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Top 6 Films Like ‘Children Of The Corn’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

The flick “Children of the Corn” is a must-watch for any aficionado of supernaturally tinged horror flicks with an air of foreboding. In this chilling film, a cult indoctrinates a young audience, resulting in widespread mayhem and bloodshed in their hometown. If you enjoyed “Children of the Corn,” you may also appreciate these other chilling films. These movies include everything you want in a scary flick, from disturbing sects to frightening villains and so on.

The Wicker Man (2006)

The film chronicles the exploits of Edward, an honest cop who gets a telegram from his ex-girlfriend pleading for his intervention in locating her lost kid on an uninhabited peninsula. When Edward first visits the location, he encounters a mysterious and isolated group that adheres to an old heathen faith, with his ex-girlfriend serving as a senior member of the congregation. After looking into the incident, Edward became persuaded that the people were concealing a wicked and terrible secret and that blood offering was central to their ideals and practices. He soon comes face to face with the peninsula’s ugly truth and its hidden traditions, building up to a terrifying finale. The critical and public reception of the film was mostly negative. Several others thought it was a great recreation that managed to retain the 1973 classic’s essence, praising the movie’s spooky ambiance and Cage’s dedicated portrayal.

The Reaping (2007)

Katherine is sent to a tiny hamlet near Texas to examine a string of unexplained happenings, including the stream turning scarlet and the locals’ fears that this portends the return of the ancient diseases that once swallowed Egypt. When she digs deeper, she finds evidence linking the outbreaks to a teenager called Loren, who seems to be responsible for them. When Katherine investigates more, she comes to believe that the girl’s abilities are tied to a sinister truth that has been kept hidden for decades by the community. Katherine, aided by her coworker Ben, is in a clockwork effort to prevent the diseases from annihilating the village while simultaneously coming to terms with the girls’ supernatural powers. The film makes an excellent attempt at setting the mood and raising the stakes; however, it fails when it comes to coddling those qualities.

The Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

The film depicts a handful of young teens in a tiny community who are terrorized in their nightmares by a strange and sinister man called Freddy Krueger. During the course of the film, our heroine learns that Freddy was a condemned serial killer and rapist who was burned to death by the village’s citizens after being freed from jail by exploiting legal loopholes. After his resurrection, Krueger has been murdering teens in their sleep as a means of getting retribution. As the horror grows in both intensity and lethality, Nancy, alongside her lover Glen, searches for a means to halt Krueger’s murderous spree and put a stop to his story once and for all.

The Howling (1981)

Karen, as well as her spouse, Bill, take themselves off to a secluded retreat in search of healing after a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, Bill quickly finds out that the locals at the lodge are not humans and that Edward, the group’s alpha, has his sights set on his wife. As the duo struggles to get away, they join forces with a news journalist named Chris, as well as a monster hunter, to take on the beasts and find out the real deal about the town’s inhabitants. Many horror fans hold this picture in high regard as a masterpiece. The film’s visual techniques, including makeup, by the late great Rob Bottin, have become historic. The film’s scary components are balanced by its macabre sense of comedy, which also contributes to the film’s ultimate success.

In The Tall Grass (2019)

The film features a twin brother and sister on a scenic drive who pull over to investigate a stretch of the thick meadow where they overhear a small kid’s cry for rescue. As the duo steps foot on the ground, reality and time distort, and they immediately get lost and divided. The duo comes across other stranded people, like the boy’s father as well as a guy named Ross, all of whom are imprisoned in the field and are desperate to escape. The party’s anxieties and deepest impulses are heightened by the area’s extraordinary influence as they try to solve the mysteries of the zone and flee its clutches. Critical and public receptions of the film were divided. It has been acclaimed for its ambient horror and visually gorgeous scenes, but it has also been panned for being too complex and monotonous.

Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

This film introduces the audience to two boys whose guardians are tragically killed in an automobile crash. In the wake of the accident, the boys are sent to the city to be fostered by a loving couple. The film takes a sinister turn when the siblings cultivate a mystery corn sprout they had saved from their time on their ranch and find out it has mystical abilities. The siblings get associated with a religious sect that idolizes the wicked god that lives in the fields as the crop starts to overtake the village population. The movie features some disturbing and bloody sequences, but they don’t amount to much and are easily forgotten. For many, the flick is a let down because its core themes—religion and the corrosive impact of influence—are not explored enough and come across as contrived.


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