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Top 10 the Best Super Bowl Commercials You Could Check Out

The Super Bowl LVII is here, and all eyes will be fixed on the displays for newly launched commercials. This is also an ideal place for big corporations to publicize their goals and products and receive massive outcomes. With a maximum of 30 seconds per spot, the Super Bowl became one of the largest platforms for marketers to show up with unique strategies and ideas to catch the attention of the  fans across the globe. Here is a list of a few of the best commercials that you can follow up on YouTube.

Snickers: A Quick Fix For Your Mood

The late, legendary actress Betty White has been seen playing football with other enthusiastic young footballers in the Super Bowl commercial for Snickers. A Snickers bar always hits differently when you are super hungry. As the advertisement gets underway, players are seen in runny, slippery, and swampy settings, rolling the football to each other while Betty White gives all her efforts to grab the ball. She becomes crazy after watching the footballers perform like an old dame. With Snickers comes the energy—Abe Vigoda offers her boyfriend, Mike, a bar to cheer him up for the match. Set back on a gloomy day; the commercial depicts that snickers could instantly brighten up your day just as it did to White, an older woman – because you cannot be yourself if you are hungry. The unconventional visual became the ultimate way of convincing chocolate lovers back in 2010, which became a huge hit during Super Bowl XLIV.

Alexa! Minding Her Own Business

One of the most watched Super Bowl commercials would be when Alexa lost her voice, on which you are totally dependent. Colin demonstrates what Amazon Alexa can do with just voice control, and the commercial also focuses on what will happen if the technology starts reading human feelings and emotions. Starring Scarlett Johansson, the final outcome of the ad is both ridiculously funny and unintentionally hilarious, so you must check it out once.

Doritos: A Trip Back To Childhood

Do you want it that way as the Backstreets Boys and Chance the Rapper croon over? With such a picturesque view, the rapper and your 90s favorite band made a techno remix of “I Want It That Way” to unveil the brand-new Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos. The video clip of Chance starts with steering and grooving on a runway decorated with pink airplanes and multicolored classic muscle cars while taking bites from the bag full of spicy hot Doritos.

Busch Light: A Pilot For The Homeless

Crossing 7 million views on YouTube, Sarah McLachlan stars in the commercial for Busch Light, along with her “Angel,” an evergreen backdrop from 1997. The scene opens with the Busch spokesman, amidst the snow-capped mountains, giving smooth outdoor survival tips where he mentions two things, i.e., food and drink, of course, the canned Busch beer, and emphasizes “shelter.” Coming out of the tent, McLachlan introduces herself and pledges the viewers to spend a dollar a day, which would be a great help to the shelterless animals. The heartbreaking ad shows wildlife like owls, puppies, foxes, and cute deer. But Sarah finds the “wrong shelter” for herself and seems both miffed and worried as she gazes over at the wolf whimpering beside her.

Your Leftovers Need A Dollop Of Hellman’s

Midnight cravings are  really something; you open up the fridge and find Jon Hamm and Brie Larson. Well, Hellman’s is back with their Super Bowl commercial featuring Pete Davidson, the comedian whom you will find everywhere. The zinger for the two stars has been there for years, so it’s finally time to seal the deal! The Super Bowl ad featured Hamm and Larson in a refrigerator, where their eyes fixed upon a large and strategically placed jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise. After the chicken and egg situation, they eventually came to terms with the fact that they were on the menu for dinner. While the duo appreciates Hellman’s spreads, Davidson, with his cannibalistic approach, swings the fridge door and looks in on them with a hint of menace and cries out with delight. A ‘delicious’ brie and ham grilled cheese sandwich crafted with the flavoring hints at the commercial’s savage tinges in the words of Davidson. Helmed by Wunderman Thompson, the idea of such a weird sandwich recipe actually focuses on the zero waste of leftovers with Hellman’s sauces and “Real Mayonnaise.”

The Crisp and Crunch Is All You Need In Your Mouth

Popcorners, say it out loud, you are in Albuquerque now! A big clap for Frito-Lay, who persuaded Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the beloved teacher-student duo, to reprise their roles as Walt and Jesse years after ‘Breaking Bad’ got over. This time there will be no crystal meth; rather, it’s a party snack called popcorn, a recipe curated by none other than Walter White. Here comes another old face, Tuco (Raymond Cruz), as a distributor for their creation who approves the requests for more kettle corn, sea salt, and white cheddar stuff, and that’s the deal! It is definitely one of the best strategies of the underrated company (Frito-Lay) to gain attention through the gripping characters of the phenomenal thriller.

Running Miles To Make You Smile

Directed by Dante Ariola, another Super Bowl commercial of a one-minute spot features the father who forgets the binky of her little daughter, where the Kia Telluride X-Pro SUV comes to the rescue. When the baby starts crying, the dad’s fear turns into sheer dedication. He scuttles out of the guesthouse, takes out the keys, and drives away. Someone present at the entry gate clicks a picture and uploads it on social media with the “bindy dad” tag. While the whole social media is flooded with comments, the father sees a clogged route where the workers show him the appropriate direction, recognizing that it is the same man revolving over the internet. After all the blocks, snowdrifts, and traffic, he finally makes it to his house, escorted by the cop. Such a win for the father, but he rushes to the hotel with a green teething ring, but the baby is fond of the blue one. Well, Kia is always there for all the adventures, and it’s not just a four-wheeled vehicle but a movement that emboldens your journey.

The Farmer’s Dog: A Definition Of Pure Love

This Super Bowl commercial is actually a small token of love for your dog. The Farmer’s Dog highlights providing fresh treats for the dogs and features the true love story of Ava and her Bear. The only thing that counts is that Ava might not be around, but Bear would get his food on time, from being a puppy to turning into a grown-up canine. Between having a pet and having her own child, the ad portrays the journey of Ava and her loyal pet sharing the same old bed together, as well as the profound emotions they experience.

E*Trade Babies Setting The Major Goals

With a 30-second spot, the E*Trade baby is back with a bang to help the clients get off their chairs and take control of their financial lives. The supercute advertisement shows babies, all decked out in suits and gowns, attending a wedding and discussing financial services. E*Trade, a renowned website owned by Morgan Stanley, creates such a depiction to promote its brand as the top financial advisor for a secure and peaceful livelihood.

Finding Treasure In Every ‘Wasted’ Moment

A customer service call on hold—how irritating and piss-off a moment is that for you? Well, the thirsty seconds of the Bud Light commercial, featuring Miles Teller and his spouse Keleigh Sperry with their pet dog, literally enjoyed a waiting time of fifty minutes in their gorgeously styled living room. With the soporific music in the background, the ad truly expresses the essence of relishing every moment, even if it seems blighted to you; you will find the couple dancing and drinking the freshly brewed beer, celebrating each of the seconds.


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