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Krysten Ritter Returning As Jessica Jones In ‘Daredevil: Born Again’? Actress Sparks Rumors With New Pics

“Daredevil: Born Again” will film from February to December 2023. It has the longest shooting schedule of any Disney+ MCU show released till now. Its long filming time makes sense since the show will have 18 episodes. As a result, rumors are running rampant about all the characters who can appear in this series. From The Punisher to White Tiger, fans are speculating about all the new and old characters who can appear in the upcoming series. However, it can’t be denied that fans are especially excited to see the old Netflix characters return to the show. So when Krysten Ritter posted a gym pic that hinted at her appearance in “Daredevil: Born Again,” it sent the MCU fandom into a tizzy. Let us tell you all about her pictures and what they meant.

Krysten Ritter’s Gym Pics Hint At Daredevil Clothes

On January 4, Krysten Ritter, the star of the Netflix show “Jessica Jones,” posted multiple gym photos on her Instagram story. In these pictures, Ritter is wearing a black muscle tank top with the Daredevil logo and the phrase “Choose Justice” written on it. While her posting gym pics could be an indication that maybe she’s getting in shape to play the superhero Jessica Jones again, Ritter is an ardent fan of staying fit and often posts pictures of herself working out. 

What is interesting about this set of pictures is not just the Daredevil t-shirt but also the timing of these photos. With “Daredevil: Born Again” about to begin shooting next month, could Ritter be hinting at a return? Or is it an appeal for fans to rally for her MCU appearance? As of now, speculation is leaning toward the former rather than the latter. This is because previously, it was rumored that Marvel Studios wanted Krysten Ritter to reprise her role as Jessica Jones in the “Echo” Disney+ show.

It was speculated that Daredevil would be looking for Jessica in the “Echo” show. However, that probably didn’t happen since the actor had other commitments (probably for the upcoming “Orphan Black: Echoes” show). But that isn’t a barrier anymore since she has wrapped up shooting for it. So now she can appear in the MCU, and this seems to be a hint from her side that she’s finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will We See The Defenders Team Up On ‘Daredevil: Born Again’?

With Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones now rumored to appear in the show, fans are already theorizing if other members of the “Defenders” team will show up on “Daredevil: Born Again” too. However, we think that the chances of that happening are really low. This is because there have been no rumors about Finn Jones, who plays Iron Fist, and Mike Colter, who plays Luke Cage, appearing in the MCU.

It seems like Marvel Studios’ bosses are only interested in the two shows that had any kind of popularity. Apart from Netflix’s “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” is the only show to get three seasons. In comparison, “Luke Cage” got two seasons, and “Iron Fist” only got one. Also, the latter two never managed to get any substantial social media or fan hype going for them. As such, Marvel Studios will probably not get the characters back.

Also, even if they bring back those characters, they will likely hire other actors to play the roles. To be fair, this is a decision that doesn’t seem to be reserved for Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Deborah Ann Woll, who played Karen Page in Netflix’s “Daredevil” show, confirmed on the “Inside of You” podcast that she hasn’t been invited back. Also, along with her, Elden Henson, who played Foggy on Netflix’s “Daredevil,” hasn’t been confirmed to return either. So it seems like Marvel Studios is looking to start afresh with “Daredevil: Born Again” while bringing only a handful of Netflix’s Marvel show actors back to reprise their roles.

Why Are There 18 Episodes in ‘Daredevil: Born Again’?

“Daredevil: Born Again” has 18 episodes in a world where most streaming shows are limited to 6 or 8. As such, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is planning long-form storytelling with Daredevil. This is likely because Phase 5 is looking to have cosmic-centered storylines that encompass galactic issues and otherworldly beings. So, street-level heroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Echo, and more probably won’t be invited to take part in the big upcoming Avengers movies.

This is quite similar to how Clint Barton/Hawkeye was only minimally included in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.” Viewers will remember that he was completely absent from the final fight with Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame.” So Marvel Studios is probably planning on introducing and developing all such street-level vigilantes in a show that spans 18 episodes. As such, fans should expect to see new MCU characters in it. Who will they be? That remains to be seen.

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