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‘Citadel’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know

After topping the Netflix top-10 charts with their movie, “The Grey Man,” the dynamic Ruso brothers are now back again, but this time on Amazon Prime Video with their brand-new action series dubbed “Citadel.” The upcoming series is sure to break some serious viewership records, given the Ruso Brothers’ reputation across the industry for giving blockbuster hits like “Captain America: The Civil War,” “Avengers: The Infinity War,” “Cherry,” “Welcome to Collinwood,” and more. The Russo Brothers’ upcoming series follows the story of skilled spies Mason and Nadia as they join forces with their former colleagues to bring Manticore, a rogue organization, to its knees.

‘Citadel’ Release Date: When It’s Coming Out?

The upcoming Ruso Brother’s movie, “Citadel,” is scheduled to drop on Amazon Prime Video on 28th April 2023. Amazon Prime will drop a double dose of episodes all at once, followed by a weekly release. 

‘Citadel’ Cast

Given the directors’ reputation, the series is packing a star-studded ensemble, including Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jones, and Stanley Tucci. Following a long hiatus from the small screen, Richard Madden is due to make an exciting comeback with his portrayal of Mason Kane and is joined by “Quantico” star Priyanka Chopra Jones, who walks into the shoes of Nadia Sinh. Madden is among the most in-demand performers of his time because of his magnetic personality, impressive skill set, and adaptability. Madden’s artistic chops really shine through in the scenes when he has to draw a multifaceted personality to life. He has a great knack for communicating nuanced expression and complexity, which immerses viewers in his protagonists’ experiences and allows for an immediate, personal connection. Madden is well-known not just for his theatrical prowess but also for the meticulous research and attention he brings to each performance. He takes painstaking care in crafting believable protagonists and antagonists, frequently putting himself in their shoes to better comprehend what motivates them.

Stanley Tucci, hailed for his performance in movies like “The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Lovely Bones,” “Supernova,” and “Burlesque,” is one of the supporting actors. Some of the other characters appearing in the series include Ashleigh Cummings as Abby Conroy, Caoilinn Springall as Hendrix Conroy, Lesley Manville as Dahlia Archer, Roland Moller as Anders, Varun Dhawan as Samantha, Janis Ahern as Dr. Hudes, and more.

The Russo Brothers are masters of their craft and are excellent at striking a balance between high-octane actions and touching interpersonal scenes in their films. Action scenes in their movies are always exciting and well-cut for maximum suspense. What really separates them from other filmmakers is their talent for developing fascinating and appealing protagonists. Both Anthony and Joe Russo are known for their signature hand-held cinematography. By using this method, they are capable of imparting their features with a more grounded and lifelike touch, making them more relatable to a wider audience.

Trailer: What’s The Movie About?

The trailer for the upcoming series kicks off with Mason Cane (played by Richard Madden) encountering Nadia Sinh (played by Priyanka Chopra Jones) and questioning her about whether she has ever seen him, if she shares his feelings about being an outsider or if she belongs to a different time or place. In reality, Mason has no recollection of his past life, including how he boarded the train, the recurring explosion, the people he worked with, his friends, family, or his employer; however, he remembers seeing Nadia and knows that she’s a spy just like him. Nadia tries very hard to dismiss his assumption, even not choosing to catch or dodge the sharp knife Mason throws at her to prove that she has some great skills.

Nadia accepts that she remembers Mason from her dream. Both Nadia and Mason were skilled spies belonging to a spy agency called Citadel, a private organization free from any nation’s grasp or control. Unfortunately, Citadel met its end with the betrayal of one of its own. The rogue spy was a Manticore operative, an agent of a crime syndicate operating within the shadows. Many Citadel operatives were gunned down, and those who survived, like Mason and Nadia, had their memories wiped clean before being placed into a world with a fresh identity and a name. Now that the Citadel has fallen, the operatives of Manticore are stepping up to create a new world order to serve their own agendas and open doors for chaos and instability.

To stop the world from falling into the hands of Manticore, Bernard Orlick (played by Stanley Tucci) managed to track down two of his best operatives, Sadia and Mason, to help him in his mission to thwart Manticore’s plan. Bernard was working in the Citadel’s R&D department before it fell and was tasked with creating gadgets for the organization’s spies. Now the duo is forced to remember the past to save the future from Manticore. The members of Manticore are dissident operatives and killers from different security and military organizations throughout the world who have established a shadowy association to carry out their unlawful activities. The Manticore appears to be a powerful adversary throughout the trailer, with skilled agents and cutting-edge weapons. In order to haul the renegade organization to justice, Mason and his squad will need to utilize their own assets and expertise to outmaneuver and conquer them.

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