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‘Beau Is Afraid’ Release Date, Cast, And Plot Information

The art of constructing a dystopian society is something Ari Aster has perfected and is back again with “Beau is Afraid,” starring Joaquin Phoenix, but this time with a comic touch. Ari Aster is a well-recognized filmmaker who has earned his place among the best for his masterpieces like the 2018 horror movie “Hereditary,” “Midsommar” (2019), and “The Strange Thing About The Johnsons.”

According to the rumors making the rounds, the movie is built on a $60 million budget, making it the most costly A24 production to date. “Beau is Afraid” is a dream-like horror flick and a riot of colors, as expected of all Ari Aster flicks. The movie was originally named “Disappointment Blvd.” but was later renamed “Beau is Afraid.” Here’s everything we know about the upcoming “Beau is Afraid.”

‘Beau Is Afraid’ Release Date: When’s The Movie Hitting The Theatres?

“Joaquin Phoenix,” the upcoming masterpiece, is expected to hit worldwide theatres on April 28, 2023, assuming everything plays out well. The producers originally planned “Beau is Afraid” to be premiered on the big screen in 2022; however, the date was pushed to 2023 owing to unavoidable circumstances. The photography for the movie kicked off in 2021, and the filming took place in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Cast Information

The “Gladiator” star is back in the game again with the upcoming “Beau is Afraid ” after securing the Academy Award for Todd Phillips’s Joker as the Best Actor in a Leading Role. Cast member Armen Nahapetian is now on board to play the role of teen “Beau.” Parker Posey, the actress hailed for her performances in “Superman Returns” and “Blade Trinity,” joins the ensemble as Elaine. Patti Lupone stars as Beau’s mother and is joined by “Mouse Hunt” alum Nathan Lane as Roger. The remainder of the cast includes the likes of Kylie Rogers as Toni, Joe Cobden as Brian Galloway, Denis Menochet as Jeeves, Julia Antonelli as Teen Elaine, Anana Rydvald as Elaine’s mother, Hayley Squires as Elaine, and Bradley Fisher.

‘Beau Is Afraid’ Movie Plot: What’s The Movie About?

The filmmakers and the crew have done a tremendous job keeping all the secrets under wraps, and the trailer itself doesn’t reveal much about the movie’s plot. From what’s been gathered, Beau is a middle-aged man in his early fifties who often finds himself reflecting on his past. One day, Beau finally gathers his courage and decides to visit his mother after many years, but he is hesitant to venture out into a world where “everything” is normal. Fast-food corners and trucks are replaced by stalls selling machine guns and assault rifles. Beau’s mother loves him dearly. However, her excerpts suggest that Beau had a very troubled childhood, and she apologizes for what Beau’s father has passed on to him. Beau is a very isolated person, and the only people he’s in contact with are his mother and the guys working at a pharmacy, which suggests he’s on medication. The world has gone crazy and is full of people who even convey the news of an accident with smiling faces. And the same happens with Beau, as he’s hit by a woman, who, along with his family, later traps him inside their house while he rejuvenates and recovers his strength, just like Chris Washington was entrapped by the Armitage family in “Get Out.” They even put a tracking anklet on Beau’s legs, saying it’s a miniature assistant health monitor, all with a smiling face. Beau somehow manages to escape and sets out on a trip to confront his greatest fear and live his greatest adventure. Ari Aster, the movie’s director, has a knack for creating dystopian worlds for his movies, as seen in the 2019 flick, “Midsommar.” Like “Midsommar,” the upcoming 2023 movie is about a man who embarks on a journey to find out who he really is.

Ari Aster’s Directing Style

Ari Aster has become a household name in the horror genre, and “Beau is Afraid” surely won’t disappoint. From the previews, it’s clear that Aster has no intention of spilling the beans until he throws you headfirst into his fantastical universes. You often wonder, “What is this picture truly about?” after seeing one of his promos, the answers are always fortunate. His depictions of extreme feelings are so powerful that anybody with a heart may be moved to leave the theatre or hit “Alt F4” and hide their face in a duvet if they could. The characters in his flicks often find themselves in simple conversations discussing a mundane topic or event, which will be completely overshadowed by the following shocking development. All is well during Midsommar celebrations until one of the elderly cultists takes the leap of faith and crashes onto a boulder, killing herself in the process. The director has managed to both soothe his protagonists as well as the viewer with the scenic natural splendor and tradition following the horrible sequence of the cultists carving murals of someone else’s head. And from the looks of it, “Beau is Afraid” will be no different.

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