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MCU Producer Talks About The 2 X-Men Heroes He Desperately Wants To Bring To The Franchise

Since 2019, Marvel Studios has had the rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men properties. However, it has been an upwards of three years, and only the Fantastic Four movie has been officially announced to be in development. So, what about the X-Men? Marvel Studios Producer Nate Moore has revealed that while it might take some more time to bring the mutants into the MCU, he assured everyone that they would ultimately show up. Additionally, he has also stated that he is especially interested in bringing two X-Men heroes to the screen.

Marvel Producer Wants To Bring These Two X-Men To The MCU Specifically

On the Crew Call podcast (Deadline), Marvel Studios’ Producer Nate Moore mentioned that for him, the X-Men characters, Bishop and Storm, are two of the very best in that superhero franchise. He further said that he loves the two characters so much that he can continue pitching story ideas about them all day.

Storm is one of the most powerful X-Men characters, and yet in her live-action appearances, like during her tenure in the Fox “X-Men” films, her strength was severely downplayed. So it’s certainly interesting to hear an MCU producer specifically talking about her. It might mean that Marvel Studios has big plans for the character in future projects.

However, what is even more interesting is Moore bringing up the name of Bishop (Lucas Bishop) out of all the X-Men characters. Readers of Marvel comics will know that he’s a character who belongs to a dystopian future. So how will Marvel Studios even integrate him with their timeline? We might get to see him after the current Kang saga wraps up. After all, it remains to be seen how much of the earth and universe remain standing after Kang is finished wreaking havoc.

It’s possible that at the end of “Avengers: Secret Wars,” everything will be decimated, and we will be left with a dystopian future. However, a major part of his character arc is also learning to adjust to the current century with the X-Men since he only knew of them as legends or myths. So will Marvel Studios bring him in with time travel and implement a fish-out-of-water storyline? That remains to be seen.

Apart from this, the interviewers also asked if Marvel Studios had brought a director on board for the X-Men film. To this, he replied that it is too early to search for a director. Moore’s words about it being early days are true because, till now, Marvel Studios has only confirmed two mutants.

One is Namor, and the other is Ms. Marvel. So they have just started laying down any substantial groundwork for the mutant kind. However, we expect that there will be some updates once the animated “X-Men ’97” project nears its release.

Nate Moore Addresses The Inclusion Of Black Characters In Future MCU Phases

In the interviews, Nate Moore also talked about two black characters he was excited to see in the MCU. Both have been around in comics for decades. One of them was Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau, who was introduced in “WandaVision” and will now be seen in the upcoming movie “The Marvels.” Moore praised Parris and said that she did a great job in the film.

The other character he mentioned was Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear). Moore said that Blue Marvel is a fascinating character who is like Superman in powers and strength and has operated during the 60s. The producer also said that Blue Marvel had to put on a mask to operate as a hero. But once that mask got ripped off and people realized that he was black, that ended up upsetting the situation going on during the Civil Rights era.

But now he is being reintroduced in the comics as a Captain Nemo-like character who goes on grand space adventures. Moore then said that a ton of exciting and unique stuff is going to happen with the character. So is he foreshadowing something? It’s possible because he brought up the Civil Rights Movement in his comments.

A year ago, it was rumored that Warner Bros. Discovery was developing a Black Superman movie set during the Civil Rights period. We don’t know if that project is still in active development, but it would be interesting if Marvel brought that to life with Blue Marvel. However, if Marvel Studios proceeds with that idea, they might not be able to use him as a love interest for Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau. The actress is also interested in this possibility and thinks the pairing will be spicy. So how will all these characters get integrated into future Marvel plans? We will have to wait and watch what Marvel Studios cooks up for them all.

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