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‘Dear Edward’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

Pain is an inevitable part of human existence. The depths of pain can never be completely fathomed. Apple TV+ is all set to release a real-life tragic story in a drama series. “Dear Edward” is a very emotional tale of a young boy who lost his family in a tragic accident. Edward not only needs to accept the harsh realities but also  has to adjust to a new atmosphere, which apparently is supposed to help him deal with his trauma. The series is based on a bestselling novel of the same name by Ann Napolitano. The immensely talented Jason Katim has written the series, is responsible for the showroom, and is also an executive producer.

With “Dear Edward,” Apple TV+ is making its debut in tragedy dramas. The trailer assures that the audience must sit with a tissue box, for there are a number of tearjerkers that they cannot dodge. Also, the series will highlight how different people react to a tragedy and how the burden of pain makes and breaks humans in certain situations. In a nutshell, the series will be an emotionally painful journey with splashes of hope in between. So, here is everything you need to know about the series.

‘Dear Edward’ Plot

The story revolves around Edward Adler (Colin O’Brian), a 12-year-old boy who faced a devastating tragedy at an early age. He is a survivor of a deadly plane crash in which he loses his entire family. Through the shock and the trauma, he finds friendships and a new way of life. A life where he was a hero initially for being a survivor, but a stage which was immensely upsetting for him. He was depressed and devastated, as he had close to no family left; thus, the hero worshiping him made a terrible impact on him. Plagued with his anxiety, Edward also finds a bunch of letters that were written to him after the accident but were hidden apparently for his own good. The story also introduces Edward’s aunt and uncle, who play major roles in his life.

However, every morning has its dawn, and good things come along in the form of new relationships, bonds, and love. The story talks in depth about the emotional transition of the twelve-year-old. It centers around an anxious boy growing up to become a self-aware individual. Also, it sheds light on how people react to massive accidents and the deep psychological impact that they create. The story is an emotional journey that definitely will reflect on the viewers.

‘Dear Edward’ Cast

The cast of “Dear Edward” is precious. The anticipated sure-to-be audience favorite series have actors the audiences have appreciated before. Undoubtedly, the trailer gave us glimpses of major characters, and we are sure not to be disappointed by the cast.

The protagonist, Edward Adler, will be played by child actor Colin O’Brian who had acted beautifully previously  in Netflix’s popular horror film “Mr. Harrington’s Phone” (2022). He will also make his presence known in the upcoming movies “Willy Wonka” and “The Mothership.” Both of these films are set for release this year.

Taylor Schilling will play the role of Edward’s Aunt Lacey. a famous face in Netflix’s popular series “Orange is the New Black.” She has also made her presence known in movies like “The Prodigy” (2019), “The Titan” (2018), and most recently in the series “Pam & Tommy” (2022).

The role of Edward’s uncle, John, will be played by Carter Hudson. Hudson has made his mark on streaming shows. He is immensely popular for his role as “Teddy McDonald” in the “Snowfall” series.

Eva Ariel Binder will be playing the role of Edward’s best friend, Shay. Eva Ariel Binder’s break was when she appeared on the popular series “Grey’s Anatomy” back in 2006. Ever since she has been a part of shows like “Stillwater” and “Super Giant Robot Brothers.” She has also appeared in films like “Welcome to Mercy” (2020) and Netflix’s “You Are My Home.”

There is another name that is widely associated with this series. Although her character in the series will only appear in selected episodes, Connie Britton is believed to play a significant role. Britton recently appeared in “The Luckiest Girl Alive,” a popular Netflix film opposite Mila Kunis. Britton’s character in the series is named Dee Dee. Britton is a famous face in series and movies. She has been in films like “Promising Young Women” (2020), “Breaking” (2020), and many more. She also is a part of prominent series, including “Nashville” (2012-2018), “The White Lotus” (since 2021), “American Crime Story” (since 2016), and many more.

‘Dear Edward’ Release Date

“Dear Edward” is all set to release its first installment on Apple TV + on February 3, 2023. It is a ten-episode long series. The first three episodes will be released first, and the rest will be released subsequently on a weekly basis. The audience expects that the series will have more seasons as the book stretches over a vast timeline. Anticipation is soaring high as the release date is approaching.

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