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‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga’ Trailer Breakdown: Can Yami Gautam And Sunny Kaushal Pull Off Their Heist?

It is high time we accept, if we haven’t already, that the big bang of OTT platforms has allowed creators and artists to explore the human psyche without holding back and, in that endeavor, improvise on content based on the most unlikely events that can occur in already unusual situations. And these situations span all genres. From “Raat Akeli Hai” to “Haseen Dilruba,” from “Gulabo Sitabo” to “Monica! Oh My Darling,” from “Drishyam 2” to “Darlings,” from “Ludo” to “Pagglait,” from “AK vs. AK” to “Bulbul,” from “English Medium” to “Ramprasad Ki Tervi,” from “Kaagaz” to “Bob Biswas,” from “Lootcase” to “Phone Bhoot,” there are numerous examples. [We are mentioning only Hindi films here because our topic also concerns an upcoming Hindi OTT release.]

Frankly speaking, there is a certain creative freedom that OTT offers, which results from the fact that the Censor Board of India won’t be able to censor anything because there is no law for content censorship on online streaming platforms. This freedom has opened the doors for seasoned artists as well as amateur artists to explore more, let go of their inhibitions, and give shape to their imaginations in a way that they want the audience to see, not the way the audience should see it. The audience is more niche, as every OTT film has the advantage of reaching out one-on-one to viewers, which in many ways serves to cater better than a theater release. This is because, how we see a film also affects how we perceive it, which in turn affects our opinion about the film. With time, the desire for OTT releases has only increased, as has the variety of stories depicted and messages conveyed. This has only been possible because viewers have shown their love for all kinds of stories, which means that we have broken out of the traditional mold and can choose what we want to see, thanks to the OTTs that give us more in every way and in larger quantities. Now that we have addressed this, let’s break down the trailer of Netflix’s upcoming Hindi release “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga.”

Written by Siraj Ahmed Amar Kaushik and Raj Kumar Gupta and directed by Ajay Singh, “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga” stars Sunny Kaushal, Yami Gautam, and Sharad Kelkar. A flight from Malaysia to India, carrying diamonds from a heist, is hijacked. The characters Sunny and Yami, who are supposed to pull off the heist, are inside the aircraft. As Sunny searches for a way to keep the diamonds hidden from the terrorists, taking a beating for it while not revealing what he is on about, his chances of staying alive are diminishing. The terrorists have also taken two passengers hostage, one of whom is Yami. We do not know for sure if the other one is Sunny. Sharad Kelkar’s character is the officer who is apparently negotiating with the terrorists and overseeing the whole operation. The trailer doesn’t reveal anything other than these, and all that we know is that Sunny’s character is brought in front of Sharad’s character, which means that the passengers might have been rescued in some way. The trailer ends with Sunny strapped in a chair with a bomb on his chest. This seems to be another stunt by the hijackers, and Sharad is stunned.

Sunny Kaushal is new to the industry. And although he has proven that he has the ability to act in films like “Hurdang” and “Gold”, he is yet to prove himself. Yami Gautam has been around for a longer time and has explored different kinds of roles, some appreciated, others not so much. In “Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga,” they will both be playing thieves, and we all know that such kinds of roles need a lot of conviction to have the intended effect on the viewers. They need to carry the shrewdness of thieves and place the pretension of not being thieves on top of the shrewdness.

Sharad Kelkar is perhaps the only one of the lot on whom we can bet. His authority, propelled by his baritone, is apt for a character who has earned his name from judging and identifying right from wrong. We do not know whether the characters of Yami and Sunny are working for a higher order or someone who will pay them for the heist. Both are surely highly experienced in robbery, but the high stakes of the heist seem to indicate that someone else is pulling the strings. We even see Sunny explaining to someone about the altitude of the plane and how the possibility of someone finding out about the diamonds is close to zero. There is also a romantic angle in the film when the male and female counterparts meet, either with or without a motive. To know more, we have to watch the film.

Manohar Verma will serve as the action director. Considering his previous works, including “Madras Café,” “Airlift,” and “Mardaani,” we can expect viable action sequences. We have Red Chillies VFX onboard, so we can expect effective visuals of the aircraft and other sequences that require computer-generated graphics. The film has been edited by Charu Takkar, who has previously edited “OK Computer” (Hotstar), “Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side” (Voot), and “What the Folks?” (Voot). This will serve as her first film as an editor.

“Chor Nikal Ke Bhaaga” releases exclusively on Netflix on March 24.

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