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‘History Of The World’ Recap: Part 2, Episodes 5 And 6

Since the release of “History of the World: Part II,” there have been mixed reactions from the audience of this Hulu series. Mel Brooks’ narration and Nick Kroll’s portrayal of multiple characters in the show have been great, and although it cannot be called perfect, it is still entertaining. Plenty of historical events get satirized in this show with great dark humor. One can hardly deny that new episodes of this series get more and more exciting. Here’s a complete recap of episodes 5 and 6, which were released on March 8, 2023.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5: Recap 

Nick Kroll appears as Galileo interacting with his audience in a TikTok (apparently, in the show, it is TicciTocci) video. The funky portrayal of Galileo is hilarious as he states different things, including his invention of the telescope and spreading a message of love and peace, but instead of peace, he ridiculously calls it “Pisa,” a reference to the leaning tower of Pisa.

The Civil War

The Civil War saga continues with Ulysses Grant (Ike Barinholtz) and Robert Todd Lincoln (Nick Robinson) getting tied up while sitting on a horse with ropes attached to their necks so that the people of West Virginia can let them hang to death. The citizens of West Virginia are then asked if they have any last wishes, and Robert Todd Lincoln seeks the opportunity to survive the situation and decides to give a prolonged speech that never ends so that they could survive. Lincoln then hilariously mimics the award show manner and starts to thank everyone in his life for making the speech as long as possible.

The second segment of The Civil War continues with Robert Todd Lincoln’s speech and talks about the latest invention of a thing called a “dictionary,” which was written by Daniel Webster. The people of West Virginia decide the speech is getting too long, and they are about to hand Ulysses and Lincoln over, but at that exact moment, the rescue team appears and takes over the situation by entertaining the citizens of West Virginia with funny performances and chanting “F*ck the North.” Eventually, the rescue team manages to free Ulysses and Lincoln, but unfortunately, they reveal their true identities only to make the situation much more awkward.

The final segment of The Civil War in episode 5 showcases how the old woman who helped the rescuers find West Virginia comes and frees everyone.

The Yalta Conference

Sergei and Clay take important pictures, which is an important aspect of history. They take pictures of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin as the three men try to end World War II. The range and themes of the pictures are astounding as the three men pose as band members and party animals and mimic a girls’ night out theme.

Shirley Chisholm 

The segment with Shirley Chisholm starts with a loud retro parodic theme song that follows a scene where Shirley (Wanda Sykes) starts  speaking about her campaign in a funny manner. The whole segment embodies a sitcom-like effect, which makes it different from other segments.

Episode 6: Recap

Episode 6 starts with Steven Santelmo’s “Statue Removal and Supply,” a parody advertisement mini-segment showcasing a natural satire on a typical family businesses.

The Story Of Jesus

In 33 A.D., Jesus (Jay Ellis) and his apostles were the hottest groups in Jerusalem. But with the Romans looking to arrest Jesus, the group gets together to record Jesus’ final sermon, which forms “The Last Upper Sessions.” Judas (Nick Kroll) mocking Jesus as he comes late and Jesus blaming “The Rolling Stones” as the reason for his delay is hilarious.

The Civil War

The segment started at the courthouse in 1865. Ulysses comes and signs the treaty after a little disturbance, which officially ends the Civil War.

Jesus And The Apostles

After a short segment of “,” The Last Supper Sessions gets started with a sound check three days before the sermon. The band, after a lot of hesitation, comes up with the song “Give Back,” which Jesus starts to sing while playing the guitar.

The final segment of The Last Supper Sessions in episode 6 takes place just two days before the sermon. Jesus and the band members indulge themselves in a long rehearsal session, but Judas gets upset as his ideas and inputs are neither heard nor approved by Jesus. Hence, Judas gets angry and leaves the band.

Amelia Earhart 

The segment on Amelia Earhart (Hannah Einbinder) focuses on Amelia Earhart, giving a brief introduction to her open bar in the Bermuda Triangle.


The short segments and Steven Santelmo Statue Removal Supply short segments do a similar type of cameo as the cameo of Galileo does in episode 5. The Kublai Khan reference is very interesting in the “” segments.


Episode 6 of “History of the World: Part II” marks the conclusion of the civil war. Although the Civil War was concluded, Robert Todd Lincoln expressed his wish to work with Ulysses S. Grant. On the one hand, Ulysses takes Lincoln and the whole army into a dancing and drinking extravaganza, and on the other, the rescuers decide to go to California to perform and enjoy the dancing and singing sessions.

The conclusion of The Civil War marks an end to a popular part of the series. It would be sensible to assume the upcoming episodes of “History of the World: Part II” will definitely hold something new for the audience.


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