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Top 7 Series Like ‘The Night Manager’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

When it first aired, critics called “The Night Manager” one of the best spy thrillers out there. The story stars the likes of Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie and follows the story of a regular night manager employed at the Cairo Hotel who is recruited by the intelligence agency to penetrate the empire of an illicit weapon dealer. Here are a few shows to tackle if you loved “The Night Manager.”

The Bodyguard

The storyline is something I’d rather not discuss in detail since even a brief summary might give too much away. But still, the program focuses primarily on David Budd, a former cop who served in the military and now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. David is promoted to senior safety agent for a major political figure after thwarting a terrorist assault on passenger transport. Several events, along with some diplomatic machinations, unfolded from that. The series conclusion isn’t terrible. However, it is 20 minutes of explication in which the two protagonists admit much more than they really would under the circumstances.

The Americans 

Joe Weisberg is well-known for producing and directing series that provoke reactions from viewers such as laughter, sadness, and other feelings that they may not be revealed otherwise. “The Americans” is just like every other drama out there. The series is fixated on a married couple living in the United States, where the Russians have dispatched agents to infiltrate security services. The series will keep the audience on edge, and the audience will always find themselves standing in support of Philip and Elizabeth and crossing their fingers, hoping they are not harmed, apprehended, or killed. The program expertly demonstrates how Communist spies integrated into American society and the administration.

Jack Ryan 

The Amazon Prime Video masterpiece, “Jack Ryan,” is a brilliant political crime drama. The protagonist, Jack Ryan, is modelled upon Tom Clancy’s fictitious intelligence specialist and spy of the same name. Throughout the show, Ryan analyses and takes on foreign issues, most of which have some connection to extremism or subterfuge. Leading star John Krasinski has received high praise for his depiction of Jack Ryan, which has been lauded for its realism and empathy. In each scenario, Ryan is tasked with foiling the plans of a cabal of totalitarians and billionaires who would stop at nothing to return their country or political organisation to its previous grandeur.

The Spy 

In the eyes of both supporters and critics, “The Dictator” alum Sacha Baron is a pioneer in the field of entertainment. Whatever your opinion of his humour is, you won’t find any of it in his most recent thriller. Eli Cohen, an Israeli operative who posed as Kamel Amin Thabet to gain access to Syria’s ruling circles in the 1960s, is the subject of this drama. In displaying just a peek at plucked fingernails as well as electrocution, the filmmaker has done a fantastic job of letting the audience use its own ideas to recreate the torturous scenes in their heads. Initially, the first few chapters might not be all that interesting, but they set the stage for the audience to feel regret for the spy and pity for his spouse by the end of the series.

The Family Man

The action of this espionage thriller starts with the kidnapping of a couple of ISIS militants in the waters off Kochi. The scene shifts to Bombay, where our hero, Srikant Tiwari, is doing some relaxation techniques in a little park surrounded by tall, crowded skyscrapers. Sri has the insurmountable chore of settling his taxes online while simultaneously calming down his two antsy kids who refuse to eat the meal he prepared for them. In addition, he must think of a plausible explanation for his tardiness to the office. Even though he might be going undercover for the spy agency to stop potential militants or extremists before they can do some damage, he lives much like any other family guy.

The Blacklist

Raymond “Red” Reddington, the protagonist of this crime thriller, turns himself in to the American Bureau and agrees to assist novice analyst Elizabeth Keen in tracking down his former nefarious accomplices. Each chapter focuses on one wanted blacklister, a terrorist so mysterious that not even the intelligence agency knows who they are. It’s intriguing that as the narrative continues, each blacklister is assigned a unique identifier that has some significance. After a few years, the true story behind Reddington’s decision to capitulate becomes clear. His goals are intricately tied to the other protagonist in the show, Keen, and encompass his shady history.

Burn Notice

The protagonist of the series, Michael Weston, was employed as a secret intelligence operative till he was decommissioned, something you might have guessed from the show’s title. However, Weston is forced back into his past life as he encounters two people with a long list of contracts. Season 4 has an unexpected twist, and I won’t tell you more for the sake of spoilers. Incredible dialogue and plot twists come from every character. Action sequences and cinematography are on par with those in Hollywood blockbusters. Even the bad guys that try to stop Weston are awesome, too. Moreover, there is often an emotional component to the contract itself. It works out well since it adds a more genuine tone to the series.

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