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‘The Idaho College Murders’ Recap And Ending: Did Bryan Kohberger Kill Xena, Ethan, Kaylee, And Maddie?

“The Idaho College Murders” opens up with a harrowing, heart-wrenching news flash informing the audience that four students studying at Idaho State University were found dead on November 14, 2023. Following the postmortem conducted by the authorities, the coroner confirmed that all four students were stabbed to death, sending the nation into shock. The crime scene was littered with the blood of innocent children, and the entire police department was on the lookout for the perpetrator and had asked anyone with any information to come forward so the killer could be put behind bars. The authorities had a hard time trying to track the killer, as the murder was carefully planned and executed.

This latest documentary, “The Idaho College Murders,” takes a deep dive into the event and answers the lingering questions about the harrowing crime, including the identity of the killer and the motive behind his or her actions.

Spoilers Ahead

The Victims 

The freedom from parental curfews, the excitement of discovering a whole new world, and the bonds formed with new friends are all things that individuals remember most fondly from their time as college students. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Ethan, Kaylee, Xena, and Maddie, the four ambitious students who enrolled at Idaho University with the prospect of a better future and making their dream come true. Idaho University is among the most prestigious universities in America, equipped with a massive football field. One ominous day, the cops receive a 911 call informing them about an unconscious person. The police drove to the property, which was just a couple blocks away from the university’s fraternity and sorority rows. Seconds after entering the property, the cops encounter a dead woman lying in a pool of blood, followed by three more bodies. All of the bodies showed signs of multiple stabbings by sharp objects, possibly a knife. However, there were also two female roommates who survived, and the call came from one of their phones. Ethan, Kaylee, Xena, and Maddie were among the deceased. Everyone they knew, including their friends and relatives, described them as one of the happiest and bubbliest people they ever knew. Xena was engaged in a romantic relationship with Ethan, who had two other siblings going to school here at the same time. On the other hand, 21-year-olds Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen have been friends their whole lives and have even attended the same school. Kaylee dreamt of being an elementary school teacher, whereas Maddie was a marketing major, working part-time at a nearby restaurant.

The Ensuing Investigation

After investigating the crime scene, the forensics team concluded that there was no sign of forced entry, meaning either the killer knew these four students very well or had happened to have the house key. According to the cops, the killer most likely entered the house using the sliding glass door on the first level, located at the back side of the house. Also, the back side of the house is mostly dark and houses a parking area. The house and its tenants were no strangers to late-night parties and cops arriving at their door because of noise complaints. The cops began gathering information and were able to piece together what transpired on the night of the horrific killings. During the same night, around 8 p.m., Kaylee posted a photo of herself and her three friends. Afterward, a different set of photos suggested that the group had dispersed, with Ethan and Xena seen at the Sigma Chi house from 9 p.m. to 1: 45 a.m. Meanwhile, Kelly and Maddie were enjoying their time at a nearby food truck. According to the surviving roommates’ account, they saw a man donning a ski mask roaming in their house in the middle of the night, holding a bloody knife. The girl was too stunned to say anything and locked herself in her room. Outside the house, the forensic team also finds a latent scent track, hoping it would lead them, if not bring them one step closer to the killer. Even after an extensive search, the police didn’t find the murder weapon; however, they did find a leather knife sheath on the bed where Maddie was murdered. After analysing the DNA on the knife sheath, they were unable to find a match in their CODIS database.

‘The Idaho College Murder’ Ending – Did Bryan Kohberger Kill Xena, Ethan, Kaylee, And Maddie?

The detective learned from Kaylee’s parents that their daughter was also stalked by someone. Following up on that, the surveillance camera in the neighborhood also showed a white sedan circling the house during the night and was also seen leaving the area at a very high speed around the same time when the killings took place. The police managed to trace the car back to 28-year-old student Bryan Kohberger, a student at Washington State University. Bryan’s small eyes and bushy brows were an exact match to the description provided by his surviving roommate. Bryan was doing a Ph.D. in criminology and lived just a few miles from where Xena and her friends were stabbed to death. Bryan was looking forward to working in law enforcement and had even submitted an internship application. The phone record also showed Bryan’s location near the house on the day of the murder and the day after the murder. According to the experts, Bryan may have arrived on the scene to get a feel for the situation, and it’s also common knowledge that the perpetrators often visit the scene of a crime to mock the authorities and instill a sense of power and superiority. Investigators pulled Bryan’s DNA and found it to be an exact match with the DNA found on the knife sheath. On December 30, a squad of 50 SWAT officers surrounded the house Bryan was staying in and arrested him on the charge of multiple homicides. Bryan’s car and apartment also offered the cops a mountain of evidence to put Bryan behind bars. Bryan was brought to court and didn’t enter any kind of plea.

Bryan Kohberger is currently being held at the Latah County Jail in Idaho, and his preliminary probable cause hearing is scheduled to begin on June 26, 2023. The authorities are still seeking information regarding the case that will help them either put Bryan Kohberger on the scene or connect him with the deceased students.


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