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‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ Ending, Explained: Does Danielle Make It Alive?

Movies based on serial killers are intriguing to watch. “Vacation Home Nightmare” is one such movie. The film starts with Danielle Banks being devastated because her husband cheats on her. Her friend, Alesha, suggests going on a vacation and celebrating her new life. However, the little getaway does not pan out the way they planned. Someone is after Danielle’s life. Let’s find out what happens in the movie.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

Danielle Banks lives in Florida. After getting cheated on by her husband, she is shattered. Alesha comes in to save the day with an amazing idea. She suggests going on a small vacation so that Danielle can clear her head. They decide to go to West Palm Beach and book a house for rent. It is a captivating place with a swimming pool. Alesha decides to call another friend, Hannah, to tag along with them. The place is just 20 miles away from their home, so it feels like the perfect getaway spot. West Palm Beach is a beach town, so the trio decides to go to the beach nearby and spend some time there. On the beach, Danielle meets a boy named Jack. She gets interested in him and decides to be friends with him. He asks the trio to join his friends, and the group starts talking and spending time together. All seems to go well for Danielle until we find out that a stranger is keeping an eye on her. We see that Danielle is being watched by a man who has set up cameras in the rental house.

Jack and Danielle spend some time together, and she invites him to her house. He praises the property, and the two of them decide to meet again. Jack and Danielle exchange numbers and decide to go on a date the next day. However, when Jack reaches his home, the strange man who is stalking Danielle attacks Jack. We see that he very conveniently kills Jack and escapes the property, which can make the audience giggle a little despite it being a thriller movie. The next day, Danielle goes shopping with her friends to find the perfect outfit for her date with Jack. She waits for him to show up and eventually gives up. When she goes back home, she is attacked by the same killer. She somehow manages to escape and get help from people. Danielle calls the police and tells them what happened to her. The strange thing is the property’s caretakers come to the scene immediately. We get introduced to two new characters, Anton and Mike. Since the company does not want to get into any trouble, they offer help to Danielle. We later find out that Anton is the killer, and he wants revenge. Why? Well, the film then gives a backstory to the killer. The killer’s wife had left him because he did not do well in life. And since Danielle was getting a divorce, he had a personal grudge against her. Yes, even we aren’t sure why he targeted Danielle just because she was getting a divorce. In fact, she was the one who got cheated on, but the misogynist killer seemed to think it was somehow Danielle’s fault. In our eyes, Danielle is the real victim since she was going through so much in her life. She was finding it hard to cope with her divorce, and on top of that, she also got attacked. The movie fails to keep one glued to the screen since it seems stretched. Anyway, Danielle soon starts getting suspicious of Anton since he barged into her place the next day. She was clearly uncomfortable in his presence. Meanwhile, Anton penned a plan against her. He bugged her place before leaving and put a tracker on her car. The movie has a lot of loopholes, and the storytelling is weak. There are numerous inconsistencies in the plot. Without nitpicking, let’s see how the movie ends.

‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ Ending Explained – How Does Danielle Catch Anton?

After her suspicion grows of Anton, Danielle decides to follow Anton. She finds out that he drove the same van she saw on the night of her attack. She also finds out that he bleached his clothes and tried to dispose of the evidence. She tells everything to Alesha, who asks her to be safe and let the police do their work. However, Danielle is restless. She wants to find out the truth. Meanwhile, Anton’s partner, Mike, finds out that Anton has a dark past. Mike tries to help Danielle and tells her the name of the person who owned the property she got attacked in. Apparently, Anton had killed the previous owner and taken the property. Anton finds out that Mike knows about his dark past and kills him too. Not only does he kill Mike, but he also kills Danielle’s ex-husband Craig. Why? Well, he kills him but makes it look like it was a suicide. He also parks his van in such a way that the police find out and think that it was Craig who attacked Danielle. However, Danielle knew the truth. She told the police that she was sure Craig was not the one who attacked her. Near the end of the movie, Anton kidnaps Alesha and threatens Danielle. He asks her to meet him at the rental house if she wants to save her friend. She goes there alone with pepper spray and, in a very unrealistic scene, attacks Anton. She somehow manages to save Alesha. Alesha calls the police, and the movie ends there. This latest entry in the crowded serial killer genre is a disappointment from start to finish. The filmmakers attempt to create tension with cheap scares, but it simply falls flat. The characters are one-dimensional, and the dialogue is cliche, which makes it hard to connect with or care about anyone on the screen. The plot is predictable, and the filmmakers also seem to glorify the actions of the killer, giving him a backstory that tries to justify his behavior.


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