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‘Faraaz’ Summary & Ending, Explained: What Is The True Story Behind The Attack?

“Faraaz” is a Hindi-language film directed by Hansal Mehta, based on the true story of Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain. Faraaz was a young man who sacrificed his life while trying to save two of his friends during the 2016 Dhaka terrorist attack. We will discuss the true story of the attack later. First, let’s just focus on Hansal Mehta’s “Faraaz.”

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Faraaz?

The story follows Faraaz, a Bangladeshi-American student who lives in Bangladesh but denied the opportunity to study at Stanford University. He loves being here in Bangladesh, as he wants to start doing something in his motherland. On the morning of Eid al-Faraaz, his mother and brother failed to reach Malaysia as planned because of a fault on the Embassy’s end. Later that evening, Faraaz went on to dine at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Bangladesh, Holey Artisan Bakery Cafe. Faraaz was meeting with his two friends there, and while they and other civilians were dining, a group of terrorists entered the premises and started shooting indiscriminately. Well, now let’s gather some knowledge about the terrorists as well.

What Was The Main Goal Of The Terrorist Group?

It was a group of five terrorists, and their leader, Rajiv, was working as an insurance agent in a call center in Bangladesh. Rajiv trained the five youngsters, and when the day had finally arrived, he dropped them off at a certain location. The leader of the gang, Nibras, was highly educated and was trained to keep himself calm in pressure situations. Nibras, for obvious reasons, led the others into the hotel, where they started killing. So, what exactly were they thinking? Was killing the only motive they had in mind? Well, sort of, yes. But, as the story progressed, we learned that they simply wanted to be recognized by ISIS. Making themselves heard by the larger group was their ultimate goal. They made themselves believe that since Bangladeshi Muslims had not rebelled against the government, they should rise to the occasion. So, just like any random terrorist they were also brainwashed with the idea that Muslims were suffering all around the world, and the only way to stop this from happening was an eye for an eye policy.

‘Faraaz’ Ending Explained: Why Was Faraaz Killed Being A Muslim Himself?

Amidst the chaos, the DMP, RAB, and SWAT all came together to protect the civilians. However, DMP’s fearless attempt cost 12 policemen. SWAT was all set to launch an attack when the Prime Minister called and told them to negotiate. However, Nibras’ team’s main goal was to kill random people, put up a statement, be the breaking news for a while, and then die in the name of Allah, or what they call ‘Jihad.’ So they were not negotiating anything. The whole law enforcement community and the family members were under grave pressure from this chaos. The terrorists started killing all the non-muslims and foreigners apart from the cook, who was a Punjabi guy. The reason was that there was no time for the group to carry on the facade any longer. So, when the time came, the Nibras ordered the remaining civilians to get out of the restaurant. Everyone came out, apart from Faraaz and his two friends. Why? One of Faraaz’s friends slapped Mobashir for hurting her, and the other friend, Tarika, was a Hindu. Nibras told Faraaz that he could go out while his friends were staying, who would be killed later anyway. Faraaz did not want to leave a friend behind. He confronted Nibras. He knew him from his school days, as Nibras used to play football with them. So, Nibras allowed a bit of arrogance from Faraaz’s side, but at last, since they were out of time, Nibras decided to shoot Faraaz and close the matter. Before shooting, he told Faraaz that he would be an example for other Muslims, as he decided to rebel against his own religion. Well, that was what Nibras was thinking. In reality, Faraaz’s sacrifice is celebrated as one of the most unselfish deeds. Whenever we share an uncomfortable gaze with a Muslim, moments like Faraaz shall come forth. The sacrifice is worth remembering for ages to come. Faraaz’s selfless act of courage and bravery in the face of extreme danger pays tribute to his memory as a hero.

The True Story Behind The Attack

Reports say that on July 1, 2016, a group of terrorists took over the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in the upscale Gulshan neighborhood of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The terrorists were members of Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), an Islamic extremist group that has been behind several terrorist attacks in Bangladesh in recent years. Evening came, and the attackers went into the cafe. They took over 30 people hostage, including a few foreigners. Then, they asked that some JMB members who were in jail be let out.

Over the next 10 hours, the terrorists and Bangladesh security forces were in a standoff. During this time, several hostages were killed or hurt. The terrorists reportedly tortured and killed those who could not recite verses from the Quran, and they also provided food and water to those who could. The situation ended when security forces in Bangladesh raided the cafe early on July 2, killing five of the terrorists and taking one hostage. During the attack, 20 hostages, including three foreigners, were also killed.

The attack was the worst terrorist attack Bangladesh had ever seen, and it shocked the whole country. The attack was condemned by the government of Bangladesh, which also started cracking down on extremist groups in the country. The attack also showed how dangerous Islamic extremism is becoming in Bangladesh and made people worry about the safety of foreigners there.

Final Words 

Overall, “Faraaz” is an important and timely movie that shows how terrorism affects the lives of innocent people and honors Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain’s bravery. It is a must-see for people who like movies that make them think and for people who want to learn more about what terrorism really costs.


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