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7 Films Like ‘Christopher’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

There’s no doubt about it: Mammootty has a talent for crafting entertaining films, and his latest, “Christopher,” is no exception. Directed by B. Unnikrishnan, the movie chronicles the exploits of a cop (Mammootty) with an unconventional style who finds himself in a situation where he must break the rules in order to get the job done. Here are a few movies to watch this week if you liked “Christopher.”

Abrahaminte Santhathikal (2018)

The movie follows the exploits of an honest cop as he probes a string of killings in a sleepy coastal hamlet. The movie’s protagonist is Derick, a policeman with a reputation for using unorthodox tactics to solve cases. Derick is asked to look into a string of killings that have occurred in a local community. Law enforcement is at a loss to determine a motive when all of the fatalities come from a single household. When Derick digs further, he finds the household was entangled in a complex web of deception and treachery. He learns that the household had a sordid history and have been engaged in crime for many decades. Derick also learns that the killings are linked to a prominent lawmaker who has been shielding the family of the deceased.

Aaraattu (2018)

Gopan, a martial artist hired to protect a wealthy client, serves as the movie’s protagonist. During one point in his career, Gopan is entrusted with safeguarding an ambitious woman named Radha from a band of thugs. After exchanging a quick glance, Gopan learns that his new client is a confidante of his and agrees to assist her. The duo faces several difficulties as they investigate the ensuing schemes. The duo must battle a crooked policeman and an influential lawmaker who are both working to conceal the group’s criminal activities. After much effort, Gopan is successful in bringing the perpetrators to trial and ending his personal vendetta against them. At the conclusion of the film, Gopan goes back to his quiet existence, content with the righteousness he has brought about.

Avatharam (2014)

Madhavan, the unassuming hero of the movie, is a farmer who resides in a remote village with his family. Madhavan’s almost-perfect life undergoes a dramatic change when he watches a gang of crooks murder a policeman. When the strong group of thugs realises that Madhavan is the sole witness to their crime, they begin a campaign of terror against him and his loved ones. Madhavan assumes the persona of the murdered policeman to shield his loved ones. He decides to go after the evildoers and put an end to their nefarious ways once and for all. Several difficulties and dangers await him on his journey, notably crooked authorities who are out to thwart him at every turn. Finally, Madhavan is able to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of the crime. The film concludes with the hero going back to his regular life and being thankful that his family is unharmed.

Detective (2007)

The movie follows Shyam, an honest cop, as he investigates the abduction of a rich entrepreneur’s daughter. As the cop starts digging into the family’s background, he finds a labyrinth of falsehoods and treachery that involves the industrialist. Shyam learns throughout his inquiry that there is more to this story than what meets the eye at first. He learns that the industrialist’s household has a sordid history and has been engaged in crime for decades. Shyam has also come to the conclusion that there are influential figures attempting to hinder his inquiry and conceal the misdeeds. Shyam confronts a variety of hurdles and setbacks as he works to find out the truth. Not only does he have to contend with the relatives and friends incessant threats and attacks, but he likewise has to put up with crooked authorities who are out to get in his way.

Thupparivaalan (2017)

The movie depicts Kaniyan, an investigator with a stellar reputation for his sleuthing talents. He is asked by an wealthy industrialist to look into the matter of a psychotic murderer who has been preying on young girls. When Kaniyan investigates more, he finds that the situation is more intricate than he had first imagined. Throughout the course of his research, Kaniyan learns that the murderer is just a small component of a wider scheme involving influential municipal officials. He also learns that the matter is entangled in a labyrinth of falsehoods and deceptions and that there are some who want to prevent him from discovering what really happened. Kaniyan is up against a tight deadline and must overcome a number of difficulties on his way to finding the truth. The hired goons often assault and harass him, and he must also confront the crooked authorities who are out to thwart his investigation.

Kalki (2019)

The movie follows a policeman as he investigates a mysterious crime in a remote hamlet in the Indian state of Kerala. Kalki, a cop with a reputation for using unorthodox tactics in his investigations, serves as the film’s protagonist. He is tasked with finding out who killed a little girl in a remote hamlet in Kerala. When Kalki investigates more, he finds that there is much more to the matter than he had first imagined. Kalki finds out that the killing is connected to a bigger scheme involving influential individuals in the hamlet as the inquiry continues. In sum, “Kalki” is an excellent action film that maintains interest continuously. The portrayal of Tovino Thomas as Kalki is particularly impressive, and the rest of the ensemble is just as strong. The film’s excellent narrative and competent direction will leave an indelible mark on spectators’ minds.

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