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James Gunn Announces More ‘Wonder Woman’ Animation Amidst Shazam’s Leaking Heroine’s Appearance

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is DC’s first film of the year. However, it isn’t generating the hype that “The Flash” has. On social media, talk about the movie has been lukewarm due to the general perception that the 2023 DC films won’t matter in the long run as James Gunn is rebooting the DCEU to make way for the DCU. So perhaps to amp up social media discussion about the film, WB decided to spoil an important cameo in the film.

In a TV spot, it was revealed that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is in the film. While the cameo was spoiled for general audiences, ardent fans of the DC universe already knew about the appearance through posts on the DCEUleaks subreddit. What’s interesting is that subsequently, James Gunn also revealed that more Wonder Woman content was coming soon, and this time in the form of animation.

James Gunn Talks About Bringing ‘Wonder Woman’ To Animation

A fan recently tweeted that Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is a character with a rich publishing history and diverse cast that hasn’t been explored as of yet. Using the hashtag #WonderWomanAnimatedSeries, the poster said that it was time that she got the attention she deserved. James Gunn retweeted it and added that he agreed with the commentator and was working on making it happen. His tweet made DC fans wonder if a Wonder Woman animated series was actually in the works.

However, another fan disagreed and tweeted that DC Studios isn’t developing an animated Wonder Woman show. Instead, they are working on expanding her overall mythos through shows like “Paradise Lost” and more. Gunn replied to the comment by stating they were trying to bring Wonder Woman into the animated content. He further explained that he agrees with the notion that she has been neglected in the animation field. As such, her inclusion is one of the first things he brought up with the team involved with DC animated projects. 

While Gunn didn’t explicitly say that there’s an animated Wonder Woman show in the works, his words clearly mean that we will be seeing more of Wonder Woman in various upcoming animated projects. James Gunn has already stated that video games and animated projects will be tied into films and TV shows in his DCU. So, the co-CEO of DC Studios’ tweets have started the speculation that we could see Diana Prince in the first animated project of the DCU, “Creature Commandos” itself. Whether that happens or not isn’t known, but it’s clear that Wonder Woman has a bright future at DC.

Wonder Woman’s DCU Future

Wonder Woman, along with Superman and Batman, make up the main trinity at DC. However, a cursory look at the appearances of the three characters over several decades will reveal that she hasn’t received the recognition that the other two crown jewels of DC have. However, that’s probably about to change soon. The 2017 “Wonder Woman” film was a watershed moment for female superhero films and for the titular character as well. Since that turning point, the character hasn’t looked back.

Not only did the movie receive a sequel, but Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was also in “Justice League” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” It has also now been revealed that she is in “Shazam 2,” and there are multiple leaks stating that the superhero will also cameo in the highly anticipated “Flash” film. Moreover, James Gunn has already announced that DC Studios is developing “Paradise Lost,” a show set in Themyscira that will be in the vein of “House of the Dragon.” So it will explore the rivalries and political tensions of an all-woman society.

Initially, many assumed that the show would be a prequel to the 2017 “Wonder Woman” movie. However, Gunn or Safran haven’t stated that as such. In fact, Gal Gadot’s future as the character is in flux as Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s departures signal a total reboot of the actors playing the core members of the Justice League. The cancellation of “Wonder Woman 3,” as well as Patty Jenkins’ departure from the project, seem to lend credence to the matter. Many fans assume that Gadot will be recast when Gunn inevitably introduces his version of Wonder Woman, just like he is introducing his iterations of Superman and Batman.

While a “Wonder Woman” movie isn’t on the first slate of DC announcements, it’s clearly only a matter of time till she gets her due. After all, there’s no Justice League without Wonder Woman. Gunn’s words about ensuring that Wonder Woman is in more animated content will surely assure fans that the future of the character is secure. It just remains to be seen if Gal Gadot is one who portrays the character in the DC Universe or if someone else will carry on the mantle in the future.

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