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At Least 11 More DCU Projects Are Left To Be Announced By James Gunn For Chapter 1: ‘Gods And Monsters’

When James Gunn announced the ten projects that will form Chapter 1 of his DCU slate, fans were excited. Recently, a fan asked how much of Chapter 1 the co-CEO of DC Studios has announced, he replied that less than half of it is public knowledge. This means that, at the very least, 11 more projects are left to be declared. So DC fans are trying to guess what the next batch of projects will be.

The First Five Films And Shows That Could Be Declared Next

It’s assumed that the slate announced by Gunn until now will end in 2027 with “Swamp Thing.” As such, the other projects are assumed to follow it. The first film from the next batch that is a sure bet is Wonder Woman. It’s rumored that the “Paradise Lost” TV series will end with Diana’s birth and that a Wonder Woman movie will further explore her youth. With a Superman and Batman film already announced, she is the only one left from DC’s Trinity who hasn’t gotten a movie. As such, it’s only a matter of time till she gets it.

The second film fans are guessing is Constantine. Keanu Reeves wants to make “Constantine 2.” But as per a recent AMA done by the star, it doesn’t look like Gunn is too interested in making it, even though a sequel to the 2005 movie about John Constantine is in development for 2022. However, that was before DC Studios was formed, and Gunn and Peter Safran took over the reins of the DC universe. One reason why Gunn might not be too keen on making a sequel to Reeves’ version of the warlock is maybe he has plans to introduce the famous hero in the main DC Universe timeline.

The third project could be a Green Arrow or Black Canary TV show. James Gunn has stated that the emerald archer is one of his favorite superheroes, so it’s expected that he will include the hero soon. As for Black Canary, a project with the heroine was in development, with Misha Green set to write it. However, since the two street heroes are romantically entangled in the comics, it makes much more sense to give both of them a show together.

The fourth project could be a Zatanna film or series. While the “Swamp Thing” film is years away, many DC fans are assuming that she, as well as John Constantine, is going to be introduced in it. As such, with John Constantine getting a film, Zatanna shouldn’t be too far behind, especially because the magical heroine has a sizable fanbase that wants her on a live-action project.

The fifth project could be a Batman Beyond animated project. Recently, film insider Jeff Sneider announced that the previous Warner Bros. regime had greenlit the Batman Beyond project. It’s possible that James Gunn will announce that the animated film or series is actually in development soon.

The Other Six Films And Shows That Could Be Declared Next

The sixth project that Gunn can announce is a Krypto video game. When the co-CEO of DC Studios announced that video games would also be part of the DCU continuity, there was a ruckus online, with many experienced game developers saying that it takes at least 4-6 years to make a polished game. As such, unless everything is perfectly planned out, the game and the films or shows won’t ever be released in harmony with each other. Gunn had then clarified that not only had he planned ahead, but playing the video game wouldn’t be necessary to follow the overarching storyline of the DCU.

He used the example of a Krypto game that fans can play between the release of the Superman movie and the Supergirl film. As such, it’s possible that he wasn’t joking, and there really is a Krypto game in development. After all, in the “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” film, the protagonist is supposed to have Krypto as a companion. So it makes sense to use the dog to make a small game that fans can play without hampering the worldbuilding of the DCU.

The seventh project Gunn can make is a Nightwing or Titans project. The Titans are a beloved comic book team, and their leader, Nightwing/Dick Grayson, is even more so. As such, it makes sense for Gunn to introduce the team soon. Also, the DCU boss has already confessed that “The Brave and the Bold” will introduce the Bat family, and we might get to see Grayson there already.

The eighth project in the next batch can be a “Justice League” movie. After all, with so many heroes in the DCU, it makes perfect sense for them to come together and protect the world from whatever threat Gunn cooks up.

The ninth project can be a Lobo film. With rumors about “Aquaman 2” being a poor movie and Jason Momoa hinting at playing Lobo, a project with the intergalactic bounty hunter may be in development. While Gunn and Safran did clarify that no actor will play two characters at the same time, it’s possible that there won’t be any “Aquaman 3,” and the actor will move on to playing only Lobo in the new DCU.

The tenth project as part of the next slate can be the film Static, which Michael B. Jordan is producing. It’s possible that James Gunn will make that film part of the main DC Universe soon.

The last and the eleventh project could be a Justice Society of America (JSA project. James Gunn has already stated that superheroes will be functioning in the DCU when “Superman: Legacy” begins. So with the JSA being one of the prominent superhero teams that have functioned in the past in the comics, they may get a project that will flesh out who these initial heroes were. So the possibilities are endless. It’s speculated that Gunn will announce the rest of the projects at the 2023 SDCC. It remains to be seen whether that’s true or not. “Superman: Legacy” releases on July 11, 2025.

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