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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Episode 1: Your Brighter Tomorrow, Today: Recap And Ending

“Hello Tomorrow” is the latest TV series premiering on Apple TV and comes from the brilliant minds of Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jensen. The series features the likes of Billy Crudup as Jack Billings, Haneefah Wood as Shirley Stedman, Nicholas Shorter as Joey Shorter, Dewshane Williams as Herb Porter, Hank Azaria as Eddie, Matthew Maher as Lester Costopoulos, and more. As for the plot, the series follows the story of Jack Billings, who heads a group of salespeople who are selling lunar condos in the hopes of rejuvenating their clients’ spirits.

Spoilers Ahead

Selling Dreams

The first episode, dubbed “Your Brighter Tomorrow, Today,” kicks off by introducing Big Fred, who used to be a successful salesman but is now struggling to make ends meet. He oscillates his hours reminiscing about his glory days and topping off glasses in the pub to escape from his sad reality. Fred was a hard worker and did everything in his power to provide them with all the pleasures of life, which eventually culminated in him drowning in debt. And now Fred is at the bar daydreaming about the gateway of a lifetime, right down straight off the nearest bridge. Little did he know his life was soon going to change for the better as Jack Billings presented him with an offer that would possibly change his life and promised him a hand on his heart that he’ll never regret.

In reality, Billings sold Fred the choice to live on the brighter side of the Moon and believes that this small investment will help Fred recuperate his old life and even get back his daughter, who even refuses to pick up his calls. Billings works as a salesman for the company “Brightside,” a firm that sells land and apartments on the Moon. Before Jenkins came along, the Moon was a barren wasteland, but thanks to his investments, it is now housing fully furnished, value-priced condos that fit the family budget. As Billings likes to put it, why should only the rich and famous have a monopoly on the Moon? Owing to his decade-long experience, Jack knows that the elderly are easier to convince and has sealed countless deals with the promises of a lunar garden and a lucrative asset for their kids.

The Lunar Scam

Jack Billings receives a message from Stan Jenkins asking him and his sales staff to push through Vistaville tomorrow. Stan Jenkins is the owner of Brightside and a former salesman who has moved to the Moon after becoming rich. Billings, on his way to Vistaville, takes a detour to see his mother, who tells him that his wife Marie has been run down by the automated vans delivering groceries and mail. Jack’s mother asks her son to take care of his son while Marie is unwell and in a coma. It has been more than 18 years since Jack and Marie’s divorce, and the former has been avoiding her since. Jack believes that he’ll mess up their perfect life, but in reality, he is just using clever words to derail the conversation. Fortunately, he realises during a sales conference that his son was also attending that regret is the worst killer and leaves the session abruptly to see his bedridden wife. Jack was standing still outside Marie’s room but couldn’t muster up the courage to go in.

At the hospital, Jack encounters his son Joey, who tells him that he has decided to buy a condo on the Moon thanks to his inspiring speech. Jack even upgraded his application to a nicer unit on his bill to make up for the past. However, all of this was, in reality, a giant scam; there are no condos on the Moon, and Brightside is just a fake company created with the purpose of fooling potential investors. Even more shocking: the billionaire businessman Stan Jenkins is really a turtle, caged in an aquarium on earth. Jack develops a moral fibre, opts to turn down Joey’s job application, and leaves an envelope filled with cash on his doorstep. Fortunately, Joey is offered a job at 10% commission when he confronts Jack, believing that there has been some sort of mix-up with his application. With a new shot at life and nothing better to do, Joey decides to jump on the bandwagon without realising that he’s going to aid his father in his giant con.

Jack has a highly endearing and captivating demeanor. He has a remarkable capacity for understanding others and adapting his strategy accordingly. He isn’t afraid to use his charm or wit to strike up a conversation, win over his client, and sell them something that doesn’t even exist. Furthermore, Jack is extremely certain of himself and has a natural knack for coming off as authoritative and knowledgeable. He is quite good at concocting complicated speeches and situations that appear plausible at first glance but are really meant to confuse and fool the audience.


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