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‘Alien Abduction: Travis Walton’ Ending, Explained: Is The Walton Escape A Hoax?

Scientists are always on a mission to find out about life on different planets. And what if a spaceship unexpectedly crashed-landed anywhere on Earth? Do aliens exist? And if they do, how are the humans going to treat them on this land? There are many mysterious questions lingering about aliens and their existence, and to support that, Travis Walton will tell his experience of how he went missing. “Alien Abduction: Travis Walton” is a documentary film where Travis, the victim himself, describes his encounter with non-human beings and how he became a worldwide sensation after that.

Spoilers Ahead

An Outlandish Catastrophe

It was the 5th of November 1975, when six loggers witnessed a U.F.O. abducting one of their crewmates inside the dense forest of Arizona. It was just another ordinary day when Travis and his fellow mates were returning to Snowflake, a small village in southwest Arizona, after a hectic day at work. While Travis was driving the truck, others noticed a bright light from a quarter of a mile away. At first, they assumed it to be a campfire or a plane crash, but gradually, the light started turning brighter and more terrifying. Imagine a huge flashlight coming towards you that could literally blind your eyes. When they reached the exact spot, all they noticed was the huge flying saucer-like structure set in the air, standing still without any movement. Travis got out of the car to check out the beaming object, even though his crewmates tried to stop him. Soon, they all saw a blue-green light flashing all over their heads, which absorbed Travis without leaving any trace. Everyone was so scared that they drove the truck away a few miles to inform the law enforcement agency. Why do all abductions take place in the depths of nowhere, in the midst of a thick forest?

Travis Walton’s journey does not constitute an exemption. Leaving an unsolved puzzle for the rest of the world, the massive spacecraft took Travis away. The cops questioned the six men who had observed the whole incident. Sheriff Marlin was in charge of the case and monitored the abduction spot thoroughly, finding some clues. Don, the brother of Travis, also joined the rescue operation as he was a forest service employee. They all tried to find Travis’ body. It might sound strange, but the U.F.O. site had a higher level of radiation in comparison to the other corners. Most of them thought that Travis had been murdered and dumped somewhere in the forest. After an investigation with the coworkers of Travis Walton, the cop arranged a polygraph test in the Navajo Courthouse to find out the truth behind the abduction. Mike Rogers, the closest friend of Travis, passed the polygraph test, along with Steve Pierce (17 years old) and Kenny Peterson (26 years old). Dwayne Smith also cleared the test while the cops had their eyes on John Goulette and Allen Dalis. Travis and Allen were never on good terms, and it worked as a shred of evidence for the police. They thought that Allen Dalis could be the one who planned the murder, as he also failed the polygraph test by the last round. Within three days of the missing report, the police announced it as a homicide case.

A Mind-boggling Elucidation

On the other hand, Travis’ family was shocked to learn about the disappearance. Dana, the girlfriend of Travis, could not believe this as paranormal activity, and the same goes for his sister-in-law, Angie. The only positive thing was that his family didn’t accuse anybody. They could not even believe the crewmates were doing any harm to Travis. But the inconclusive nature of Allen somehow resolved the case until Travis actually returned. It is nearly impossible to believe that the person who was abducted by a U.F.O. will eventually come back to Earth. But the least of all expectations mounted a rebellion with a late-night phone call. Grant, the brother-in-law of Travis, received a call around 10 p.m. after five days of the missing case. At first, he thought it was a prank call, as the whole universe was aware of what had happened to Travis. But it was the most unexpected call, and that was from Travis. He gave the address to Grant of where he is stuck.

The family members reached the telephone booth to get Travis out of danger, but they didn’t inform the police. Travis’s family thought that he was too severely devastated to answer any questions. In the 1970s, phone calls were still operated by telephone agencies, and one of the staff informed the police about this phone call. And now, nobody is a stranger to the news of Travis coming back to the world. Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (A.P.R.O.) took command of this case. Travis was checked into the Phoenix Hotel for a medical checkup under a pseudonym to hide his real identity. Under the supervision of Dr. James Harder, Travis was asked about his experience.

Amidst all the rumors, Travis shared all the things that were stored in his brain from the day he disappeared. He was surrounded by his loved ones in the hospital, including Dana, his present wife. The therapist used the regressive hypnosis technique to make him recall all the events. As soon as Travis closed his eyes, all the visions emerged again. He described the striking resemblance of the alien faces we all read about in books, with large eyes and heads without any noses. Then he started swimming into the air to find a way out of the trippy cage. He also met a human-like figure with a helmet who was muscular, taller, and larger and who escorted him to the corridor. Travis also mentions two more people without any coverings on their heads who had a Scandinavian look. Later on, the researcher considered them to be Nordic aliens. The human-looking person helped Travis put on his oxygen mask and then blacked out of nowhere. All that Travis could feel was fresh and cold air, and he found himself sleeping on the roadside. He didn’t have any memory of how exactly he reached the pathway. Did the aliens throw him away? Or did he travel miles all alone?

Ending: Where Is The Trail Leading To?

The medical tests revealed something unusual that was not anticipated by anybody. Travis was extremely dehydrated after he landed on Earth. He lost almost 10 to 12 pounds while there was no ketone body inside him. Then how did he manage to survive five days in such an adverse environment? The research team had tried to find some clues from the abduction site if any kind of evidence was left over! Did the aliens take care of Travis in such a way that his physical mechanisms worked even on a different planet? Ben and his research team apprehended the place like a crime scene to take out whatever information they could get that would benefit them in their further examination. The soil sample test blew everyone away, as the soil had a higher concentration of iron and ferrous material, which could create a large magnetic field to put up the crust layers.

Based on the findings, it was accepted that the kind of experience the crew members had was non-fictional. In fact, the team also discovered some connections with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that happened back in 1986. Travis penned a novel titled ‘The Walton Experience’ that captivated all the readers, including the U.F.O. researchers. While most of us considered “Fire in the Sky ” (1993) a fictional movie, it was actually based on the roughneck’s experience who witnessed the remarkable event. But the most concerning fact is: who are these aliens, and what do they want from us? After 45 years of the Walton abduction, Travis again visited the forest for the last time, driving his own car. He states that it is a kind of P.T.S.D. that still feels like an emotional journey for him. Four decades later, he thinks it was a turning point in his life that totally changed his perspective. Between illusion and fantasy, there is a world that lives in reality, and who would know it better than those six men?


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