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Top 5 Best Space Movies That You Can Stream Right Now

One of my favourites is the subgenre of science fiction that focuses on the cosmos, interstellar transportation, and the fantastical possibilities that transcend our planet Earth. And trust me, I’m not the only one; there are many who love to visit space movies whenever they find time on their hands. Furthermore, the excitement of exploring other worlds, as well as the potential of making contact with alien intelligence, are themes often explored in space films. With that being said, here are a few movies to check out if you’re hoping to transcend Earth and take a trip to space.


Like many of the titles on this roster, Gravity makes use of the mysteriousness of the cosmos. It invests attention and effort into investigating the universal human dread of the unexpected and uses that anxiety to heighten the stakes for its protagonists. Following the destruction of their spacecraft during a mission, two scientists have been left adrift in the eternal darkness. Without any contact with humankind, they are doomed to a terrible eternity in the cosmos. The fact that the narrative mixes a seasoned scientist with a rookie is a nice touch. This allows us to observe how fear and despair may unite seemingly disparate situations. As it befits its classification as a psychological thriller, the movie will keep you hooked as you find yourself unable to help but identify with the main characters and experience the emptiness with them.

The Martian

The Martian is a movie about enduring hardship that transports audiences to the surface of our neighbouring planet Mars for a few hours. To live on a planet that isn’t exactly kind to a visitor from Earth, a scientist who is abandoned by his squad must overcome overwhelming obstacles. His little provisions will have to sustain him long enough for NASA engineers to discover a means to return him safely to Earth. In spite of its lack of intergalactic travel, the movie succeeds admirably in making the audience feel like they are the protagonist. We share his growing anxiety and panic as time passes, and we sympathise with his decreasing optimism for a happy ending. At the same time, we share in his victories and get vital insight into the significance of staying strong and having faith in one’s own abilities, especially in the face of what may seem like insurmountable odds.


Interstellar is the best movie ever. The intensity of my adoration for this film is beyond words. Literally, it ranks among the best movies I’ve ever seen, and this Christopher Nolan masterpiece houses some deep themes that left me thinking for hours, even after the curtains dropped. Interstellar’s heartbeat is the relationship between a father and daughter that transcends both time and dimension. A veteran aviator confronts the unimaginable when he is persuaded by the government to go into outer space as humankind’s final chance. He has to leave his loved ones behind, knowing that he can never return to them. As the clock ticks, the intricate scheme and mind-bending storyline will gradually reveal themselves. Though it has a seemingly straightforward concept, the movie is everything but. It’s well-acted and thoughtful, and the screenplay is packed with original concepts.

Jupiter Ascending

Many critics agree that this movie is disorganised and poorly executed. One may say it’s an awkwardly constructed space opera that falls short of creating believable and likeable protagonists and antagonists. On the other hand, it’s an eye-popping trip to the farthest regions of our universe that examines the consequences of endless avarice. It had a lot of opportunities to be spectacular, but instead, it fell short on many occasions. The movie follows a young lady as she learns of her ties to a galactic family and kingdom. As she assumes authority, she must deal with threats from three siblings who want to use their abilities to create and extract living species to suit their interests. The plot is simple and entertaining, and I like re-watching it whenever I find myself with spare time.

The Space Odyssey

Moviegoers and reviewers alike agree that this is one of the best science fiction films ever made. There are a number of factors at play here, but perhaps the most important is the movie’s groundbreaking utilisation of CGI and the psychological ideas it introduced that have since been addressed in a wide variety of other pictures. Similarly, “A Space Odyssey” is a film that defies categorization due to its uniqueness. It’s a sci-fi drama, however, not in the conventional sense. It deals with a great deal of deep psychological thought and inquiry, which is unusual for the film medium. In addition to having a significant impact on the film industry, the groundbreaking nature of the film’s visual effects helped to cement its legacy. The stargate scene is the film’s most innovative part, a breathtaking show of hue and illumination that captures the audience’s attention and keeps it for the whole scene.

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