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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 7: Release Date And Where Can You Stream In India?

“The Last of Us” Season 1 Episode 6, dubbed “Endure and Survive,” has graced our screens and garnered a viewership count of more than 20 million. In the last episode, Henry shoots his little brother Sam to save Ellie after he has been turned and commits suicide to free himself from the pain. The brothers were given a befitting burial by Joel and Ellie before they continued their journey west.

And now the story continues.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date: When’s It Coming Out?

Everyone loves HBO’s adaptation of the “Last of Us” video game, regardless of their love for video games or movies. The only complaint fans have with the series is that they have to wait an entire week for new episodes to drop. The upcoming “The Last of Us” is titled “Left Behind” and is scheduled to drop on HBO Max on February 26, 2023, at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 8 p.m. Central Time, and 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 7: Where To Watch In India?

Completely abiding by the schedule, Disney Plus Hotstar will be streaming “The Last of Us “‘s upcoming episode, dubbed “The Kin,” a day after it is aired on HBO Max in the United States, i.e., February 27, 2023 (Saturday) at 9 a.m. IST.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 6: A Brief Rundown Of The Plot

Even though Joel and Ellie have known Sam and Henry for a day, the tragic ending of the brothers was a devastating loss, especially for Ellie, who has grown extra fond of Sam and had even tried to cure him with her blood, unbeknownst to everyone. The journey hasn’t been fruitful for the duo, and now they must continue once again with regrets and qualms buried deep inside them. After leaving Kansas, thanks to the route provided by Henry, Joel pays a visit to an old couple residing in a cabin in the woods and inquires about his brother Tommy and the directions to the west. The couple advises them to steer clear of the west, as anyone who has ventured there has never returned. The duo has built a cabin inside the forest to cut themselves off from civilization and the mess created by Cordyceps, FEDRA, and fireflies. After all of this is over and the world is cured (if the world is cured), Joel plans to move to an old farm and raise some cattle. Whereas Ellie wishes to become an astronaut and greatly admires Sally Ride, her role model and the best astronaut in the world.

The duo continued their journey to the west and were stopped by a couple of armed horsemen. After making sure the duo isn’t infected and doesn’t pose a threat, the men lead Joel and Ellie to their camp. Joel meets his long-lost brother, embraces the only family he has left and is shocked to learn that Tommy has been married. The camp is peaceful, and the only threat they face is a couple of zombies who have wandered from the cities. Joel chooses to keep his brother away from the truth and lies that Tess is alive; he’s helping Ellie find his parents. Joel learns that there is a firefly base down south, but it is swarming with infected. Joel asks Tommy to join him, but the latter turns him down, saying that he’s soon going to be a father.

Joel reveals to Tommy that Ellie is immune and is taking him to Firefly headquarters so they can extract a cure and possibly change the world for good. Joel begs to take Ellie to the fireflies’ headquarters, as she is afraid that he’ll fail her and get her killed like Sarah, and she makes him swear never to speak a word of this to anyone. Joel has grown to like Ellie, and even though he doesn’t show it, he is beginning to care for her more than he cares for himself. Tommy agrees, but Ellie has heard everything, chastising Joel for trying to ditch her. Everybody that Ellie cared for has either succumbed or deserted her, except for Joel, who, in reality, doesn’t owe anything to her, convincing Ellie that she’ll be much safer with him than anyone else in the broken world. She’ll just be more scared if Joel isn’t by his side, but Joel has decided to part ways. However, at the beginning of the dawn, Joel changes his mind and leaves with Ellie towards the south.

The duo arrives at the medical centre and finds the place crawling with raiders. To avoid the brawl, Jeol tries to leave but is attacked and stabbed in the gut, making his worst nightmares come true. The duo manages to escape on horseback, and the episode concludes with Joel falling from his horse unconscious in the middle of the snowy railroad, with tears rolling down Ellie’s eyes. 


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