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Top 6 Crime-Thriller Films That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

Do you like reading or watching crime thrillers? Do you like the suspense, and thrill of seeing films that delve into the shadowy sides of humanity? If so, you’re in luck because there are a ton of great crime-thriller films just waiting to be savoured. Complex storylines, likeable protagonists, and nail-biting tension combine in these films to leave viewers chewing on their nails.

If you’re seeking fresh crime-thriller films to add to your to-do list, you must go no further than the films listed below.

Last Seen Alive (2022)

The film is a riveting drama focusing on a lady named Emily who vanishes, leaving everything behind. Throughout the frenzied hunt for Emily, her spouse, as well as the authorities, find a labyrinth of scandals and falsehoods that raise suspicions that her abduction might not have happened voluntarily. The deadline is drawing near, and they need to locate Emily quickly before they receive the bad news. The film’s outstanding direction and execution keep viewers chewing on their nails from beginning to end. The unexpected changes in the story are handled well, as are the personalities, which are fully fleshed out. All of the actors, but especially the female lead, do a fantastic job, and the film’s photography and score further enhance the film’s tense situation.

Regression (2015)

This film unfolds in a tiny hamlet in Minnesota during the 1990s. Sergeant Bruce Kenner is the protagonist of this narrative, and he looks into a situation concerning a teenage girl who claims that her parents have sexually abused her. Nevertheless, when Bruce investigates more, he finds evidence of a much larger scheme as well as ceremonial torture associated with the devil that extends the details of what he was told. The narrative has multiple shocks and detours that keep the viewers on their toes until they reach the climax. The film’s photography is also excellent, contributing to the film’s ominous mood by making effective use of Little hamlet’s chilly, gloomy backdrop.

The Silencing (2020)

The film chronicles the life of Swanson, a retired poacher, and drunkard who now resides in a rural region of the US. As the leading candidate in the abduction of a little girl, Swanson is compelled to return to active duty. In his efforts to exonerate himself, he becomes involved in a perilous death dance with the true culprit. The storyline is littered with a multitude of shocking detours that keep you wondering right up until the very conclusion. The wide and gorgeous Pacific Northwest environment serves as a stunning background for the film’s events. It’s hardly the most creative or original thriller ever, but it’s well-done and gratifying, with an ending that resolves everything well.

The Postcard Killings (2020)

The movie puts the audience in the shoes of Jacob, who travels thousands of miles to look into the deaths of his married daughter and her spouse. When he investigates more, he learns that the murderer has been mailing postcards to a reporter before every death in a number of comparable cases throughout the country. Jacob enlists the aid of a news journalist named Dessie in an effort to find the murderer and deliver justice. The story is intricately woven together, keeping the audience wondering right up until the very end. As impressive is the film’s imagery, which makes excellent use of the stunning European settings to enhance the film’s ominous mood. It doesn’t do anything particularly unique for the category, but it’s well-performed, expertly filmed, and gratifyingly tense.

A Kind Of Murder (2016)

The film depicts Walter, a famous designer who gets fixated on a homicide investigation that has received a lot of coverage in the press. He gets obsessed with the story of Kimmel, a guy who is being tried for the killing of his spouse. Walter’s relationship is falling apart just as his passion for the investigation is reaching a fever pitch. His partnership with Clara, who is suffering from severe depression, worsens with time. As Clara’s body is discovered in bizarre settings, her husband is thrown into everyone’s crosshairs. While Walter is adamant about clearing his reputation, he starts to doubt his rationality as the proof acquitting against him piles up.

A Walk Among The Tombstones (2014)

Independent detective Matthew Scudder is recruited by a mob boss to track down the people responsible for his wife’s kidnapping and gruesome death. Mathew has a sordid past as both a drunkard and a police officer. As Mathew investigates more, he finds a sequence of atrocities committed throughout the town that appears to be related to the same vicious murders. Liam Neeson gives an outstanding portrayal of Matthew, bringing a menacing depth to the part. The drama excels, in part, because of the authenticity and atmosphere it creates of the Big Apple in the nineties. The film successfully depicts the city’s sordid underworld as a hostile and unfriendly environment. This setting provides an excellent background for the dramatic events taking place inside the plot.

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