are sure to make “Renfield” worth watching.

Release Date

“Renfield” is going to be an interesting story of age-old classic characters in a feud in modern times. The much-anticipated film is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2023.

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