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Everything You Need To Know About ‘Evil Dead Rise’

If you have to name a weirdly hilarious horror story franchise, “Evil Dead” pops up without competition. This summer, the cult classic horror comedy is set to return with a new tale of blood and gore. The new installment of the film “Evil Dead Rise” will be produced by none other than Sam Raimi. The screenplay is written by ‘A Hole in the Ground’ famous Lee Cronin, who is also the director of the film. The franchise fans are all excited to watch the screen turn bloody with immensely horror-comic sequences. Also, the anticipation is high about whether the film will follow Ash Williams, the anti-hero. However, the first trailer that was dropped gave the audience a much darker version of “Evil Dead.” The trailer promises to unleash the wildest nightmares from the red band, and the audience cannot wait to see what the film has in store for them. This time, instead of witnessing horror in a cabin in the woods, the horror is to be experienced in city life. This twist is bound to take the breath away, as the newly launched trailer suggests. Here is everything you need to know before the film is released.

A Tragic Family Tale

The film is set to bring newness to the plot. Instead of invoking the Deadites in cabins in the woods, Cronin has brought them to the big city. The story gets personal as the Deadites will possess a mother of three, and Ellie and her sister Beth need a way to defeat the evil. The trailer shows a fearless Beth shielding her nieces and nephews from their possessed mother, Ellie. Things really get dark, as it is not just Ellie who falls victim to the Deadites; we see the youngest daughter cutting the head of a doll with scissors. The middle child seems to turn into a Deadite too, which suggests that darkness runs through the family.

The Necronomicon

Of course, the root of every Deadite outbreak is the evil Necronomicon. This time, it is responsible for a new Deadite outbreak. The cursed book is made of human skin and written with human blood, consisting of spells that open the gateway to invite demons into the Earth. This time, Professor Knowby’s (the dark magic scholar who knew the rites to invoke a Kandarian demon) dark words resurface. Among many other relics. Beth finds the Book of the Dead in her sister’s possession. Cronin has decided to put his own spin on the already existing horrors that the Deadites had unleashed before. 

Ash Williams

One true hero of the original trilogy is definitely Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell). In the final film of the original trilogy, “Army of Darkness” (Bruce Campbell). In the final film of the original trilogy, “Army of Darkness,” the famous Ash Williams is transported into the Middle Ages. He fights against the demons and follows the instructions to finally come back to the real-time. Coming back, he had to kill the time-traveling Deadlines. However, with all the glory with which the film ends, Ash Williams remains the trailer shows Beth running through the hallways, drenched and soaked in blood, with her eyes wide open to the madness she has been dealing with. However, she is not only the lone survivor; the youngest daughter remains alive. There is hope that with this movie, the franchise might kick start a Deadite hunting family legacy. 

The Cast

It is clear that, broadly, the story is about two sisters trying to rekindle their relationship, which is jeopardized by the malevolent spirits that were unleashed. Alyssa Sutherland (Ellie), the famous Queen Aslaug from the series “Vikings,” has brilliantly performed in the film. Lilly Sullivan, the talented Australian actress famous for her role as Coral in “Mental” (2002), plays Beth. Other actors include Nell Fisher, Mia Challis, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, Jayden Daniels, Tai Wano, and many more.

Release Date

Initially, “Evil Dead Rise” was to be released on HBO Max last year. But the studio implemented new strategies that postponed the film. Now, it is set to hit the theaters this year on April 23.

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