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Series Like ‘Shadow And Bone’ That You Can Watch

The series “Shadow and Bone” has been adapted from the well-known series of books of the same name written by Leigh Bardugo, who wrote several fantasy novels such as “Rule of Wolves.” The story is set in a fictional world where war is ongoing, and a few ordinary characters, like a soldier and an orphan, are set to make history when they are on the verge of saving the world from evil forces. The television series has many angles, including romance, mystery, action, magic, and other things. Fans of fantasy shows should check out similar shows that did well in attracting attention from audiences around the world for their plots, visual effects, and performances.

Locke And Key (2020-2022)

“Locke and Key” is a supernatural horror show that was created by Carlton Cuse from “Lost,” “The Returned,” and others. The story revolves around a family who recently witnessed the tragic death of their father. So, the mother and children move to an ancestral house, where they encounter strange rooms with locks on them. It is a drama with a lot of emotional content that keeps the viewer on edge with its gripping tale and visual effects. The show’s first season was released in early 2020 and can be viewed on Netflix.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (2018-2020)

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” was created by Roberto Aguirre from “Pretty Little Liars: The Original Sin.” The show has been divided into four parts, and the first part was released in 2018. The series was mostly shot in British Columbia, Canada. The plot centers around a young girl who happens to be a witch and has enormous powers within her. She lives with her aunts after the death of her parents in an accident and has loyal friends from school.

The Witcher (2019- Present)

The creator of “The Umbrella Academy,” Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, developed the much-loved fantasy show “The Witcher.” The series has so far had two seasons, with the first premiering in 2021. It is based on books of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski, who writes in Polish. It explores the fictional world of characters such as Geralt of Rivia, whose story is famous among people in the area. The various characters, including Geralt, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and the crown princess, become part of the same time period, and their lives get entangled. The show indicates how the Witcher and the life of the princess are related because the former becomes her protector. It has been hugely successful among lovers of fantasy dramas and is available on Netflix.

The Wheel Of Time (2021- Present)

The show “The Wheel of Time” has been available for viewers around the world on Amazon Prime Videos since 2021, when the first season premiered. It is an adaptation of the famous books written by Robert Jordan (Conan the Barbarian) and Brandon Sanderson (The Stormlight Archive). The lead character in the show is Moiraine, played by the talented actress Rosamund Pike from “Gone Girl.” She is on a mission to find the person who is a reincarnation of Dragon and will be crucial in saving the world. The villagers are not aware whether the gifted person is a girl or a boy, but they have to find the individual as the child has grown up. The show is high on fantasy and entertains lovers of epic fiction.

The Rings Of Power (2022- Present)

The show “The Rings of Power” is adapted from the book and other works of J. R. R. Tolkien, who is famous for his books such as “Lord of the Rings.” The show was launched in 2022 by Amazon Prime Video. The story is set in a time when the world was mostly at peace, and there were no ongoing wars between different clans of humans or other creatures.

Cursed (2021)

The fantasy drama “Cursed” is adapted from a graphic novel by Frank Miller (Daredevil) and Tom Wheeler (The Cape). The series has one season and was launched on Netflix in 2021. The television drama follows a strong female lead who is called the Lady of the Lake, and she is on a mission to protect her village from the shadow of evil. She meets a young soldier named Arthur who is searching for a magical sword. The show is quite fascinating with its rich story and plot and is loved by many around the world.

Sweet Tooth (2021- Present)

Jim Mickle from “We Are What We Are” developed the fantasy show “Sweet Tooth,” which is an adaptation of a book. Just like the mythical world of “Shadow and Bones,” the show explores the magical characters who live in an epic world scenario. In the post-war world, there lived people who were hybrids of man and animals, and one such creature was Gus. It is the story of Gus finding his identity and long-lost mother. It is a beautiful story that is set in a unique land and at peculiar times.

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